Annie’s Online…

So hey guys im new here. this first story id like to share is based off of a viral story called “Annie96 is typing…” that was spread on twitter some years ago. i loved the concept, and decided to create my own version.
basically the original storys premise is you never really know who you are talking to online. even if its a close friend you never can be sure. i took his idea, and made it my own only using the character name. i hope you enjoy. please leave feedback. 🙂

you can find the link to it here….

Annie96 is typing…

also the original writers name is Pascal Chatterjee.


on a dark and stormy night you find 16 year old zach in his room on his laptop. you quickly see he has an infatuation with his best friend Annie. They both end up having a very revealing conversation online that unravels the very dangers of anonymity on the internet.


Annie’s Online

Zach strained his eyes as he glared at his laptop. The soft glow illuminates his room emitting a soft atmosphere. He yawns and stretches his arms. He looks up at the clock and notices it’s 9:30 at night. “s**t” he says. “I’ve been at this for two hours now”.

His deadline is Monday and he has no passion for creative writing. Why he decided to take this elective is beyond him. It seemed like an easy out at first. His goal was to add filler to his schedule not to add one more frustrating class in his life.

Take creative writing. It’ll be good for you. He replays his mom saying this to him over and over in his head. She was wrong. He never had a creative bone in his body. “just push through this” he says to himself. “just one more stupid story, and you are done with this mess”

Zach stands up from his computer chair and stretches his legs. He glances around his bedroom to waste time. Surveying his own room as if he’d find something worth looking at. For 16 his room is rather bare. No posters of bands on his walls. Only paint. Across his door ls a dusty bookshelf lined with old storybooks from his childhood. Long forgotten tales of dragons, and knights.

He smirks. Long gone are the days of such childish tales. Still though he keeps them there as some sort of trophy from his past. A reminder of a more simple time where the stress from academics and girls didn’t exist. He remembers his mother’s warm voice reading from these books. A common routine before bed at night. Although he doesn’t admit it he misses this.

To the right of his bookshelf is a wooden desk. Nothing out of the ordinary. Topped with papers, and books he never intends on reading. A lack of organization is apparent. On the left a lamp. Directly across from it a cheap picture frame with a old picture inside of him and his best friend Annie. They are both smiling. Annie’s long blonde hair neatly placed into a ponytail. Her bangs brush her eyebrows. She’s beautiful. He’s always thought this.

It was at the fair. His best friend Matt insisted on taking the picture. He was against it because then he’d have to smile. Smiling made Zach uncomfortable. It never felt natural to pose for pictures. This is obvious in the photograph. As beautiful as Annie is Zach felt quite the opposite. His lanky frame and pale skin stood out. Unlike Annie’s bright vibrant hair Zach’s was the opposite. A dull short brown constantly shaved down into a fade to hide his curls and cowlicks.

His dull brown eyes doesn’t compare to Annie’s bright blue pools of crystal. Although they are best friends Zach can’t help but feel insecurity tugging at his conscience. He hides a lot from her. How he really feels. Although sometimes he gets the feeling she knows. But still he hides behind his smiles and chiverly. Zach feels this is best for now. The last thing he’d want to do is scare her away.

After all he’d rather secure his place in the friend zone than admit his feelings and risk losing her completely. The safe route may not be the best but at least it’s something. This is what he tells himself.

Zach walks over to the picture and picks it up. He blows the glass sending dust particles in the air. In the background there’s a dart booth. In Annie’s hand is a small green teddy bear cheaply made with the black stitches already becoming unraveled at the corner of its mouth. He had won it for her. It had only cost him 10 dollars and five attempts at popping the balloon by throwing the dart.

Still he failed. The carnie must have seen the sadness in Annie’s eyes when Zach had lost and felt sorry for them. So it was a pity gift. A gift that says nice try kid… You s**k at life… But here’s something so she doesn’t suffer from your s**t luck.

Despite the embarrassment of losing Annie was excited. She squealed and squeezed the bear at its neck and kissed Zach on his cheek. The kiss was nice. It’s warmth sent chills down his spine. He remembered his heart beating out of his chest. He wanted more. He wanted to take her by her hips and pull her close and lose himself in a long passionate kiss that speaks volumes of love, sexual frustration, and passion. But he didn’t. Instead he nervously scratched his head and laughed at the fact it was a pity prize.

He placed the picture back down on the desk. That was over a year ago now. Had it really been that long? He has hidden his feelings for so long from her it almost felt natural now. That’s not good. Zach fears if he keeps waiting she may find a boyfriend. That would kill Zach. How could he still remain best friends with someone he was in love with if she were kissing someone else? He couldn’t. He knows this.

At some point he has to say something… Anything… Or he’ll lose it all. Zach curses himself under breath at being such a coward. Still though she cares deeply for him. She’s always calling him at night before bed to talk about her day. He gets random texts throughout the day of funny memes and inside jokes.

What they have is special. Can she see past his smiles? Does she know? Is she waiting for him to say something? All these questions makes Zach dizzy. He decides to sit back down at his laptop to finish his short story. So far he’s written nothing but a title. “The Tower” is written is bold font. Below it an endless sea of white screen.

Zach sighs. “there’s no way I’m finishing this tonight” he says out loud. He then minimizes the screen and pulls up his most recent chat with Annie on AIM. He laughs a bit. Annie is the only person he knows who still enjoys this outdated software. Instant messaging is a thing of the past. But still… She loves the feel of it all. The little ping sounds after every submitted message. The cute personalized screen names. To Zach its silly. But he pretends to agree with her because it gives him one more excuse to spend time with her.

Only one friend in his friendlist. “annie96”

And she’s offline. He scrolls through his chat log rereading his last conversation with her from a few days ago. Nothing special really. They spoke about class, and how annoying Jessie is. A childhood friend of theirs who’s always getting in trouble in school. They spoke briefly about short term goals and old crushes. Then she had to go.

Annie’s parents were going out of town for the weekend, and Annie had the house alone. Zach looked up at his calendar hanging by his bedroom door. The days marked off one by one to this night. It’s Friday. Then it hit him. “why hasn’t Annie texted me yet?” her parents were supposed to leave right after she got home from school. Annie was sure to remind him. She was excited to have the house alone.

She was already planning to hang out all weekend. Something Zach was looking forward to. She often left her window cracked open. Sometimes Zach would sneak over at night when he could get away without his parents noticing. He’d crawl into her window like a ninja and roll across her floor making her laugh every time. “you’re ridiculous” she’d say. It made Zach feel good to make her laugh. To see her perfect smile that would light up the room.

Although he wanted more than they did when he was there he always enjoyed himself. They’d sit on the floor and talk. Sometimes she’d lay her head on his lap and he’d play with her hair. Twirling those golden strands with his fingers always relaxed her. She’d close her eyes and sigh. Then look up at him and make a goofy face or tease him about his less than perfect grades.

