The daylight scares me.

The sun, a giant flaming ball that could explode in any second.

The moon, an asteroid lost in our orbit, our control, and our bidding.

The daylight scares me.

The night is when I can truly show who I am.

Do you underestimate the dark? Do you just see it as a time when we sleep? Why did humans and animals choose night to sleep? The day could have been just a good. We’d be able to see better in the dark, and see better in general.

I see that you underestimate the dark.

Do you realize that the night is when Keychain comes out to kill anyone who can’t find their key? You lost your key, and he tagged you.

Do you realize the night is when all the monsters and other terrifying creatures come out to find a meal?

The daylight scares me.


7H3 D4Y|1&T $C4R3$ M3

It’s because I can’t do anything in the light.

The night is my chance to strike.

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