Harry longer was a young man, he wore dark clothing, typically a dark button up shirt with a black leather jacket and black jeans with black shoes. He was average height at 5’8 with a med build, he was skinny.

He was an innocent 15-year-old boy. Went to every class like he was supposed to but one class in particular he loved to go to, his math class. He wasn’t good at math matter of fact he hated math but he likes a girl in the class.

Her name was Grace she was a skinny girl with blonde hair usually pulled back in a point tail, wore a white thank top with a thin flannel patterned shirt over it and light blue jeans. She had deep blue eyes almost unreal, she was popular but Harry had a crush on her nonetheless.

One day he went into math, he was a little early and went to his desk to see a note. “To Harry” he looked at it and opened it up it read, “Harry I’ve liked you for some time now and never knew hope to tell you, I would like to meet you at the mall after school, maybe we can get to know each other love, Grace”

His heart pounded with joy and a smile came over his face. After school he told his mother what happened at school and asked to be dropped off at the mall. When he got there he waited and waited for what seemed like forever and he became sad thinking, “She would never come to meet someone like me, she’s popular and I’m just me.”

Before he decided to give up Grace showed up and walked up to him. “Hi Harry, you got my note,” she said. He turned to see her smiling, “Ya I ummm I did,” he said shyly. They talked for hours and even saw a movie together.

The next day at school she sat next to him at lunch and they talked, they laughed and they ate together. This carried  out for about a month, he walked into class and to his surprise he saw another note. “Harry, you’re a great person maybe we would hang out at my house today, come by after school, love Grace.”

When he got there he stared in amazement at the large house. It looked like something a rich person would own, out has two garages and three floors. The door was a double door covered in windows and looking up he saw a chimney coming off the roof.

He knocked on the door and shortly after Grace opened the door “come in” she said cheerfully. As he entered he noticed a large 50-inch TV above the fireplace and a large sofa on a decorative rug on the other side of the living room, a glass coffee table in front of the couch. She took him downstairs by the hand.

The basement had a pool table in the middle of the room and other TV on one of the walls as if it was some sort of game room. “Close your eyes now, this part is a surprise,” she said, still holding her hand he closer his eyes and they went down another set of stairs and into a room. When he was allowed to open his eyes again he looked around, she had taken him to her room.

The walls were pale blue and decorated with music notes, her bed had a music bed set spread out on it and a radio with large speakers on each side. He smiled as he saw it ” oh my gosh I love your room” he said amazed. They talked more and found out they shared an interest in the music they liked, he always wanted to be a musician so he found a huge love for music.

Night came and it was time to go, his mother came and grace walked him to the door, have him a hug and he left. The next day in school grace was crying. “What’s wrong Grace.” She turned to Harry, “I don’t think we can see each other any more”.

“What?… Why not?” he asked sad and upset. “My parents don’t think it’s a good idea,” said grace and she turned and walked to class.

After school Harry was walking home when suddenly a vehicle pulled up and pulled him in after placing a burlap sack over his head, they drove for what seemed like forever as he screamed for help. By the time the vehicle stopped, two men pulled him out and took him into a nearby house still blinded by the sack.

They took him into a basement area and strapped him to a chair before pinning his eyelids open, forcing him to watch a video of two men kidnapping children before gutting them alive on camera. Harry being forced to watch felt like vomiting as this went on for days.

One night Harry was put to a test and finally unstrapped before being dragged out to a backyard with targets lined up all screaming, “They are real people,” he thought as he gagged. Before him sat a table of weapons ranging anywhere from pistols to high power machine guns to bow saws.

He glanced at the weapons and noticed a rusted ice pick and hesitantly picked it up before turning it on one of the men behind him. The second man grabbed a gun from his side but was too late as Harry began shoving a pesticide hose down the man’s throat.

As the man fell to his knees Harry laughed as he pumped the pesticide down the man’s throat, the man fell to the side shaking and foaming from the mouth before coughing up blood and dying right there. Harry looked around at the targets before grabbing a nail gun, shooting them all in the head and running away.

“What have I done, what have I become,” he thought unable to stop smiling. He looked forward and saw a young business man, possibly mid twenties listening to music through some headphones. He snuck up and grabbed the cord of the headphones and began strangling the man and finally the loud crunch and snap was heard as Harry snapped and twisted the man’s head around.

Pulling out the man’s phone he put it on record as he found a young girl, as he walked closer he began playing a song from his own phone, “Watch as the guts spill down over the ground,” can be heard in the song as Harry pulls a knife out slashing at the girls stomach as she screams out in pain falling to her knees before going silent and falling back dead.

By the time cops showed up all they found next to the girls body was a phone with a recording, just a black screen but the audio played, “Watch as the guts spill down over the ground,” as screams can be heard in the background of a young girl.


After the recent death of Grace, age 15, and the death of to men believed to be a father and uncle, we are under suspicion for a new serial killer, he calls himself “The Musician” due to a recording found on scene.

Upon arrival we found Grace disemboweled and a recording. The disturbing part of all this is the song stating how she was being killed as her screams are heard, following after this you hear a young boy, “I am the musician.”  Not much is known beyond this point, any information you may have please contact your local police.

End of report


More than 350 deaths have been reported but still no lead on the killer, however the pattern has remained, a song played on how a victim is killed with the supposed victims screams and then the phrase at the end. All we have is a simple recording with every victim.

End of report.


We believed the killer to be a young boy named Harry longer, age 15, kidnapped and tortured to insanity, for any information contact local…

An interruption appeared when suddenly Harry showed up killing the detective to leave a recording to all the people, “I don’t know who you are, what you want, or even why I care but the this warning… I will have my full revenge and you will see the full effect of terror far worse than you can imagine, and don’t plan on catching me any time soon, I still have a concert to put on and when I do it will fill the world with your terror and fear before everything goes silent, and your all invited.” Laughter can be beard as the audio cuts out

No one knows where he is now or when he will strike again but he IS out there and he will NOT stop until he is satisfied.

  • Stephanie Reynolds

    I really love the idea, it’s fairly original, but it’s also not very well developed and not layed out well either. Also, the last sentence really kills it, it’s very cheesy and not scary at all. Just slow down, add more detail and you’ll be making some great stories!