Zach always imagined sneaking into her room at night and doing more than talking. He’d imagine her sitting at the head of her bed waiting on him under the covers. He pictured himself lifting up the blanket at the foot of her bed and crawling underneath them slowly making his way up to her.

In his fantasy he’d gently make his way over her being careful not to step on her until his head poked out from the top and he was hovering over her face. He imagined the warmth from her minty breath. Her teeth freshly brushed anticipating his arrival. She’d look up at him. Annie’s Blue eyes waiting for him to make a move.

In his dreams Zach is much braver. In his fantasy he doesn’t hesitate at all. She wants him. He can see it in her face. The smell of her sweet perfume thick in the air making him drunk with passion. Zach would place his hand softly against her cheek. Annie’s soft milky skin in his palm would send electric bolts through his body making him ache for something else.

Finally in his fantasy he’d go for it. He’d lean in and place his lips on hers. He imagines she would instinctively resist slightly pulling back from shock that he’d actually done it but then welcome his kiss by kissing him back. Then again… And again… Until they both are no longer in control and passion has taken over.

In his mind Annie is bold and direct with him. She’s not softly spoken and sweet. He hears her whispering in his ear telling him she feels him pressing against her. This excites him more. “I feel you want me zach” she’d say. “I want you to” then she would reach her hand down below and grab him.

Of course this is all in his head. Annie would never… At least Zach thinks she would never say such things. Annie is far to sweet but then again he has never seen that side of her. I mean she is human after all. Everyone has needs and desires. Everyone fantasizes about people from time to time. It embarrasses Zach to admit it but he wonders what Annie looks like naked sometimes. Then he feels guilty of such dirty thoughts.

Zach snaps out of his daze only to feel he now has an erection pressing against his pants. He shifts his shorts and immediately starts to feel ashamed. This isn’t how his parents raised him. Still though it’s hard to not think about it, to think about Annie in this way as he so often does.

Zach decides to writes her before laying down for the night. He clicks on the text box, and watches the vertical line blink for a bit. He peers to the left at his screen name. Zach426 it reads. The numbers being his birthday. April 26th. He then tries to remember what Annie’s numbers meant. 96. He couldn’t remember what she’d said. Why couldn’t he remember? He was sure it was important to her.

He begins to type…

Zach426: hey Annie! I wanted to say goodnight.😴

Zach426: I can’t wait for the weekend!! House party! 🙌🙌🎂🍰 hit me up 😊

Zach minimizes the screen and goes downstairs to tell his mother goodnight. Zach’s mom is cleaning the kitchen counters when he walks in. “goodnight mom. I’m going to bed”. She looks up clearly tired herself from all the cleaning she had been doing while Zach was in his room pretending to write his story. “goodnight hun ” “wait” she jolts. “it’s only ten, are you feeling sick, you usually don’t go to bed this early?” she says a bit worried.

“No I’m fine. I’m just stressed out from this stupid project I’m doing.” Zach goes to turn to leave but stops. “hey mom, has Annie called the house phone at all? She hasn’t called me yet.”

“No I don’t think so. Are you two fighting?”

“No not fighting I just haven’t heard from her yet”

I say being careful not to give anything away that she’s alone for the weekend. If Zach’s mother knew she’d clearly not let him go over there.

“I swear Zach… You just saw her today. You’ll survive if you don’t talk to her every waking second of the day dear” she scoffs.

“I honestly do not get you kids today. You have to communicate all the time. Honestly some time apart would be good for you. It’ll give you something to talk about. With how much you talk to her I can’t for the life of me understand how you two haven’t run out of things to say”

Zach feels tension building up on the back of his neck. He has grown accustomed to his mother’s rants over the years. Every time she brings up Annie he gets angry. To avoid an argument he just smiles and leaves the room. He hears her yell as he goes up the stairs to make sure his window is shut. A bad storm is coming in.

Zach goes to his room and shuts the door. “a storm huh?” he says to himself. It doesn’t rain to often where he lives but when it does it’s usually a show. Zach rather enjoys it when it rains. Although he can’t pin it, the rain always soothed him in a way.

Others in town treated thunderstorms as a burden while Zach rather welcomed them. It reminded him of his younger days of splashing in rain puddles after the madness had ended. His mom would yell to not ruin his shoes. He loved the smell of the air after it passed, and calm breezes that often followed.

Zach could feel his eyes growing heavy. His head started to ache some. “probably tension” he thought. He glanced over at his laptop hoping to see the blinking light that would indicate Annie had messenged him but she’d still hadn’t. Zach wondered why.

It wasn’t like Annie to go this long without sending something to him. He thought for a second that maybe he had done something to upset her at school. No. He couldn’t have. He was just over thinking things. Feeling silly at the thought he got undressed and got into bed. “she’s probably just doing something” he thought to himself.

“I’ll text her in the morning”.

Zach rolled the blanket over his shoulders and stared at the window. He shut his eyes thinking about what he and Annie would do together now that they had the opportunity to be alone this weekend. He reminded himself to not get his hopes up on anything he often fantasized about. Either way he knew he would enjoy his time with her.

The last thing on his mind before he was fast asleep was Annie’s Smile, and how she had been excited to be alone with him.

Outside his window the night sky grew darker. Clouds were rolling in at a much faster pace than usual. The wind was picking Up and the air was growing thick. The calm before the storm.

Downstairs Zach’s mother was finishing up her nightly routine of cleaning and was heading off to bed herself before the TV caught her eye. The local news was on and the reporters were preparing the locals for a nasty thunderstorm with predicted 10 inches or so of rain. “jesus” she whispers.

She then shuts off the TV and goes upstairs to bed. She passes Zach’s room and peers in, a habit she developed over the years. Zach lay motionless in his bed fast asleep. She gently shuts the door and makes her way to bed herself.


The rain falls heavy on the roof above. The loud ping of many raindrops banging from all directions above is growing louder, and then softer in an almost rhythmic pattern. From the distance you hear the wind howling violently and pushing debris across Zach’s front lawn.

The night sky immediately lights the earth below in a seconds time as lightning shoots across the thick darkness. Zach’s eyes jolt open in a panic state as Thunder cracks the atmosphere like a long violent whip. His dark quiet room lights up filling with a soft white light displaying everything in his room and then immediately filling up with darkness again.

Zach sits up in his bed staring out into nothing. Only his breath audible as he pants in and out from his mouth. He shakily reaches over to his lamp and flips on the light. The room becomes flooded with light as he rubs his eyes trying to adjust to his surroundings.

He sits there for a minute trying to make sense of what awoke him. His brain scattered for a brief time before it clicks in that it was the storm. Thunder had always been an enemy of his. A childhood fear that still chills him at times. In this moment Zach feels vulnerable if only for a brief time before he shrugs away this childish emotion of fear of storms.

