An Unusual Request

Clark folds the letter up and readjust himself in the uncomfortable hospital chair. He sighs heavily and holds the letter tightly. He looks up with sorrow in his eyes. His best friend since childhood laid on the bed, a skeletal wreck of a man sick with cancer. His skin a yellowish tint, his hair had fallen out from the chemotherapy. His best friend Benny.

Benny wheezes through sharp pains and whispers, “Give..a…one last…wish?”

Clark nods his head tearing up. He grabs Benny’s hand and stares at him. Benny’s wedding ring glowed under the fluorescent light. The engraving stood out, ALWAYS AND FOREVER it said. They sit in silence for what felt like hours before Clark stood up and walked out. Benny passed away that night.

The viewing was held two days later. Aside from how he looked, it’s what Benny wanted. Clark being a funeral director made sure things went perfect. Everyone paid their respects in formal manner. Benny was to be cremated afterwards.

After his family and friends had their last words the crowded room emptied, the last to leave was his wife Diane. She wore a black veil over her face and barely spoke throughout. She walked up to the casket and placed her hand on the edge of it. Her face held little emotion.

“I’m so sorry Benny. May you rest in peace my love. Always and forever…”, she turns to leave and runs into Clark.

She reaches for a hug and holds him. He rests his head on her shoulder and begins to sob.

“You were the last to see him alive. I’m sure he liked that. I wish I could of been there but work is so hectic I couldn’t get away.”

“No ones blaming you Diane. It’s fine.”

They hold each other for a minute longer and pull away as Diane adjusts her dress.

“What did he tell you? Could he talk even?”, Diane asked.

Clark puts his head down, “He actually did but barely. He had a last request.”

Her interest piqued she asks, “A last request? What was it?”

Clark slides a hand out of his left pocket and shoves a needle into her throat. She pushes him back pulling the needle out. Her voice slurs as she tries to yell at him. Her legs lose their way causing her to fall down. Her vision blurs into a darkness.

Diane wakes up to the open night sky. Still light headed she picks her head up and sees her hands and feet tied together. Her head turns and her emotions push through her drugged body causing her to scream. Her husband’s body laid in the casket with her. As her vision cleared it became apparent she was in a grave.

“Help! Somebody help please!”

Clark appears with a shovel in his stained hands.

“Clark what are you doing?! Get me out of here! Now!”

“It’s not that easy Diane. Benny found out about the affair. He knows you were sleeping with Alex. He hired a private detective. A year after his diagnosis? Really?”

“What?! That’s not true! Please you have to believe me! Get me out of he-”

“Don’t talk to me like I’m one of your assistants! You cheated on him! He knew all along! But guess what? He was a man who believed in his vows. Always and forever, he loved you. He had one last request Diane. To be buried with the love of his life.”

Diane let’s a shrill scream out as Clark slams the coffin lid shut. Sounds of dirt begin to pound across the top as her screams are eventually silenced by a fresh grave.

  • Mary and Eva

    That kinda sweet but also f*cked up…

    • Ray Ramirez

      It kinda is lol

  • Amber Izer

    Hahaha now that’s a good friend. 😂😝

    • Ray Ramirez

      Lol this was the forst story I posted

      • Amber Izer

        I know. I found it on your page. 😜

        • Ray Ramirez

          Oh right lol I sound all dumb now

  • Melodee Cheney

    Short, simple, and awesome

    • Ray Ramirez


  • Kaitlyn Kilgore

    How sweet 🙂 lol good story!

    • Ray Ramirez

      Thank you!

  • Anthony Rodriguez

    I love the idea of the story, but I think you could’ve executed it better. May try showing, not telling. Like, “his ring glowed under the fluorescent light,” try something that doesn’t exactly refer to the ring by name, but describe it well enough so the reader still knows what it is. Maybe try something like, “the hoop of promise around his ring finger, glistening in light reflection of the fluorescents, Always and Forever, it reads,” something small like this could hook your reader even more, get them to think about what they’re reading and possibly even expand their, and even your, vocabulary. Not something that has to be done, just recommended

    • Anthony Rodriguez

      I know this is in the past, seeing all your other pastas. But I have yet to read them

      • Ray Ramirez

        Great advice! Thank you, and yeah this was my first one to post, my grammar and descriptions still aren’t that great but I’ve gotten somewhat better than my older ones.

      • Crystal LaShae Broadnax

        Dude.. Do you.

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    I really liked it but it annoys me that at the end, there was a verb tense agreement error. If you’re not sure what I mean, right in the last line it went from past tense to present tense. Ughhh. But otherwise it was good; didn’t see that coming at all.

    • Ray Ramirez

      Yeah, sorry the grammar on this is awful, it was when I first started writing. I need to go back and edit a lot of my earlier stories, but thank you 😊