Red: I’m Always Watching

Hi, my names Katie, I’m only 9 years old, and I’m not sure of it’s very ‘realistic’ to anyone reading this, but you don’t have to believe me, I know what I saw and it doesn’t matter what others say.

It all started one late night, I was crying in my bed, my dad had just finished beating me up again, and suddenly, I heard a knock on my widow, but i was confused because, my rooms on the second floor of the house, quietly I creept to the window, I saw a girl, much older than me, around 17 she was very pretty, but very strange. She had glowing red eyes with the pupils in slits, like a cat, the glowing from them illuminated the darkness of the room around me, she had bright blood red hair, and wore a frown, but her eyes were filled with joy, and excitement, she opened her mouth to speak, and I saw vampire-like-fangs, i jumps back from the window, her voice was blurred by the closed window, carefully I put the child safety lock on, and slided the glass up a far a the lock would let me, which was only an inche

“Hi, are you Katie?” She asked, with an upbeat tone, by still a frown was on her face.

“W-who at you?, and how do you know my name?” I asked, surprisingly, I felt a strong trust when speaking to her, but wisdom and fear, prevented me from opening the window fully.

“My names Blood Red, but just call me Red, and not to sound like a creep, but I know a lot more than just your name, I know what your dad does to you, and I’ve visited him a few times already, but I’m done giving him warnings, so I have a question, but i need you to let me in” she asked sweetly, and honestly, I almost did, but i needed answers

“Why should i trust you?” I asked

“Cus, i want to help” she said calmly, and i couldn’t stop the tears as i opened the window, she entered the room stealthy, like a cat, and hugged me tightly.

“Its ok, i have a offer for you, i want you to join me, I help dozens of kids daily-well-nightly and take them away from bad homes, and put them in an adoption center, owned by a friend of mine, I know it sounds super suspicious, but I promise, you will be safe” she explained her offer, and i was convinced, i was sick of all the nightly beatings, and constant fear, and this was a chance to end all the pain and suffering, so I said yes. That night we traveled through dark alley ways, and eventually made it to a tall white building, it looked fancy, and Red left me at the door and ran into the night but not without whispering four words in my ear that made me feel safe, an scared

“Remember, Im Always Watching”


After Red had dropped the child off were she would be safe, she went back to the house, there was still the father, a middle aged man, an alcoholic, with a habit of abuseing the innosent, something red would not stand for, she creept silently into the house and into his room, the man was awoken by the creaky door as red opened it, but red quickly blended in with the darkness, and went unnoticed, but still the man didn’t sleep, fear lerked in his mind, red couldnt help but chuckle. She finally stood before him, her eyes glowing brightly, but before he could scream a needle peirced his arm and he quickly fainted.

When the man woke up he was chained to a chair that looked like what you see at the dentist, but it was stained with blood, he looked around, he was in underground catacombs of some sort, and a light hearted female voice echoed out

“Awake I see, how was your nap?” It chuckled, and red stepped into the light, the man tried to scream, but he was gaged, red pulled out her silver dagger, and chuckled as he struggled an evil smile spread across her face for the very first time all day. Red held her blade to his neck.

“How does it feel to be so defenceless?” She smiled brightly

“I warned you, I’m Always Watching”

Later that week a new report stated the finding of a body, autopsy shows he went through long hours of brutal torchure daily, for a long 6 days before dieing, not from physical pain, but from the mental abuse, and they found words carved into his skin stating:

“I’m Always Watching”

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