After all he’s a man now or so he believes. “it’s only rain” he groggily says. Zach wobbles out of bed and makes his way to the window. He gazes out and sees nothing but black cold darkness.

“oh man. It’s really coming down” he says to himself. He then glances over at his computer still sitting as he left it. No blinking light. This means Annie now has officially not spoken to him before bed. This was a first. He feels a slight sting of heartache even though he knows she has no obligation to talk. He’s grown accustomed to their routine and it feels out of place.

Zach makes his way over to his laptop and flips it open.

“Annie96 is offline”

He has an urge to send a message for her to see when she does log on but he doesn’t want to seem desperate. Instead Zach lays back in bed. He knows she’ll eventually write but he’s eager. He knows it’s best he wait. And so he does. He rolls back over letting the rain act as a soothing lullaby as falls back to sleep.

3:30 AM

“Annie96 is online”

Annie96: heyy! 🙁 😓

The laptops light is blinking a steady green as it lights up Zach’s bed. The Thunderstorm drowning out any chance of Zach hearing the ping. Another bolt of lightning strikes somewhere close by sending a monstrous boom into the air like cannon fire. Zach opens his eyes to the sound. Laying on his side he sees the wall flashing green.

He immediately sits up and sees the light. Annie is finally online. He looks at his clock on the wall and see’s its 3:36 in the morning. If Annie is awake at this hour wanting to talk Zach knows he’ll be in for a rough morning but he doesn’t care. His curiosity of why she hadn’t spoken to him all night was far more important to him than a full night’s rest.

He makes his way over to the laptop and unplugs it from the charger and carries it to bed with him. He places it on his lap and ponder for a brief moment his first response and then types.

Zach426: hey…

Annie96: hey! Sry. I probably woke you up. 🙁

Zach426: no your good. The storm actually woke me up. 😴

Annie96: oh ok. Good. I can’t sleep. It’s really nasty out.😣😣😣😣

Zach426: I know! I’m pretty sure it’s gunna flood. Are you OK?

Annie96: OMG I know! Thunder scares me. Deff not a fan. Yea I’m alright. Just don’t like storms. 😥

Annie96: the noise woke me up. 😕 it’s like…. Really loud outside. I think the wind is getting worse.

Zach sits back in his chair. The wind had picked up. It’s howl was undeniable. Still the thought of why Annie hadn’t spoken to him at all was strong in his mind. I mean… Nothing… Nothing at all? He wants to ask but isn’t sure how. He decides to be blunt. This level of friendship should at least grant him the right? Right?

Zach426: yeah it’s bad. I know. Sounds like a hurricane outside.

Zach426: umm… Hey Annie?

Annie96: huh?

Zach426: jw…. You forgot to say something b4 bed. I mean I know you probably got busy but…

Annie96: oh.

Zach426: nvm. Lol I sound obsessed 😖

Annie96: no you don’t. Lol

Annie96: sry. Parents left late and I fell asleep. I was going to but I was watching TV and passed out

Annie96: sry if I made you mad.

Annie96: make it up 2 u?😜

Zach426: hmm… Sure

Annie96: chinos? My dime?

Zach426: chinos sounds amazing right now.

Annie96: 😍😍😍 I know!

Annie96: so umm… I wanted to ask you something. It’s kinda personal. 😕


Annie96: yeah. So umm

Annie96: Rachel said something to me in class today about you. Something you said. 🙉🙉🙉

Zach’s heart skipped a beat. What could she mean? Zach stops for a second and tries to remember having a conversation with her but can’t. Rachel was always one to pry in other people’s business but he couldn’t remember if something had slipped.

Had Zach said something to Matt and she overhear? That makes more sense. Zach’s pretty sure Rachel has a thing for him. He always catches a quick glimpse of her eyes looking at him in class before she immediately turns her head. It kinda gives Zach the creeps.

He doesn’t want to be rude though. Zach always smiles to her and waves when they pass eachother in the hallways bobbing and weaving out of student traffic, all the kids making there way to destinations in a race against the loud bell.

Yeah… She must have overhead something. Zach holds his breath and stares at the screen waiting for Annie to uncover something.

Annie96: Rachel told me someone close to me has a crush on me 🙊

Annie96: then she told me that you know who it is.

Zach426: I know who it is?

Annie96: yeah. She said you knew…

Zach426: Rachel is dumb. I have no idea what she’s talking about. Lol

Annie96: oh… 😐

Zach can feel his heart pounding in his chest. Rachel wasn’t lying. Zach wants to say something. He wants to just tell her but he hesitates. Outside the rain still pings on the roof top showing no signs of slowing down. “just tell her Zach” he mumbles out loud. He knows he needs to but before he could Annie does the unthinkable and catches Zach off guard.

Annie96: it’s you isn’t it Zach? 😛

“whoa!” Zach barks. He stands up in his chair and brushes his hands over his hair and rubs his eyes. He rereads the text again to make sure it’s real. Annie’s never been so blunt like this. Where was she getting the courage? Was it the storm? Looking for juicy gossip to pass the time? Either way now he is in a corner. He can’t avoid this.

He has to answer this. Zach thinks for a second. This is it. It’s time. There are two options here. He can lie and try to defend his spot in the best friend zone or he can take a leap and spill it all. He can lay it all on the table for her to analyze, and then sit back and wait and see how she takes it.

The first option is what Zach is most comfortable with. It’s safe. It’s secure. It prevents any change between them. Yes. It’s also empty though. Zach is tired of stagnate emptiness of the friend zone though and his gut is telling him to play it safe. His heart though, tells him to leap. He needs to decide.

Zach sits back down. “screw it” he says. It’s time. He places his hands on the keys and begins to type.

Zach426: Annie…

Annie96: what?

Zach426: I have something I need to tell you…

Annie96: ???

Zach426: it’s true 😕 I have a crush on you.

Just then loud thunder cracks the sky, and Zach almost falls out of his chair startled, his newfound courage broken. “holy s**t that was loud” he says. Zach glanced over to the window to see lighting light up the sky. When he glances back he expects to see a confused Annie questioning his answer. He doesn’t though, instead he sees a blank screen.

Was she thinking about how to respond. He waits eagerly for a response. Then the worst thing happens. He hears a digital sound of a door closing.

Annie96 is offline

“wait what just happened?!” Zach yells out. “No no no” Zach feels a gut wrenching feeling inside him. A feeling sinks in of instant regret and the sting of rejection. What just happened? Zach scans the screen confused. Did she really just log off? Why? Was she mad at him? Embarrassed?

Annie has never done anything so blunt before. She wouldn’t want to hurt him. She has never hurt him before. They were close. Maybe the storm knocked out her internet. But his was still fine, and she only lives down the street.

He thinks about calling her. But then again that may be to aggressive. She knows now. All Zach can do is wait. She will respond back. Hopefully. Maybe he was just over thinking. Her internet must be off. She wouldn’t just shut him out like this. It’s best he just wait and see what happens next. Let her come to him.

