School’s Out

This was my scariest and most messed up experience ever.

It was the last day of middle school for me and I was really looking forward for summer vacation knowing that I was going to New York City for a few days. The bell was going to ring very soon to dismiss us and I couldn’t think of anything else but to just dash to the bus and go home. I had a tough school year so I wanted to relax not paying attention to anything else that was going on so when the bell rang I ran straight to the bus. When I made it I realized that I left my books and cell phone on my desk in the classroom I was in. “Oh s**t, what a dumbass I am,” I said to myself. Now I had to worry about getting my stuff in the classroom. I went to the classroom to get my stuff but went slowly knowing that I had enough time to get back. Now I regret not going faster because by the time I got back the buses were gone and being the last day of school, there were no after school buses. The only option I had was to text my sister to pick me up since my parents were at work. I turned on my phone but then I remembered, the school had no service! Crap! It was too far for me to walk home so I went to main office to see if anybody there could help me. So I walked to the office and guess what, nobody was there. ‘Just my freakin luck,’ I thought to myself. So now I had to walk home but when I went to the front doors, they were locked. The gym entrance and exit locked. The back doors, locked! “Why does this have to happen to me,” I yelled out to myself. Then I started hearing footsteps coming towards me.

I started walking to the footsteps and yelled out, “Who’s there!” No answer. “Hello,” I called out. Still no answer. I gave up but just kept walking towards the footsteps. Then the other person’s footsteps stopped. Now I was able to see something. It was just a silhouette of a human or something that looked like it. Oh, did I mention that the lights were off, too! The only light that came in was the light from the sun so it was just dim inside. But this Thing just looked like a shadow. Now it was coming closer to me. Finally I got a better look at this “creature”, but I wish I hadn’t.

It was skinny, had long, stretched out arms, short and stubby legs, and was about 7′ tall. The scariest part of all was that he had no facial features whatsoever and was just a black figure. ‘What the hell am I looking at, this is no human,’ I thought to myself. My reaction was just to run away from this thing. I ran through the halls and went towards the stairs. I glanced back once to see the Thing chasing me and he was fast but far from me so I decided to hide in a locker, since we don’t have the locks anymore, when the Thing was out of sight.

In the locker I heard the Thing coming closer. “Come out, I know where you’re hiding,” it yelled out in such a deep, psychotic voice. ‘Wow, it can speak English,’ I thought to myself, sarcastically. Then I heard footsteps right outside the locker I was in.

I had to cover my mouth because I was breathing too loudly. My heart was pounding right out of my chest and I felt butterflies in my stomach. Then my heart skipped a beat because now the Thing was pounding on the locker door. Then it opened the door staring at me. All I could think to do was kick or push It out of my way. After a few seconds of this I punched the Thing right in its stomach and it backed off while moaning a very deep and creepy moan of pain. I took this as an opportunity to run into one of the classrooms.

In the classroom, the sun was shining brightly in my eyes through the window which gave me an idea. I opened the blinds and unlocked the windows. I was going to jump down two stories whether I liked it or not. Then I heard the doorknob of the classroom door start to turn. S**t, I forgot to lock the door! The door opened and It met my eyes, I didn’t move because of how scared I was. I only stepped out the window and shut it when the Thing started moving slowly toward me. Now time to jump. I jumped off the building on the grass safely with only a twisted ankle. Even though it hurt to run I ran away from the school and across the street. When I looked back all I can see in the window was nothing now.

I walked into a parking lot with service and called my sister to pick me up. When she was driving us home she asked me why I wasn’t on the bus and all I said was that I missed it to go look for my stuff that was in my classroom. Hey it was true and I didn’t tell about that whole creature part because she would think that I am crazy and wouldn’t believe me. When we got home I finally got to lay in bed and relax.

Now my ankle is healing and we will be going to New York City next week. I don’t have to worry about the Thing now because I will be going into the high school next school year. Finally! School’s out for me!

Author’s Note: Thanks for reading this creepypasta! This is my first ever one and I hope to make more soon. Hope you all enjoyed reading it!

  • Eyeless_Unicorn


  • Eyeless_Unicorn

    Good for your first one

  • Paige

    It wasn’t the best but it wasn’t bad either. 😉