Justice.avi is a short 10 second video that William Richardson received through instant messaging on December 16th, 2007. The death of William Richardson is still being investigated by authorities. The video has been ruled out but his journal where he not only records his day to day life but also his dreams, as he is a fan of the science of sleeping and dreams.

The FBI has released the first seven pages of the journal and we are waiting for more.

Page 1:

December 13th

Well, last night my dream was about my cousin Amanda, the one that I dated before I found out she was my cousin… Yea.. anyway today was decent. We had substitutes in nearly every class today so we had a bunch of free time and I talked to rachel.. that’s the girl I like.. I don’t have a picture otherwise I’d paste it here. Tomorrow’s entry should be especially exciting since I’m going to be attempting to lucid dream tonight.

December 14th

Didn’t achieve lucid dream last night.. I ended up dreaming of something about a game I played yesterday, I don’t remember what it was clearly. Sometimes that happens. School was alright today, it’s Friday and that means no school tomorrow… it also means no Rachel. Well. I’m probably chasing my tail anyway.. I’m going to attempt to lucid dream tonight until I get it.

Page 2

December 15th

I GOT THE LUCID DREAM LAST NIGHT! I did a really cool spy mission as a video game character and killed some guy names Justin who was trying to justify the times he’s murdered innocent people. Justin, ha, Justice.. they sound the same.. anyway. Today is Saturday, so I’m going to enjoy my day today.

December 16th

Last night I didn’t dream at all.. and I don’t really feel like writing today..

Page 3

December 17th

I… I don’t know what’s happening.. I almost killed a guy today.. he just tapped me on the shoulder as he walked by and I almost killed him.. maybe I know what it is. I was sent a video yesterday by some unknown contact.. a short 10 second video with static and a flash of something I didn’t have time to make out. I just felt really sick to my stomach afterwards and apparently am really aggressive because Justin, like, my lifelong best friend.. is now in the hospital.. because he tapped me on the shoulder..

December 18th

I’m not going to school anymore this week, I’m suspended and grounded.. I don’t know what’s going on and it’s killing me.. and my parents don’t believe me of course. I didn’t even sleep last night. I killed my guinea pig too.. I don’t know when I did it. He was all mutilated this morning and laying in the corner and my fingers were covered in blood so I know I did it.. I had a bad taste in my mouth too.. probably something I ate yesterday. If my parents find out about my guinea pig. I’m gonna be in trouble. So, I won’t tell them and move him to a higher shelf.. maybe they won’t smell him either..

Page 4

December 19th.

I still havenntn slept. I can’t stop thinking about the video.. it was called justice.avi I think.. not like I could watch it again to see if I could make out the flash this time.. I’m grounded. And my guinea pig tank is moved.. and my parents just called me… well. Goodbye forever I suppose since they’re gonna kill me for this..

December 20th

My parents got me in to see a psychologist tomorrow that has an office near here.. I don’t want to go..

I don’t

I won’t go.. I’ll kill them if they try to take me.. I’ll kill them.

Page 5

December 21st

I did it.  I don’t have to go, I don’t feel tired anymore.. I killed them.. both my parents.  The psychologist won’t touch me and I have my phone back.. I plan to watch that video over and over today.. something about it makes me really really happy…

December 22nd

I don’t need sleep.. I don’t need food..

Justice.avi is my lifeline.. that whole video.. keeps me alive..

I just found out it has an expiration date.. and it’s tommorow..

Page 6

December 23rd.

The expiration date on the video is today  I’m very experienced with tech and normally videos don’t have expiration dates. But this one did. I’m gonna watch it as many times as I can.

December 24th.

The video expired.. I can’t take the pain.. it started as soon as the video disappeared. I have to die right? I can barely move ..

page 7

December 25th

Today is christmas. And I don’t care.. today is the day that I also don’t have justice.avi

He was my best friend.  I need him.. I would kill anyone else for him.

December 26th

It’s over, I know I’m gonna die. I don’t care….

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My death has come….

These disturbing journal entries are the result of a viral video spread by an unknown person the video is called Justice.avi.. don’t open it..




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