Zach looks at the clock. 4:20. It’s early. Zach’s eyes are heavy, and he can feel his body telling him to sleep. He doesn’t want to. He wants to wait and see if she gets back online. But he’s tired, and doesn’t know how long that would be.

Feeling confused Zach makes his way back to bed. He’ll try again in the morning. There’s nothing he can do now. He gets in bed and pulls the covers up and closes his eyes.

Before he can fall asleep the digital sound of doors opens. Zach Springs out of bed and rushes to his laptop.

Annie96 is online

Zach sits down and begins to type again. His keystrokes almost inaudible against the sound of the terrible storm outside.

Zach426: hey what happened? 😕😕

Annie96: Zach?!

Annie96: I’m scared 😨

Annie96: I think someone is here.

Zach426: wait what? Who?

Annie96: I heard something outside. Like maybe glass breaking or something. 😟😟

Annie96: I looked out my window I think I saw someone standing outside.

Annie96: hold on…

Zach426: what do you mean someone standing outside? It’s pouring out! Who would be outside?

Zach426: Annie?

Annie96: hold on..

Zach426: this is starting to freak me out..

Annie96: nvm. There’s nobody outside. I think the wind just blew my trashcan in the yard. Omg! That was freaky!

Zach426: are you sure you’re OK?

Annie96: yeah… I’m just freaked out. The storm is bad. I’m being paranoid.

Annie96: it’s just… You know… With the situation of my brother recently and all I’ve been upset. 😳

Zach doesn’t like to bring it up. Annie’s brother was committed to West view hospital a few years ago. Annie doesn’t talk about it much. He was diagnosed with differential identity disorder. Annie says he sees things and needs medication.

It doesn’t run in her family though. He was the only one. Annie says it’s usually genetic. That worries her. Her and her brother were really close. She loves him Alot. Then Zach remembers. 96 was the birth year of her brother.

Zach426: yeah I know. You’ve been through a lot.

Annie96: but I’ve got you at least. 😘

Zach426: yeah. You do. I’ll always be here for you Annie 😊

Annie96: I know. Your a good person Zach. Thank you!

Zach426: welcome 😊

Annie96: can I ask you something?

Zach426: sure.

Annie96: did you mean what you said? 😌

Zach426: about?

Annie96: you know… Liking me? Like that?

Zach426: yeah… I meant every word. I do like you. I kinda always have.

Zach426: I hope this doesn’t make things awkward 😞

Zach426: I had to say it Annie. It was bottled up inside for a long time. I just never knew how to tell you. You are the most amazing person I know.


Zach426: Annie say something. Please. 🙁


Annie96: then why?

Zach426: why what?

Annie96: why didn’t you kiss me? You know on the Ferris wheel at the fair?

Zach pauses. His heart pounding so hard he can feel it in his temples. His mouth is dry. He feels anxious and vulnerable from all this. He has no idea she was expecting that. Matt had purposely let them go alone while he got food from the kiosk.

Matt was always pushing Zach to make a move. So he made up an excuse to not get on so they could. He said his stomach was hurting. He needed to eat. Annie had looked back at Zach excited. The Ferris wheel was her favorite thing to ride.

As they turned to get in line Zach looked back and saw Matt smirking. He gave him a look that said go man. Zach was nervous. He knew it was the appropriate time to tell her. But he didn’t.

They got on the Ferris wheel and she had sat next to him. She didn’t have to. They were the only ones on that booth but she did anyway. She looked beautiful. She was wearing a black short skirt that revealed her soft perfect legs. Zach remembered feeling a bit dirty for looking down. But he couldn’t help it.

When the Ferris wheel stopped at the top he remembered Annie moving closer to him. “isn’t it beautiful?” she said peering out over the fairgrounds. Zach agreed. Annie turned to him with a smile on her face. Waiting for him to do something.

Zach felt the tension. He wanted to kiss her. Instead he chickened out. Created a distraction. “hey look” he said pointing. “there’s the house of mirrors. We have to do that”. Annie turned her head. “oh” she seemed a bit disappointed. “yeah sure”

The ride ended and Zach hated himself for not making a move. Still though Annie didn’t seem upset. She just grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the direction of the house of mirrors. It was as if nothing had happened.

Matt had made his way back over. He shot him a thumbs up, and Zach shook his head. Matt looked disappointed.

But now here she was. Digging this memory back up again. Wondering why. Zach didn’t know how to explain it. May as well be honest. He’s gone this far already.

Zach426: you wanted me to?

Annie96: umm. Yeah. 😛

Annie96: why do you think I was sitting so close?

Annie96: I figured you didn’t want to. 😞😞

Zach426: no! Not at all! I was just really nervous. I wanted to but I wasn’t sure if you’d freak out.

Zach426: I mean. I never knew or I would have.

Annie96: lol dork 😉

Zach426: so what does this mean?

Annie96: what does what mean?

Zach426: where do we go from here I mean?

Annie96: depends….

Zach426: on?

Annie96: do you still want to kiss me?

Zach feels excited and slightly uncomfortable at the same time. He can’t believe what he’s reading. I mean all this time and Annie has been thinking this as well? Annie’s a timid quiet girl. But not here. Not now. Something is different. Something feels a bit off.

He could never imagine Annie so bold. In his fantasy yes. But in real life she was much more shy. Annie was always hesitant about her love life. She’d have conversations with him but Zach could always tell it made her a little uncomfortable.

Zach426: umm lol… 😶

Zach426: I’ve always wanted to.. You know… Kiss you. Your beautiful Annie.

Annie96: you really think so?

Zach426: yes! Always. Ever since I first met you. You’re funny, smart, kind, and my best friend.

Zach426: I’ve always felt so comfortable around you. I feel like we can be something more than we are.

Annie96: awww. Zach! 😶😶😶

Annie96: I think your really sweet too 😀

Annie96: I kinda always thought you liked me liked me but I wasn’t sure. We are best friends. I love that I can talk to you. 😀

Zach426: me too! ☺

Zach426: I don’t want this to ruin us though. You know… What we already have? I don’t want it to get weird now. I hope this doesn’t change how you see me.

Annie96: I don’t feel weird. I’m happy! 😋

Zach426: me to! You have no idea how happy that makes me to read that. 😀😀

Annie96: hold on

Annie96: I hear something again.

Annie96: Brb.

Zach426: what? Hear what?

A few minutes pass. Zach sits back in his chair. He glances at the clock and sees its almost 5 in the morning. It’s going to be a long day. He doesn’t care. Nothing can upset him at this point. The girl of his dreams actually admitted to him she’s happy he likes her. This must be a dream.

In his fantasies of her she’s like this. Bold. Direct. Knows what she wants. Never In a million years would Zach ever think she’d feel the same. Zach feels silly now having waited all this time. He thought of Matt, and how happy he would be that he actually told her.

