Emily And Avery

Avery was always a little… I guess… messed up… When she was 5, she saw her friend Emily explode into pieces from a drunk driver… she got hit by a truck. Ever since then, Avery has been “active” from that. I mean, she would always go over to the spot of where Emily died. Avery would go there every single day, after school and s**t like that. Avery says that Emily wants to “come home”. Ever since then, she’s been going to therapy, to which she got diagnosed with PTSD. Shocker. I am, or WAS Avery’s mother. This is the story of my daughter, Avery Williams.

Avery always had an extreme imagination. She would always stay up at around 5 in the morning, drawing or playing with her dolls her grandmother bought her for her 4th birthday. When it was her birthday, we would always have a barbecue at our house. We would invite everyone who was close… like Emily. Emily and Avery were friends since… diapers. Me and Emilys’ mother were friends since high school, oh how we would get into so much trouble, haha! Emily and Avery never and I mean NEVER fell out. Ha, I remember when they would always go to the woods¬†and makes dens and have tea parties. We used to have the woods just over the back fence of our house and Emily would come around to our house most days. Oh how they were so sweet, Emily and Avery, it reminds me of me and Emilys’ mother.

One day, Emily and Avery were playing at the front of the house. We had a driveway so you would most likely find Emily and Avery out there or in the woods. Emily and Avery were playing skipping rope. FYI Emily lived opposite us. She would have to be careful though because cars could come down any moment. As they were playing skipping rope, Avery caught her foot tangled up in the skipping rope. I wasn’t home at the time and Kaitlyn (Emilys’ mother) was supposed to be watching them. Looks like she had more important s**t to do than look after the girls. Emily insisted that she would clean Avery up since Avery was bleeding. As Emily ran over to Avery, she dropped a bandage. Emily couldn’t see a car something then… BAM. Emily got blasted into pieces by that stupid truck.

*1 year later*

“Are you ready to go, Avery?” I asked her since we were going to the therapist.


“Why is that?” I said confusingly

“I have to go get Emily,” Avery said in her new monotone voice. Avery keeps a box with Emily’s ashes in.

“Look, Avery, Emily doesn’t need to go. You do,” I said in an annoying tone.

“But mu-”

“NO! now hurry up or we’ll be late,” I was getting annoyed now. Avery then gave me this… strange glare… Her pupils went small, started inhaling and exhaling violently and her hands started shaking like her inhaling and exhaling. “We’re bringing… Emily. Got it.” Then she stormed off over to the driveway. Sometimes… Avery… scares me. There’s just something about her that gives me the chills.

It’s been 2 minutes since that happened. We were on our way to the therapy session with this woman called Lois. She’s quite a sweet girl. As soon as we got their Avery started sweating. “Avery, stop overreacting. It’s only for an hour.”


“Don’t worry, she won’t.”

“How do you know? Huh?”

“…Let’s go, Avery.”

We were waiting for our session until we heard a, “Avery Williams?”

“Welp! Looks like it’s us!” I said as I reached out my hand to guide her over to Lois’ room. I then felt a sharp pain on my hand. Avery had dugged her nails in my hand, it wasn’t deep, barely actually only bled a little bit.

“No,” Avery said in a deep monotone voice. I gulped.

“A-Avery, don’t be a pain.”

As we arrived into Lois’ room Avery started screaming and crying. I know it was just an act just for her to not go in.


“Hey, hey, hey! Calm down Avery! I don’t bite haha!” Lois says to calm her down.

“AAA… okay,” Avery said literally immediately. I looked at her whilst Lois got up and Avery had a smirk on her face whilst giving me… the same look where her pupils go really small.

We then all sat down, me and Avery on these very comfortable chairs facing Lois’ desk.

“Okay, thank you both for coming. My name is Lois and I will be your therapist, Avery. Also at the end of the session I give out sweets or chocolate to say well done for being brave, aha!” Lois said cheerfully. Avery didn’t look bothered.

“Okay! I would like you to sum up what happened and why you’re her-”

“She’s dead and my mum thinks I’m a psychopath,” Avery said whilst looking at the box with Emily’s ashes in.

“HEY! I don’t think you’re a psychopath-”

“Then why am I here. I should be playing with Emily.”

“Who is Emily?” Lois asked. Avery pointed to the box.

