Don’t Listen

In my city, the weather was amazing, and people were out at the beaches. But then, a group of people pulling a prank on their best friend, Kyle Watts, sent him an audio file that was meant entirely to only creep him out. The file was named 45c3n510n.mp3

He was entirely freaked out, but the prank backfired. He wouldn’t talk to anybody. I was his roommate, and he would frequently tear wads of hair out, and other things that would make him look like a freak. By the 1st week, he was bald with chunks of skin torn off, he over all looked like an entirely new creature. I had to move out of out apartment, as the smell was getting worse and worse. He hadn’t said anything to anyone for a month, until he came out of the apartment. He was missing the entirety of his flesh, his muscles were obviously torn in specific areas, and his kidneys were nowhere to be found. He messaged one thing on all of his social media accounts. It was the audio file, 45c3n510n.mp3

I was sitting in my new apartment, when I looked out of the window, there was hair all over the pavement. Blood ran everywhere. Cars were crashed, and hundreds of bodies were on the ground. The audio file was spread to millions of different pages, with more and more people viewing them. Only a fourth of the people viewing the file survived, but they were always trying to look exactly like Kyle.

Flash to now. Everyone in my city is either dead or a monster. I’m the only one left here, I think. I deleted all of my accounts, except for this one. Every monster is playing the sound constantly at night. It’s not loud enough for me to hear it clearly enough, but it isn’t safe to roam the streets. If I ever leave, I will die, or worse, become one of them. I will starve to death here. If this message reaches any survivor, please, just don’t listen.

I have an update. I just left the house, and the monsters have left. They’re moving to other cities. If you hear them, just don’t listen. They seem to only cry the sound at night, so stay indoors. If you must be out at night, just run if any noise sounding like a demonic screech is near you.

It seems not all of them have left. I heard it. I will ascend. I will meet God himself. I just need to get rid of a few things as sacrifice. Listen to the sound. You will ascend. All of you.

  • Mirror Master

    The title is don’t listen when it should be don’t read! Just not a very good effort.