Annie96: strange….

Zach426: what?

Annie96: you know the trashcan I told you about?

Zach426: yeah what about it?

Annie96: umm. It’s gone. 😕

Zach426: what do you mean gone?

Annie96: it’s not there anymore. I can’t see it.

Zach426: maybe some homeless person stole it. 😂

Annie96: not funny! 😡

Annie96: I don’t want to think about someone here in this storm. And I’m alone.

Zach426: pshh. I’d protect you. No homeless person would bother you as long as I’m around.

Annie96: oh yeah? You’d “protect” me?

Zach426: I don’t like the use of the quotes 😡😡

Annie96: 😂😂

Zach426: oh haha very funny.

Annie96: I thought so. 😛

Annie96: your mom would let you come over even though I’m alone?

Zach426: no…. She’d kill me. I’d have to sneak out 😅

Annie96: why wouldn’t she let you tho?

Zach426: because you’re alone. She’d worry we would… You know… Lol 😅

Annie96: 😘

Annie96: no I don’t know. What ever do you mean Zach? 🤔🤔😉😆

Annie96: she’d worry we would play scrabble?! 😂

Zach426: yes… That’s it… Scrabble…

Annie96: no? What then? What would you want to do if you came over and we were alone? What would she worry about?

Zach426: ok. Now it just sounds like you want me to say it. Lmao! 😂

Annie96: hmm do tell Zach.

Zach426: she’d worry we would have s*x 😵😳 there I said it! Happy now?

Annie96: hahaha!

Annie96: 👫

Annie96: 💑

Annie96: 💏

Annie96: 👪

Zach426: lmao! 😂😂

Zach426: is that how it works? Lol. You feeling OK?

Annie96: should she worry?

Zach426: who?

Annie96: you’re mom? Should she worry you’d do that?

Zach426: umm. Maybe? Idk lol.

Annie96: hmm

Zach426: you OK? Your acting crazy lol 😂

Annie96: yeah. I’m just tired. And thinking of things.

Zach426: what things?

Annie96: I want to tell you something but I’m kinda nervous to.

Zach426: what?

Annie96: nothing. Nvm

Zach426: no you can’t do that! What tell me lol

Annie96: do you ever think about me? You know… In a bad way. Not bad Bad… but bad dirty? 😶😶😶

“holy s**t!” Zach barks. Did she really just ask him that? Zach sits there dumbfounded for a bit. The text alone is sending shivers down his spine. Zach can feel himself getting excited. This makes him a bit uncomfortable.

Of course he does. All the time. Sometimes Zach thinks about her when he is in the bathroom doing other things besides washing. He couldn’t help it. She’s all he can think about.

Zach can feel where this conversation is heading. He starts to sweat. He can feel tiny beads forming at the tip of his hairline. He pulls at his shirt and takes a deep breath. He isn’t sure how to reply. He’s seeing a whole new side to her. One he always dreamed of tapping into. One he only dreamed about.

This is real. He needs to respond. Before she mistakes his silence as discomfort. After all he doesn’t want her to stop. What is she so nervous to tell him? The rain outside seems to worsen. The wind lets out a long howling sound and then another flash of lighting strikes the air. Then comes the anticipated BOOM of Thunder and the ground almost shakes.

The light from his laptop flickers a bit. Zach panics. “No not now. Please God not now. Don’t you dare go out!” he yawns. His eyes are like lead weights. But he’s to excited to sleep now. He’s dreamed of this day. It’s almost to good to be true.

Zach426: umm. Wow Annie seriously? Lol

Annie96: do you?

Zach426: uh yes? I mean sometimes I do. Is that bad? 😳😞

Annie96: really?

Zach426: yeah.

Zach426: do you?

Annie96: that’s what I wanted to tell you. Since I know you like me now I feel like I can tell you.

Annie96: before I sent you a message when the storm woke me up. I was thinking of you.

Annie96: sometimes when I’m stressed or upset I do stuff to calm me down. 😳🙉🙈

Zach426: what kind of stuff?

Annie96: I don’t wanna say lol it’s embarrassing!!

Zach426: would it help if I said something first? Lol

Annie96: yes.

Zach426: I do stuff to. Your not the only one.

Annie96: you mean touch yourself? 😶😶

Zach426: maybe? Lol

Annie96: Zach tell me!!

Zach426: yes. I touch myself.

Annie96: OMG! 🙊🙊 what do you think about?

Zach426: honestly?

Annie96: yes be honest.

Zach426: you. Us. A fantasy 😶

Annie96: oh.😮

Annie96: I touched myself before I messaged you. To calm me down. 🙈😶

Annie96: I thought about you.

Annie96: I wanna kill myself now. I can’t believe I told you that. Omg. 😵😵😵

Zach426: wow… That’s hot. I never knew you saw me like that. I mean I think about you all the time.

Annie96: you really think that’s hot? 😶

Zach426 : yes. I do.

Annie96: what do you like… Think about when you do it?

Zach426: idk. Just stuff. Us. Together

Annie96: what tho. I wanna know. I won’t make fun of you I swear.

Zach426: umm. I have this stupid fantasy I think about. Like a story of how we first you know… Do it…

Annie96: really? Like s*x?

Zach426: yeah 😶😶

Annie96: tell me. Please.

Zach426: ugh. It’s stupid. Lol

Annie96: no it’s not. I wanna know. You have to tell me

Zach426: it’s just… You know how sometimes I’ll come over and sneak in the window?

Annie96: yeah

Zach426: well it’s like that but I sneak in and your in bed waiting on me. And I crawl under the covers and kiss you from the stomach up until I’m at your face and then we make out. You tell me you feel me and want me and you know… We do it….

Zach426: it’s stupid. 😶😶

Zach426: Great… Now I wanna die lol 😨😞

Annie96: omg….

Zach426: what? Stupid right?

Annie96: no. Not at all.

Annie96: that’s like… Hot 😍😍

Annie96: really hott

Zach426: really?!

Annie96: yes!

Zach426: I was afraid you would think I was a freak lol

Annie96: you are 😛

Annie96: but I like it 😉

Annie96: so is that what you want?

Zach426: yes lol

Annie96: hmm

Annie96: well…

Annie96: I’m alone. It’s storming out. It’s late. My parents aren’t home.

Zach426: are you saying….

Annie96: I’m saying you should come over 😛

Annie96: I mean… If you want to.

Annie96: you can keep me safe. In case any homeless people decide to come over. 😂

Annie96: and I’ll leave my window open in bed waiting on you.

Zach426: you would be willing to do that?

Annie96: you’re my best friend Zach. I trust you. I want to see you happy. I’ll do your fantasy with you if you want. We can do it together.

Zach426: that would be amazing. But you know you don’t have to in order to make me happy. Just being with you makes me happy Annie ☺

Annie96: no I want to. I mean if you do.

