Sonic.exe Origin

Author’s Note: This is a fanmade Creepypasta. Nothing official.

I’m just a normal boy, living with a lot of people with crazy powers, with many quite demonic. While everyone can teleport, send people to dimensions, and fly. I don’t know much, and I get bullied aloft for it.

One day I tried working on sending things to other dimensions, working for hours with no luck. After a while, I opened a portal to some random world. I’m in shock. I did that? I looked through the portal. On the other end was a plain of grass and flowers, waterfalls, and everything that can make a place peaceful. Then a blue hedgehog came along fighting some man in a mech. That man looked, and seemed evil. The hedgehog jumped at him and destroyed the mech. I was so stoked!

4 years have passed of watching the hedgehog named “Sonic”. And one day, things were… different. Eggman, the villain came to fight Sonic, but then Sonic started screaming at Eggman, as if he had enough of fighting him.

One year passed my father grounded me for not doing my work for my powers, making me pretty upset. I went back to my portal, and found a disc on the ground that was labeled “Sonic.exe” I threw the disc in the portal. Then out of no where. Everything went black.

I woke up to find I was in Green Hill! This was a dream come true! But where is Sonic? I looked around, found him- yelling at Tails? His best friend? Why? From watching them they were so close. My head was still ringing from the blackout.

An hour passed, I was trying to make a portal to get back home. My body was in pain, I could barely move. I made a portal that lead to a man’s room with a PC and Sonic posters. He knows Sonic too then. I picked up the disc, and threw it in the portal again, hoping that he can watch Sonic and the others too! I looked at my hand. Then realized that- (sigh) I thought I was dreaming. I wish I was. I was shape shifted into Sonic.

Wait, I have an Idea. It seems were ever that disc goes I go, so if that kid gives the disc to someone else, I can travel home, at least I hope. In the meantime, I’m gonna take Sonic’s place. Nothing personal, but if Tails, and Eggman are making him go crazy, I might as well test my “powers” on them. Hehehe…

[After the death of Tails]

“I’m sorry… Sorry I didn’t kill you sooner! My father was right. Killing has a zing to it! Ha ha!! Well, I might as well show them who the new god is…”

[Round 2]

Huh? I teleported to somewhere? I looks like Green Hill. I brought up my portal and saw a Sonic plush killing a random kid. It was gruesome! Then the Exe disc started burning to ashes. Is it over? No. It’s not. If Kyle didn’t wanna play.

I’ll keep looking…

  • 🐱 Tori Smith 🐶

    Love Your Story About Sonic.exe He’s My Favorite Creepypasta Character

  • Simon

    I literally have no idea what happened. Re-write this, please.

  • Edz