Arbatian Mental Institution 2 Ch.10 Change

Mark raises his hands towards the sky and parts them slowly, the purple clouds drift apart exposing a fully lit moon.

“I’m sorry Cole, but it was all part of the plan since I’ve seen what you are.” Mark grips his fist and straightens his arm towards Cole, a beam of light focuses directly on him. He falls to the ground screaming, digging his hands into the soil, clenching the cold dirt between his palms.

“You b*****d! I can’t die here, my daughter needs me!” he shouts while lowering to the ground. His fingers split like over cooked sausages, skin slides down in sloppy piles as claws protrude from within.

Kelly backs away behind Mark, he picks her up and flings his free hand towards the woods. The whithered trees space apart at awkward angles revealing a large pathway. He runs through while the trees behind close up tighter than before. Cole’s cries turn to roars, his vocal cords rip apart, going from human to animal like, his dark skin slicing and seperating while wiry hairs begin to stick out.

Teeth push out with fangs extending through his bloodied holes in his gums, his knees break in half crippling him momentarily while they reshape. His jaw extends from his mouth tearing his skin apart, saliva gobs down from his loose hanging tongue. He claws at his scalp allowing his ears to come out more freely after lacerating two lacerated slots.

One angel getting close raises its foot and begins to slam it down, forming into a full beast, Cole reaches up stopping the foot with his paws and shoves back knocking the statue down. He draws his massive arms, howling at the full moon before dropping down and running on all fours towards the second statue.

Mark reaches a secluded spot and being weary, sets Kelly down. She punches her small fist on his side and yells “Why did you do that!? He’s gonna get killed! Cole is my friend!”

Mark kneels down replying “Look kid, I’m sorry okay? But adults sometimes do things they don’t like. Now if we had all continued to run, they would of killed us all. Do you want to die?”

Kelly shakes her head with her eyes narrowed.

“Exactly, neither do I. I’m sorry he was your friend, but he can take care of himself, you’ve seen what he can do. Since we’re being honest, I guess I can tell you what’s going on now. I’m a dark magician, you heard that part, but not all of the story.”

Kelly looks around nervously observing the trees, in the distance she can hear roars and banging sounds. “I told you I met a sorcerer, what I didn’t mention was that he was also a puppeteer. He gave me my ability and allowed me to sustain it, if I completed one deed for him. He saw potential in my empty shell. Without hesitation I complied, and later found out what I had sold my soul for.”

Her lip quivering at this point, Kelly listens to rumblings from behind as she forces herself to ask “What deed?”

“He spoke to me of a family that he had targeted. Said that unsuspecting people would give him his power. By taking their life, he would grow stronger. But to finish the process, he would need all of a family after it began, otherwise he would grow weak. He would pick his victims by placing a doll in garage sales or antique stores, awaiting a sell so he could posses it and carry out his tasks. He had a winning streak until he came across your family, he was cut short by police interfering. You were placed here and he found it difficult to get to you as he felt only by invitation could he kill, thus using his doll. He was slowly dying with each day you were here, as he couldn’t complete his ritual. He passed on his dark magic to me and showed me how to be successful, but with it came sacrifice. We set up some junkie couple for failure and plans followed perfectly. By the time I got here, I had limited control over the doll, everytime I summoned it something would happen or come up. I used the last bit when it got your leg. Without my outfit, I was draining quickly and needed an escape from here to finish. He promised me the full embrace of his magic, if I could follow his footsteps and compete his doing. Luckily, you brought Cole, and now here we are. No offense kid, it’s just business.”

He flicks his wrists downwards, the ground swirls around in a mushy circle forming into quick sand, sucking in her feet. From behind, a small clown doll appears. Giggling it covers its mouth with its gloved hand, hiding a wide grin. Fangs glisten in the shallow light, it quickly begins to grow, uprooting from the ground grasping towards the sky. It lugs its huge body over slowly, pale skin exposed through torn fabric.

Kelly yells while pulling onto her pants trying to escape her hold “What are you doing?! You were like my dad, I trusted you!”. Her round face squirmed into a look of desperation, full of tears.

The clown heaves down biting at her waist. Engulfing the upper half of her body in his mouth, he pulls back snapping her bones apart while organs pop like bloated balloons. Blood spills out into his mouth as he swings his head sideways releasing any strands of intestines that held the lower half together. He chews her body furiously before slamming his fist into her lower torso crushing it into the now wet dirt. Crimson speckles touch Marks smiling face in a swift gust. The clown then shrinks down to a doll and becomes lifeless once again. He picks it up and wipes remaining blood off its face onto his sleeve.

“Never did like kids, and you, well you would have made your sorcerer proud. Let’s get out of here buddy.”

Mark walks off as Cole fights for his life back in the courtyard.

  • Audra Hawthorne

    Shocking, unexpected, and MAJOR twist I’d have NEVER seen coming. LOVE IT!!! You seriously have to keep writing you are TOO good to just stop. You could give King or Koontz a run for their money. For real you are AMAZING.

    • Ray Ramirez

      You are too kind my friend, I seriously appreciate your generous comments, but I couldn’t stand in the shadow of either of those amazing authors. I feel like i’ve worn my welcome out on Creepypasta, I plan on finishing this series(One, possibly two) more chapters to go before it ends. Then I’ll finish Oz and I’m gonna take a break from posting for a while. I have a TON of other stories and books I’m working on but won’t post here for reasons I won’t mention. If you’re interested in reading any of them I could email them to you?

      • Audra Hawthorne

        Omg totally!!!! Yes I LOVE this kind of visuonary reading material!!!!

        • Ray Ramirez

          Oh awesome then! 🙂 Hold up I’m about to message you.

  • Ľubomír Mlynarčík

    You are a VERY talented writer. I love all your stories, i love your usage of words and all the twists. Out of all writers here, i would choose you as my favourite. Keep it up 😉

    • Ray Ramirez

      Thank you so much, that means a lot! I’m gonna submit the last chapter to this series tonight 🙂

  • Amber Izer

    Damn I never saw that coming. Wish I hadn’t missed part 9 though. I still don’t think I would have figured that out.

    • Ray Ramirez

      I decided to add that twist at the last minute, the original part I was gonna put was the moon came out on its own and on top of the angels coming to life, the clown comes out of the woods as a giant beast. But sounded too compicated so changed it lol

    • Ray Ramirez

      Part 11 is the last one it just posted couple days ago