Zach426: I do. More than anything.

Annie96: OK 😀

Annie96: come over?

Zach426: right now?

Annie96: yes. Right now. I want you to.

Zach gets up and paces the room. His mind racing. This can’t be real. It’s like Annie has become everything in his dreams. He never saw this side of her before. So direct. She just told him she wanted him. This was unbelievable. He puts his laptop to the side and goes to the window.

It’s pouring outside. To dark to see anything. Was he really going to go out in this rain? He’d get soaked. “who cares” he thought. Maybe he’d bring a spare pair of clothes and change at Annie’s. With her parents gone they could do whatever they wanted.

Maybe he’d take a shower. Maybe Annie would join him. That would be amazing. He sits down in his chair and wonders again why he hadn’t just told her forever ago how he felt. All this time she had felt the same way to. He wants to call Matt. He looks over and sees its 5 in the morning. The sun would rise at 7.

His mom would more than likely be up at 9 or 10. If Zach was going to go he’d better do it now. Worst case scenario she wakes up at nine giving him four hours. That’s plenty of time to get back before she even knew he was gone. It’ll work.

Zach rushes to his bed and pulls out a duffel bag. He pulls some clothes from his dresser and shoves it in. He grabs his wallet and checks to see if his condom he placed in there was still there. It was. Zach put one there not anticipating s*x but mostly BC his friends do it. He never thought he would actually use it.

He puts his shoes on and wraps the strap over his shoulder. His body tired from lack of sleep he makes his way out. He stops and goes back in. He makes his bed up to look like he’s in it. Just in case. Zach was so excited to leave he forgot he hadn’t told Annie he was on his way.

He goes to his laptop to tell her when he sees it.

Annie96 is offline

She was already off. She must be feeling like he feels rushing around. He thinks nothing of it and leaves his conversation up and the laptop on his desk Open as we walks out the room and quietly down the stairs.

Zach decides to go out the back door. It’s more quiet that way. He opens the door slowly and he instantly feels the rain coming down in thick drops. The wind hasn’t let up. He learns down and grabs an umbrella down by the shoe rack that’s flush with the wall. He then makes his way slowly outside and shuts the door softly.

Zach opens the umbrella and instantly feels the rain pounding on the fabric above his head. He makes his way around the side of the house to the front yard. His shoes getting soaked as he steps in shallow puddles as he walks. He looks up and sees the trees swaying and dancing with the rain as the wind rocks them from side to side.

The storm is just as the reporters say. The sky is black with not a single star visible in the night sky. Only the street lights dimly lit bulbs are bringing any light for him to see with. Zach instantly regrets not grabbing a flash light. “move fast” he says to himself. If he doesn’t he will be soaking wet before he even get to Annie’s house.

He quickly makes his way down the sidewalk avoiding as many puddles as he can. Water was kicking back at his ankles as he moved. Zach kept his head down and the umbrella close. He glanced to his left at the houses as he passed. No lights were on. Everyone was tucked away in their beds sleeping out the storm.

Nobody would be crazy enough to be outside in this mess. Except maybe for Zach. He was crazy enough. Now he’s feeling the wrath of it. The umbrella struggled to do its job as he kept moving. His duffel bag was bouncing against his hip as he moved. Annie’s house was at the end of the col de sac. The wind sent a sharp guest directly at Zach, and the rain whipped the side of his face as he turned his head to avoid it the best he could.

He was soaked. But he didn’t care because Annie’s house was directly in front of him now. Lightning lit up the sky as he looked up just in time to see her house glowing from the electricity and then darken again.

From the road Zach could tell none of her lights were on. He couldn’t tell if the lights in her room was on though because the windows were in the back. He imagined they would be off. Her waiting. Was she really going to act out his fantasy for him? He’ll soon know.

Zach approaches her driveway. Annie lives in a single story ranch style home. Her house was very nice. Her mother was a good house keeper. She was always buying nice decorations for the home. They always matched. Zach never knew there were such things as decorative pillows until he met her mom.

Their house always smelled like warm vanilla. Zach was pretty sure Annie and her mom had an obsession with candles. One was always lit. It was nice. Only Annie’s mom’s car was in the driveway. Her parents must have taken the Tahoe for the weekend.

Leaves and debris painted the driveway as Zach made his way up towards the side of the house. Zach looked at the front door. He could go on the porch and out of the rain. He could just knock on the door and ask for a towel. But he doesn’t. Instead he makes his way around the side of the house towards the back privacy fence gate.

Zach notices the gate was already unlatched and cracked open. He pushes open more and walks through almost stepping on something in the dirt. Zach can’t tell what it is but it looks like glass. Shards are scattered about. He looks up and notices her side flood light cover had fallen. Must of been the wind.

Zach turns the corner into her backyard. It’s much darker than the front. Annie’s window is about 30 yards away as he glances around her yard trying to see. Her parents have an in ground pool but the cover is on. Thank god. With all the rain it surely would have flooded. Leaves, sticks, and small puddles have formed on top of it.

He could see however the trashcan Annie was speaking of. It was knocked over on its side with the contents spilled out some. Funny. Annie said it was gone. She must have lost sight of it when it knocked over with how dark it is. Zach decided to pick it up for her. He drops the umbrella. It wasn’t helping much anyway.

He reaches down to grab it alarmed at how heavy it was. He placed it back up and then learned down to grab the trash that had spilled out. Soda bottles, empty milk jug, and what looks like tin foil. One thing stood out though. A small pink book. It looked clean. It was drenched with water but it looked as if it were just recently thrown out

He grabbed the book with one hand and with the other dragged the trashcan back against the fence. Zach quickly glanced down at the book. He covered one hand over it and flipped it open with the other.

Right away he could tell it was a diary of some sort. Blue ink was smearing from the rain. He couldn’t make out to much but he had seen his name. He quickly learned that this was Annie’s diary. Zach was confused. He hadn’t known she had one, and better yet why it was in the trash. Had she purposely thrown it away? If so why? He figured he take it in just in case.

He placed it in his pocket and made his way back across the yard toward Annie’s window. He could see a soft blue light glowing from inside. Zach guessed it was her laptop. The window was cracked open as it usually was when he snuck over. But tonight he could have just as easily walked in the front door with nobody being home.

This tells Zach that Annie had done this intentionally for him tonight like she had said. She really was playing out his fantasy with him. She wouldn’t leave it cracked in this storm unless it was specifically for him. Zach’s heart started beating faster. This was actually happening. He couldn’t believe how fast it did happen. From simply telling the truth he’s now playing out his long dreamed fantasy with the most beautiful girl he’s ever known.

“Matt won’t believe me” Zach thinks to himself as he walks towards the window. The blinds are closed but he can still see the soft light against the white blinds. “she’s right behind this window waiting. What if she’s naked?” he thinks.