“Oh… so she’s the one who… um…” Lois said stuttering.

“What? Died? Yeah. She’s dead because of a drunk b*****d,” Avery said aggressively like she wanted to murder the driver.

“Oh! That’s foul langua-” Lois said.


“What… b*****d?” Avery said with a smirk… She’s five… I didn’t want to say anything in case Avery… glared… at me again.

After an hour of talking with Lois, we ended the session.

“Okay thanks for comin-” Lois said as she was cut off by Avery.

“Where’s my damn chocolate. Get one for me and Emily.”

“O-oh! I almost forgot! Ha, sorry, I’m a very forgetful lady ha!” Lois said trying to make Avery laugh. Which she wasn’t.

“Oh and Miss Williams?”

“Yes?” I replied.

“I’m going to have Avery leave for a moment, I need to talk to you about something…” Avery instantly went out if the room as if we said something to make her mad.

“Now, Avery has to take these pills,” Lois said seriously. I looked at her curiously as she was lighting a cigarette.

“She has PTSD.”

I was shocked but I don’t know why I was. I knew deep down she would have some type of mental illness, so I don’t know why I was shocked.

“O-oh! Okay! Thanks for your time.”

“No problem,” she replied.

*2 years later*

Avery is now seven. She’s still acting odd, I mean, who wouldn’t but it’s gotten worse. Yesterday I saw her burning the dolls her grandmother bought her for her birthday with a lighter whilst chuckling. This morning she was crushing down the den her and Emily made when they were younger. I don’t know why she’s doing this, she said it was to get her anger out. She’s also swearing now. Like, strong words. I tried everything I could to stop her but I gave up. Wait! I’ve gotta go! Averys screaming!

Well… I’m back now, and she threw Emily on the floor. Her ashes everywhere. Box broken.


“Emily said I was a psychotic b*****d,” in her usual monotone voice.






“NO!” she screamed, she then pulled out a hammer.


“OKAY! Okay! okay! Calm down Avery. I won’t clean it, but the damn hammer away,” I half screamed.

She was just staring at me now. The same glare she does which still scares me.

*Later on also Avery’s POV*

I hate her so much. My mum. I hate her with all my guts. She always complains like Avery this, Avery that!

“Can you put me in the box now,” Emily said.

“Yeah… sorry about that,” I said, “I just got mad at you, that’s all.”

“It’s true.”

“True what?”

“It’s true that you’re a psychotic b*****d,” she said in a deep voice.


“See, you know it,” Emily said a teasingly yet sadistic way, “now put me back in the box.”


I put her back in the box, it took longer than expected. I then felt tired so I fell asleep.

-2 hours later: 2 AM-

I woke up to the feeling of coldness right next to me.

“EMI-” I said in surprise.

“SHH!” Emily said whilst covering my mouth. She then let go since I calmed down.

“How? When? Why Can I see you?” I said still a bit shocked.

“How? I don’t know. When? Just now and why…? I need you to do something for me…” she said in a deep voice.

“And that is…?” I said. Emily got up from her knees and started dramatically turning whilst saying,

“Oh Avery how I so much WANT to NOT BE DEAD anymore! Or at least be in SOMEONE ELSE’S BODY!”

I looked at her in a confused face but then it hit me…

“You want to possess me, don’t you.”

“Yes,” she said whilst she smiled.
“As if,” I said whilst trying to go back to sleep.

“Aww Avery don’t be a party pooper… please! Friends do ANYTHING for each other… right?”

I opened my eyes to what she said. I know what she’s saying… She’s saying that she died for me. Trying to help me. Doing anything for me.

“That was your choice to make. I didn’t tell you to help me,” I said with a slight tone of guilt.

“I couldn’t let you bleed to death could I?” Emily said a bit annoyed with my answer.

I turned over to where Emily was and she smiled at me.

“Made your decision?”

“No and it was barely a cut. It was a scrape.”

“But you were still bleeding… look. No more of this. Yes or no. You wouldn’t have to deal with your annoying a*****e of a mother for a while,” Emily said whilst grinning.

“As much as I hate my mum, I would most likely want to be conscious thank you.”

“OH FOR GOD SAKES AVERY,” Emily was getting pissed off now. “Please just let me control you!”

