Dreaming, dreaming of a forest. Darkness of night falls upon the world as silhouettes of trees merge into one. It all seems to blend in as my eyes adjust to my surroundings. Only faint memories come to me of where I am and what I’m doing here. All I know is I’m left with a flashlight and head ringing. I rise from the dirt I laid on and brush myself off before picking up the flashlight. I figured I should find some way out and back to recognizable territory. I hear leaves rustle behind me as I jump and quickly turn. I see nothing so I shrug it off and blame the wind, it is getting pretty chilly. The breeze flows down my back as if mother nature herself was breathing down my neck. I shudder before moving on, walking into the black abyss till finding a trail.

I venture down as the wind picks up, raising my superstition of these mysterious woods. The sounds of different creatures in the night raises my worry as I go down a path. In the distance I see what seemed to be a light source. Sweet merciful god I found a safe haven in what feels like this endless dark abyss of unknown. I try to walk to it but the more I tried the further it got. Eventually I gave up  and continued on the path. everything keeps looking like the same thing. this tree I just passed, oh look the same markings on this tree as the one before. I grow restless after what felt like hours of walking. After thinking for a while, I decide to rest till it gets lighter out. I begin to get down on the ground when I hear a rustling of leaves, this time much closer. Fear took over my body and I couldn’t move. Only after I hear it begin moving closer to me do I begin to run.

I don’t know who or what it was but all I knew is that I need to get out of these god forsaken woods. I sprint every way, left then right, forward and going back, every direction I hear it getting closer. I lay down, tears coming to my eyes as I accept defeat and await what this is to happen to me. suddenly it all goes black, everything disappears and all sound is gone. I jolt up from my bed, it was all a dream. A sigh of relief escapes my lips as I walk outside to get some air. I open the door to see pitch black woods and suddenly from inside the house, I hear a rustling of leave. Turning around, the house I was just in was gone and was replaced with darkness of the night sky.I look down and see a flashlight, picking it up and shining it into the woods. I guess dreams do come true, although is this really a dream or how long have I really been gone?