Then the nerves set in. He had been so caught up with this that now that’s actually here he realized he’s inexperienced with all of this. He’s kissed a girl before but he’s never had s*x. What if she’s disappointed? Zach shakes the thought. He’s already this far. No way he’s going to chicken out. He’s already seen what happens when he does that.

Besides he doubts she’s actually naked. It doesn’t seem like Annie to be. She’s more the shy type. Then again everything that’s happened tonight was a bit out of character for her. At least he thinks so. Maybe there’s a side to her that he doesn’t know.

Zach places both his hands under the window and gently lifts feeling the weight of it giving way slowly as he lifts up. He lifts it up enough to crawl through. Zach immediately feels the heat from inside. It’s nice. He can also smell vanilla. Annie probably lit a candle.

He reaches one arm in and lifts up the blinds. He immediately sees Annie’s laptop at the far left side of the room open, and sitting on her desk. He can tell from the window the aim conversation was still pulled up but the red dot indicated she was offline.

He pokes his head in. The room is dark other than the glow from her laptop filling the room with a soft blue light. A towel had been placed Neatly folded on the floor in front of the window. Zach smiled as he crawled in.

He grabbed the towel, dropped his bag, and wiped his face with it. It was warm and freshly dried. It smelled of lavender and warm sugar. He dried his body the best he could and placed it on the floor. He was soaked. He took off his shoes and socks and placed them neatly on the towel. He didn’t want to get mud on her floor.

Zach wiped his eyes and squinted trying to adjust his eyes. Annie’s room had posters on the walls and tac boards with papers pinned on it. It was much more lively than Zach’s room. To the far right near the door was Annie’s bed. It was hard to see but he could tell Annie was in her bed.

The blanket was pulled up but he could see her small frame underneath the down comforter. He could see clothes thrown about the room. This was a bit unusual as her room is usually tidy when he sneaks over at night. A bra is on the floor at the foot of her bed. A pair of socks, and a shirt lay next to them.

“is she naked?” he thought. Just the idea of Annie being in the same room as him naked excites him. He can already feel himself getting an erection. Clearly a sign of an amateur.

Zach turns around and shuts the window. The rain outside had already made a puddle on the window seal. “I’ll clean that up later.” he thinks and then turns back around. The storm making its rounds of high and low intensity rain fall evident. Zach can hear thunder roar in the distance.

Annie’s bedroom door is open but it’s to dark to see past it into the hallway. She had every light in the house off. Zach assumes she nervous. Possibly hiding her body better if she was n**e.

He doesn’t want to scare her. She hadn’t moved since he crawled through the window. So he decides to whisper her name. Had she fallen asleep or was she simply acting out his fantasy. “Annie” Zach whispers.

Suddenly lightning strikes a hard flash against the window, and Zach thinks he sees her move. He anticipates the Thunder. It makes a sickening loud crack that almost numbs his ears. Clearly she’s waiting for him. This is it. Zach feels his back pocket making sure his wallet is there. It is.

He walks over to the foot of the bed. The blankets tucked tightly under the mattress. He gets on his knees and slowly pulls them loose. His heart exploding from his chest. His mouth is dry again, and he can feel his arms shaking slightly. His erection now a thing of the past. Probably the nerves.

He’s impressed about how much into this Annie is. Zach loves this adventurous side of her. He can’t wait to feel her lips on his. Told hold her, and probably fall asleep with her in his arms. His body won’t forgive him for staying up all night. But he doesn’t care. This is worth it.

Zach folds back the blanket revealing Annie’s feet. He can see she’s on her back. Her skin looks even more pale in the blue light. Her pedicure looks fresh. She takes care of herself. Zach likes this. He can already smell her lotion. It smells like cucumber melon.

He slides his body gently under the blankets being very careful not to place any weight on her. He sees her legs and immediately goes back to the Ferris wheel. Slinder, soft, flawless milky white skin. Not a mark on them. With his knees on both sides of her, and supporting his weight with his arms he slowly makes his way up.

He closes his eyes for a brief moment trying to get his breathing under control. “slow yourself zach” he thinks. Her thighs were as much as he has ever seen of her bare skin. Everything past this was new and thrilling territory.

He slowly crawls up debating when he should kiss her body or if he even should. Would she mind? Make him stop? Would it be to soon? Or uncomfortable because of how new this was? Zach decides to wait until he reaches her stomach and give it a try. If she reacts uncomfortably he’ll just wait.

It’s much darker under the covers but it seems like she just may be naked. He can’t quite tell. He hopes so but isn’t getting his hopes up. Zach boldly leans down a little enabling free use of one of his arms. He gently touches the side of her left leg and slowly slides his hands Up her left side into the darkness expecting to make contact with shorts or underwear. Her skin soft and freshly lotioned under his touch.

Zach about jumps up from shock when he realizes he doesn’t. Instead he only feels more soft skin. Annie doesn’t have on anything. She’s n**e. At least from the waist down. His heart start pounding harder. He can hear it pounding loudly in his ears. Could she hear it to? His sweaty palms were making his hands harder to slide so he pulls back.

He braces himself up some once more and advances. He carwls a few more inches, and now although dark he can see her. She’s beautiful. Annie has what looks like a single freckle on her left hip bone. She’s shaven down to almost nothing, and her g******s exposed for him to see. He couldn’t believe he was actually looking at her v****a. He imagined many times in his dreams what it looked like. Seeing it in real life was much more exciting. It was more than he could of hoped for tonight. He felt lucky for being allowed to see this. He also felt a bit dirty. Zach has a strong urge to kiss her there but doesn’t. If she’d allow it, he’ll go back down there.

He’s always dreamed of making her feel good in that way. To taste her. To put her in his mouth, and do what the guys in the stupid pornos do. The same pornos he denied watching to his friends and even Annie once. He knows to go for the c******s but that’s about it. He doesn’t know exactly where it is or even what it feels like. Zach gets even more nervous. What if that’s what she wants? He would have to wing it, and then hope for the best. Maybe all those pornos would pay off in the end.

He inches past her privates to her naval. Her stomach is flat, and perfect. Her hip bones well defined on both ends. She’s petite. Since she’s. Naked from the waist down Zach can only imagine she wouldn’t mind him kissing her there. He swallows hard and goes for it for the first time. He softly kisses her naval pressing his lips against her skin. The lotion was strong, and it left residue on his lips. Annie’s skin was slightly cold despite being under the blankets. He only now noticed this.

Odd considering it was warm in her room. She must be cold natured. Then he remembered her always bringing a jacket everywhere they went no matter how warm out it was. He kisses again, this time above her naval. Zach inches his way forward slowly Kissing her soft stomach. He can feel his erection coming back again pushing hard against his shorts.

Annie’s arms are at her side. Zach uses his hands to push them out more to make room for his legs. He notices a slight resistance as he does this. “she’s tense” he thinks. She’s clearly nervous to. This makes Zach feel a little better. It’s nice to know he isn’t the only one.