“And why?” I said

“Because… it gets really lonely by myself, you know… being dead, how do you think you’d feel if you were dead?”

I thought about this. I don’t want to be dead so it’s hard to imagine what Emily is feeling right now. After all, she did try and help me which caused her to die..

“*Sigh* Nevermind Avery,” Emily said sadly as she turned around walking over to her box.

“WAIT!” I said which caused Emily to slowly turn around. “I’ll do it.”

“R-really?” Emily said excitedly.

“Yes, ever since the incident I felt incredibly guilty. Because I could easily get up. I was being a downright p***y. You helped me, and now it’s my turn,” I said.

Emily smiled… Oh how much I missed that smile. Emily started walking over to me and before I knew it… I was unconscious.

-Emilys POV-

What a silly b***h. This is her payback for what she did. I knew she could get up but I wanted to make sure she was okay. Like what a true friend would do. Finally! The day has come. It felt really weird possessing Avery, it felt really warm yet cold, I could feel a headache as soon as I entered and I felt like I was going to throw up for about a minute. Of course I would let Avery come back because I’m nice like that… but… I also will still be inside her. I refuse to leave her body. I’m like her soul, but I can come out whenever I want.

-Averys POV-

I woke up but I didn’t feel the same, I was concious but I wasn’t controlling myself. It’s strange but then I remembered I let Emily possess me. I then got an instant voice in my head.

“Avery, why don’t you check the mirror?”

I then got up, still, being controlled by Emily and… HOLY S**T! I HAD EMILY’S BLONDE HAIR! well streaks of blonde hair. I also had a massive red mark on my face which was bleeding.

“Oops! We better get that patched up,” Emily said sadistically. I was walking down the street over to the shop to get wipes and this really big bandage which went round half my face. I then didn’t have to pay for it, to which we got stopped.

“HEY! You have to pay for that you kno-”

The man stopped as I turned around. I then said, “Is their a problem… sir?” I sounded just like Emily! This is all too much to handle. The man just froze, he didn’t move and he didn’t speak. He just had a very terrified expression which made me (Avery) laugh also Emily, then we ran out the shop. It’s 6AM and my mother wakes up at 8 or 9AM.

-20 minutes later-

I looked horrific. I have purple pigment under my eyes with black rings. Loads of bags under my eyes and I was pale. I have the huge bandage rapped over my face. My dark brown hair mixed with blonde streaks. I have bruises and huge cuts which also had bandages on which were also bleeding heavily. I have a red mark which shows where the massive nosebleeds stained. By eye (which is covered up by the bandage) was practically falling out but currently kept in place by the bandage. I am… a monster.

“Look at the artwork you created!” Emily teased.

“I didn’t do it. The drunk driver did.” I’m like the thought that Emily has.

“I wouldn’t have got hit if you weren’t acting so dramatic.” I stayed silent.

We then started walking over to my mum’s building box full of things she uses to repair. We then found the hammer I used to threaten my mum with.

“What are you doing?” I said. It was over 8AM now and my mum is still asleep, probably because we were up since midnight.

“We’re letting your mother have a lie in,” Emily said and I could feel the smile forming on the face.

“N-NO DON’T KILL HER!” I said begging.


And then Emily started sprinting to my mother’s room. I tried everything I could to make her stop but it was too late. Before you know it, we were at my mother’s door.

“Shhhh!” Emily said. “Let your mother sleep!

“Emily please don’t-”


“But what has my mother done to you?!” I said

“Nothing but I want to see you suffer. Like I did when I was in hospital. You never visited me once!”

“I’m sorry,” I said.


Before you knew it, I could hear my mother screaming at the top of her lungs, Emily laughing. The noise the hammer was making when it was hitting my mother. You could see the blood staining her white bed sheets. Emily then rolled my mother over and said, “Time for a signature to show I was here,” she said laughing like a psychopath. She then started lamming the hammer where Emily’s mark was onto to my mother. I can tell I won’t be back for a while now. I’m gonna have to watch all the murders Emily does. All the “signatures” she does in the victims. Emily will never get caught. She is basically a ghost after all and she can go invisible. And if anyone does see her. They’ll be dead before you know it. This is only the beginning.

*This story is done by Murphy. Tam won’t be doing stories, only Murphy*

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