Flight Number A-120

Author’s Note: Hope you guys enjoy, I had other story ideas that I wanted to post, but did not feel it was worth posting yet, need more time to edit the stories I make so they are good enough in the future. I’m gonna be posting more horror story updates on my personal instagram. Please go check it out if you’re interested, it’s @lonelyboi16. But anyway. Enjoy.

There was a story circulating the internet as soon as it was shared. This person of the name of “GriefTrucker2876” weird name, but he made a story talking about the weirdness that is “Flight Number A-120”. This user claims that “luggages started levitating in the air, cold chills circulating the plane, and a black shadow figures walking in the lanes of the plane”. But what’s weird is this user claims that no one had seen “the shadow”, or the other “weirdness” that was on the plane. Yet other commenters say they have experienced the “same thing” anytime they are on the plane. I say this now because I am going on a trip to Japan to see my family who live in Tokyo.

But the flight was numbered as “A-120”. “120” meaning the number the plane is labeled with, and “A” meaning Airline. While boarding my flight and placing my luggage on the luggage carrier, I took one look at the plane. However did not see anything that strikes me as “terrifying” or “weird” about it. In fact, it looked like every other flight that was being boarded at this time. The design had a “blue and red stripe” on a “white” plane with the phrase “A-120” as well as other planes with different phrases on them, like “A-55″, A-64”, and “A-110”. Yet there was something eerie about flight “A-120”, almost like someone, or something was watching me. Later on that night on the plane while everyone else was a sleep, I understood exactly what the user meant, and realized what he saw.

Over in the distance, there was a black figure with long black hair by the bathrooms. But I wasn’t convinced that it was the exact thing that what I saw was what the user of the story saw. That’s when I decides to investigate myself. I felt like the one stupid “white guy” in a horror movie always investigating dangers that should not be discovered. However curiosity got the better of me, and I checked to see for myself, but there was no one there. I then decided to go back to my seat with the movie I had left on still playing with the sound seeping out from my earbuds while everyone was still asleep on the seats of the plane with the time on my watch reading 1:40 am in a bold red light. After and hour, I decided to splash myself with water, making sure to lock the door behind me, even though it felt like someone was standing behind me, and unwanted guest you could say. I then decided to splash myself with water to hopefully relieve myself for what I saw.

While wiping the water from my face, I was then greeted with a room full of blood, all the walls seemed to be splattered with blood, with the toilet filled to the brim with dark red blood, what’s worst is I heard screaming from inside the bathroom, it was so loud I could not bare to me in the bathroom anymore. Out of shear terror, I ran out the bathroom scared about what I saw and especially what I heard. After I sat down, I was left in thoughts about if what I saw was real or, just a vision of some kind. I then decided to look in the bathroom again where the blood I had previously seen was no more. I felt like I was losing my mind, everything around me seemed more terrifying as it seems more and more eyes were looking at me. As it had turned to morning and the plane had started landing, I was relieved that everyone was waking up from there night on the plane with one passenger apparently having an alarm clock set for 10:30 going off. As soon as the plane landed, I was immediately greeted with my dad who wanted to surprise my mom with the surprise of her son. In the car with my “pops”, I decided to do some research on Airline-120, what terrified me was a news article where a women with the name Sharon Wilkons, was murdered in the bathroom of the plane, this person, who’s name I will not share, had murdered her via r****g her, then stabbing her multiple times in while she was wearing a white dress shirt and jeans. What was scarier, was there were two bathrooms in the airplane, yet I washed my face and seen the blood in the same bathroom she had passed away in. What’s unfortunate, is I have a plane ticket back home, scheduled for the same plane Flight Number A-120.

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