He kisses her stomach once more and makes his way up towards her sternum. He can see Annie’s breasts are exposed. This confirms she’s naked. He’s shocked she actually went that far so soon. Her breasts were perfectly round. Small areolas, and tiny brown n*****s glanced back at him in the darkness.

He could hardly see them but her knew they were there. His erection now stronger than before its actually starting to hurt him. Zach can feel a slight ache in his groin. A feeling he is familiar with on the night’s his mother walks in his room, and he stops before she catches what he’s doing. He knows when he doesn’t finish it hurts sometimes. This is like that but only worse.

He wants to kiss them. He wants to touch them. He doesn’t. It’s to soon. Had she known he’d do that? Was she doing this to tease him? He wasn’t sure. She knew he was a nice guy. She was right. Zach was careful not to touch her breasts. The opening at the head of the blanket was peering open now flooding light onto them.

Zach hears a thump sound in the distance but doesn’t pay attention. It was very soft, hardly audible, and somewhere down the hall. Probably the water heater clicking on.

Zach inches his way over her breasts forcing his hips over hers. His erection pressed up against her g******s excited him more. If his pants weren’t on she’d feel him pressed against her.

He lifts his head up forcing the top of the blanket to peel back over his head. The cool air hit him and felt welcoming. It was hot under the covers. Zach closed his eyes and leaned down over Annie’s face.

“hey” was all he could think to say. He wanted to say something slick or even romantic but he wasn’t the creative type. He expected to hear her laugh but all he got in return was silence.

Another soft thump in the distance. A bit louder. The water heater turning off? Zach opened his eyes and met Annie’s beautiful blue Crystal eyes looking back at him. Something wasn’t right. Usually her eyes were warm and inviting. Kind. Soft. But not tonight.

He blinked. Taking it all in. Annie wasn’t looking at him. She was looking slightly to the left. Her gaze was empty as if she was looking through something not at something. Or maybe she wasn’t looking at anything at all. Zach feels his blood grow cold.

“umm Annie?” Zach whispers. Again nothing but silence. What was she looking at? What could possibly be more interesting to the left of them then what’s going on in front of them? Zach looks in direction she’s staring at and finds nothing but the wall. Something is wrong. Something isn’t right. His heart still beating fast but more because of fear now instead of lust

He props himself up on his elbows a few inches higher above her head so he could see her face. He slides his hand up and immediately feels something wet, and sticky. “ahh!” Zach barks out loud clearly startled buy this, and sits up on his knees.

He brings his hands up. Against the glow of her laptop he sees something red and thick. It smells of copper or metal. Zach feels a lump forming in the back of his throat. This isn’t normal. He knows what this is. Panic starts to form in the back of his mind. He looks down at Annie’s beautiful face. Her lips are slightly open, her eyes fixed slightly left. She isn’t moving.

He looks down and shakily lifts Annie’s head up some and sees her neck has been slit, her skin peeled back a quarter of an inch or so from earlobe to earlobe. The cut was deep. Blood had blackened some on the edges. Dark cool Pools of blood clearly visible at this angle on both sides of her head. Zach panics. Fear shoots all over his body. He instantly grows weak.

Before Zach can jump off the bed he sees a shadow suddenly cast against the wall right above him. A gloved hand grabs at Zach’s hair gripping tightly. Zach lets out a scream as his head is forced back and up. Suddenly he feels a sharp hot sting Shoot across his neck, and then through his body followed by a sudden warm wet feeling.

He cries out for help but can only let out a sickening wet gagging sound. He can’t speak. His shirt becomes engulfed in hot warm liquid life. The pain is indescribable as Zach flails his arms around grabbing at anything around him to help him, and pulling back nothing but air.

Zach feels another hand placed against the middle of his back. The hand on his head gripping his hair pulls back even harder forcing his throat to open wider. Zach tries to yell but can’t. Nothing but gagging and air escaping from New places other than his mouth.

Zach grows weaker as he’s being forced to stare at the ceiling. He sees the shadow behind him. His arms trying desperately to reach around. To make this stop. He fails again, and again growing all the weaker. Suddenly the figure leans down at ear level and whispers softly in his ear.

“we’re best friends Zach, I trust you. Will you protect me from the homeless men that come in?”

Zach coughs and spits up blood. It splatters in a mist in all directions. He can’t move. His lungs burn. His heart is pounding.

Zach’s head is forced down but with his neck still extended awkwardly to keep his wound open. His vision becomes blurry as he sees spurts of blood splashing onto Annie’s perfect face and in her mouth. Her milky skin turning crimson.

A tear falls from Zach’s cheek and lands on Annie’s forehead. Zach was crying but it was impossible to see among the chaos.

Zach was getting cold, and very tired. The pain was dulling now. He started feeling more numb than in pain. His eyes were open but he could no longer see. His arms became to heavy, and he was to weak to move them anymore. Dark cold sound was all he could comprehend anymore. He felt weightlessness. He couldn’t feel his body beneath him, and he could no longer feel the need to even breathe anymore. Then finally it was done. There was only darkness.

Zach collapsed on top of Annie’s lifeless naked body. His eyes staring off at the same wall as Annie’s. It was done. The room fell silent once more except the sound of the intruders foot steps walking away from the bed.

Outside the rain still hit hard. Masking any sound made during the struggle. But there wasn’t anyone around to hear it anyway. The intruder was careful. This was the perfect crime. Nobody would know. Not until it was to late. This was the plan.


Back at Zach’s house the rain softened some. Finally giving signs of slowing down. The air was peaceful. There was no sign of the horror that occurred in the house at the end of the street. Zach’s room was glowing softly from the light of his laptop. The sound of a digital door opens breaking the silence.

Annie96 is online

Annie96: I love you Zach 😂

Annie96: we can finally be together now Zach 😂

Annie96: wait until your mother finds out Zach. What will she think? 😂

Annie96: will she read this before she even knows? 😂😂😂😂

Annie96: I’ll always love you. Goodbye lover boy 😂😂😂

Annie96: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Annie96 is offline

  • ShYgUy

    Feel free to ask me any questions you may have. This story is rather grotesque, and very graphic. This was done so the reader can really feel what it’s like to be in Zachs head.

    It was his teenage hormonal obsession with s*x that ultimately blinded him from the obvious signs of danger. This is often the case in many real life scenarios online.

    In this you really feel for Zach while pondering one question the entire time. Who is annie96? I’d like to know who you think it is based on the few subtle clues I have revealed throughout the short story.

    • JaneTheReader

      This is irrelevant, but I love your username ShYgUy. I am a Nintendo fan

  • X Emo Senpai x

    I really like this!!
    Well done ♡

    • Bryan Nelson

      Thank you

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      Thanks for the criticism. Yeah unfortunately I use my phone’s keyboard, and an app to write these. I then copy and paste the stories to the creepy pasta text box.

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