The Livestream

Hello, welcome to the show. Tonight I’ll be showing you something special. As you can see we decorated the room in red and the tools are cleaned and ready. My gift for you will be here in 5 minutes. Until then I will tell you a little bit about the history of this place.

We began doing this 5 years ago. Every January 13th and April 13th of the month we had something special. Why the 13th you ask? Well, because it’s a well known, worldwide, bad luck number. The bad luck is not for you and me. The bad luck is for the gift I will present to you. But this year is a little bit extra special.

‘We don’t pick robots, we pick those that disobey.’

I know, you are curious as to what I am going to give you, am I right? Well it’s not long now, in fact I think I hear them coming.

Here ye, here ye. There they come. Now entering the stage is Jake, 16 years old. PLEASE Jake, SIT! The crew will help you with your restraints. Next up is Annabell! 18 years old. PLEASE Annabell, sit down next to Jake, and for the love of satan shut the f**k up, crying won’t get you anywhere. My crew will help you strap up nice and tight.

Now for the people watching, are you prepared for not 1 torturing, BUT TWO!?… alright, that’s what I like to see. Let’s see 1603 viewers, that is a record. Alright are you all ready? Let us start with the simple nail removal, grab the tweezers my dear assistant, aaand pull!… hahaha, they are screaming at the same time, what a joy. Another nail, and pull!… and pull! Let’s try a toe nail. Alright get ready people… PULL!… PULL, PULL, PULL. You guys are bleeding like mad. Clean yourself up! Here is a napkin… what is that you are saying? You don’t want to clean your own hands because there is black stuff on the napkins? Okay, I’ll clean them for you. The acid will clean the wounds perfectly while the pain jolts through your body.

There you go now your hands are cleaned of your skin. But this acid won’t stop at your hands. It will eat… slowly, but it will only eat your skin, so nothing to serious.

Alright viewers, enjoy the next 20 minutes of screaming and crying while I will go get myself some nice tools for our next chapter. I’ll be right back… Oh yeah my assistant will make sure they stay awake and aware.

“23 minutes later”

Aha the acid ate away all your skin. I see you guys are losing blood. I hope the audience is entertained. Let me see, I got some blood bags so you guys don’t have to worry about blood loss.

Next up we will make these two people angry, or should I say… SALTY! Haha.
Let me just tease you and start with a pinch of salt on your fingers… here we go… what, are you two spastic or something? Hahaha

Oh, you guys are not aware that we like the pain and screams, well now you know. Scream as much as you want. Those pinches of salt will surely stay and hurt for a little while. I will put some pinches of salt on your neck and shoulders, and a few pinches of salt on your feet and legs. Yeah, that’s right, scream… SCREAM!

’15 minutes later’

Hmm the viewers racked up to 1955 viewers. When we reach 2000 I will do something special for my viewers.

‘5 minutes later’

Okay we are over the 2000 viewers goal. So now I will present to you, ELECTROSHOCK THERAPY. You didn’t see that coming did you, this is going to be electric. First let me stick some small meat hooks through the muscles and then attach the wires… there we go, everything is connected. I will turn the switch and… yes! I can hear the meat searing. I can smell the burning flesh, you guys wish you were here now, don’t you. It smells so fresh!

Hey, Annabell isn’t breathing. Let’s give her CPR. Here we go… CLEAR!… Hit her again… CLEAR!…
Welcome back Annabell. I tought I lost you for a second there… oh yes you can cry Annabell, but it will only hurt you more.

Our next treatment will be a little bit more original. Let me introduce you to my laser. This laser can cut only trough paper. It also sets wood on fire, so this little thingy is not that serious, but fun either way. Let us test it out.

Jake, you get the first turn… aren’t you excited? Let me test it on your arm… ah yes it’s definitely cutting a little bit of muscle… what’s wrong Jake, you seem upset, why are you screaming?… what’s that Jake, you want me to test your other arm too? Alrighty here we go then, Hahaha. Hey Jake, try lifting your arms… why are you looking at the floor Jake, there is nothing to see but only your blood… I have an idea Jake, let’s see if we can remove you sight with this handy dandy laser… look at me Jake, LOOK AT ME!… fine I’ll strap your head so tightly that you are not able to move it… there you go. Okay let’s see… ahaa, it does burn through your eyes… uhh well Jake I don’t know about you, but I think my laser went through your eye into your brain. I think I might have accidentally taken your life, since you are not breathing anymore. F**k…

Well, annabell. How are you feeling? I think Jake is dead… such a sad sight isn’t it. I think I was just rushing things a little… that’s okay don’t wory, when I am done you are free to go. Now let’s go to our final and most entertaining torture method. These 8 inch nails will go trough your hand and feet into the wooden floor and chair. Also I will place barbed wire around your neck and tied it to the chair. You have 2 hours to get yourself out. If you are still stuck after 2 hours I will cut off the limbs that are still stuck. Either way, after this you are free to leave.
Let me just hammer some nails here, and there… here…hmm… and the barbed wire. There we go. Beautifull… let the time begin.

’20 minutes pass’

Ahaa I see you pulled your right hand right free. I’ll give you a hint on the barbed wire. It’s tied trough holes behind the chair on the hight of your neck…. good luck… hehe…

’70 minutes pass’

Good job. You got the wire from your neck, though you are bleeding a little. Or rather, a lot! Don’t worry, I’ll put a new bloodbag up for you. You have 30 minutes left Annabell… come on!

’29 minutes pass’

Aaand…30! That’s it Annabell. You got your left foot free, but not your right foot and left hand. But that is okay… I’ll help you with that. This axe should do the trick for you…
*thrust* that is number one,
*thrust* and that is number two. Alright, you are good to go…¬†Annabell… you are free to leave Annabell… hey… HEY!

Well I guess that was it folks. They both died, she almost made it out of here, but due to extreme blood loss she sadly passed away. Tonight will be a feast for anyone who will show up at the promise land, because we don’t want this young meat to go to waste. We expect at least 50 people. And for the rest of you, good night and good hunting… next stream will be in 30 days. Stay tuned!

Storybuss, Michael Kraus

  • Bonnie Manz

    It was well written however this story has been played out way too many times.

    • Sultan__

      Agreed way too many and aslo the author could’ve gave us some better detail and insight of what going on throughout the shower, better illustration of the pain the victims are going through.