Jane The Killer

Josephine. It may seem like an odd name but I had a twin brother named Joseph. Ha. Like that explains it. This is the story about how I went crazy and murdered my family.

“Josephine sweetie your father’s home!” Mom called “Oh yay. The drunk came home to beat mom again” I mutter sarcastically under my breath as I trudge down the stairs. I saw dad- if I even call him that. Maybe… Stupid-drunk-sonofab*tch? Nah let’s stick with dad for now. Anyways I saw dad on the couch with a beer drinking and ordering mom around. As usual. I walked up and mustered my most respectful “Welcome home dad” with only a slight bit of sarcasm. He still glared at me. I was getting a beating tonight. F**k! I walked up to mom and plainly asked “Mom why do you put up with him?” I asked and pointed to dad and mom looked shocked “You kids need a father don’t you?” she asked “I could live without one.” I said sourly just loud enough for dad to hear. He started to get up and I tried really really hard to suppress the urge to stab him in his corrupted liver. I tried so, so hard. I succeded. For the most part. All I did was give him a withering glare and he walked up to me and looked just about ready to punch me. I had mascara on so it would mostly hide the black eye and I had been training for years to take a beating. So I just stood there as he approached and you know what he did? He grabbed me by the hair and started to drag me off to do god-knows-what to me and something in me just… Snapped. I grabbed the knife off the kitchen counter and gave him a quick jab in the stomach, he was a big man. Not in muscle in fat and beerbelly. So he went down HARD. I had payed attention in anatomy class so I knew where I could do the most damage to him. Hit some f**king internal organs and sh*t. I kept stabbing and stabbing. The blood felt good on my hands. I was wearing black so it wouldn’t show. And if I was tried I could plead temporary insanity. On a more… Homicidal note… I COULD kill the only witnesses and rack it up to a break in. I’m a troubled adolescent I know how to break into a place. Break the backdoor, take a few things… Yeah… It could be done. So I listened to the voice in my head that was telling me to “Kill! Kill!” and I killed. I killed my mother. And then when Joseph came downstairs to see what was going on I killed him too. I broke the backdoor I took my parents wedding rings and threw them down the trash disposal and I took my family Heirloom. A pretty little trinket but nothing more. I threw that into the trash disposal too. Then I left. Could’ve gotten rid of the knife but I liked the way it felt in my hand. I decided to change my stupid a*s name to something more appropriate. Like… Jane. Ha. I never figured myself as a Jane… But it felt right. Like the knife. Oh hell yes. This is my new life. This is what was missing in my life. I grabbed my headphones and my backpack from my messy room and left. I listened to some music then shoved them back in my pack. Schoolbooks weighing me down. Sh*t. Ditch them. I threw them on the ground and split. F**k school! Who would want to enroll a psychopathic 16 year old anyways? I smirked. This felt good. This felt real good. I went to the biggest bully in school’s house. And heard him scream like a little girl. It was hysterical. Most psychopaths are all creepy a*s smiles and sh*t but no. I am a f**king killer at heart. And I don’t need a smile to scare. I’m sarcastic as hell and have a mental health problem. Blame my f**king dad for that. I killed everyone who got in my way because I FELT LIKE IT! And now I’m just bored… Bye I guess. I’ll be back soon. Don’t you worry…

  • Me

    Jane seems like a Mary Sue in this meaning that she was TOO perfect and had too much power you should’ve made some scenes where she struggled or she was running from cops but it was…ok…

  • Megan

    Where’s Jeff? Didn’t he kill Jane’s family?

    • Alexia Steveson

      Not this Jane. Jeff comes in later. I didn’t even know there was another Jane until After I published this.
      Besides Jane isn’t her real name.

      • wawe

        So now theres TWO Jane the killas? maybe someone can come up with a story about both of them… that’d be nice… or Ill stay comfused…

        • Alexia Steveson

          If you pay attention in the beginning you can see her real name is Josephine

          • wawe

            She still wants to be Jane…

          • Alexia Steveson

            True. Jane was just the first thing that came to mind actually. Josephine just sounds… Lame

          • wawe

            I think it’s the other way around, but every1 have a different taste. Story is still well written and I look 4ward to more stories from you 🙂

          • Alexia Steveson

            You’re right. Thanks!:)

  • Emso

    Writing isn’t very good

    • Alexia Steveson

      Do you think you could do better? *innocent smile*

      • Simon

        Does it matter whether he can or can’t do better? His criticism is still pretty much valid – your writing isn’t very good.

      • Simon

        Does it matter whether he can or can’t do better? Either way, he has a legitimate complaint about your story.

        • Alexia Steveson


  • Jack

    You ruined it Jeff murdered her family so she wanted to him

  • Nyelli

    I loved it! Now there are 2 Janes! I’m so happy and excited!!!

  • Jane


  • Ray Ramirez

    I liked it 🙂

  • Dany From Mars

    Too much mary sue dude…

  • BlazeTheKat

    Dear lord…
    The writing is bad, you tried too hard to make this person perfect and the flow of the story is sh*t. Sorry, im not trying to be rude, but i can guess youre probably about 15, emo, hates everybody, and think youre super kool cause you listen to edgy music. Probably based yourself on this character. Not insulting, but this is how every 14 and up, think of themselves.

    • PurplexiaSphinx

      Yo. Dif account. I was actually 12 when I wrote this… And no, I didn’t base the character on anyone I know, or myself. I’m not kidding. My writing was hella bad tho, you aren’t wrong.

  • Ren

    Lol some of these comments are hilarious. I like the story, it has real potential buuuut I think you could do better. I would have liked if you gave us a better picture of her life. I, personally, wouldn’t have murdered my father at the beginning just because he was a dangerous drunk. Maybe she could have given more background information to explain…… um.. have a better reason to kill him I guess. Then immediately she goes insane and sets out on a killing rampage? WITHOUT getting caught? It just wasn’t a detailed or challenging as it shouldve been. Readers love a story with challenges and feels. It was a fairly interesting story and has lots of potential. Good job, I’m inspired 👍