The Dark Web 2 Ch.6 The Magic Show

The duplications surrounding her go vacant, ahead of her an entrance opens forcing the cloaking darkness to retreat with a spill of light pouring in. Treading into the unknown, the opening pounds shut behind her. She grips her hand over her throbbing mudded stump and examines her next room. It was vast with ceilings stretching to the sky, an effluvial attack of sweat and vital fluids danced fervently. The floor created from insipid yellow tiles, the walls browning with moddled water stains. Front and center was a wooden stage with velvet curtains swaying together.

The lights croak as the curtains retreat to the sides. A stranger wearing a solid black cape and a opera style mask stands in the center, beneath him sits a woman adorned in a dazzling red jeweled one piece outfit. Her hands constrained together in rope connecting to her feet, wrapped securely to delay her circulation, her extremities glowed a purple tincture. Inside her mouth was a b******g with leather straps thrown around her head connecting to the back hidden inside of her messy blonde hair. Mascara tears flowed in warm jerks as her silent motion begged for mercy.

“Welcome to the magic show! I’ve never seen anyone make it this far, that is astounding love. You truly have potential, unfortunately your journey shall cease where you stand. I would’ve bet money for you to survive, but he’s paying me more to make sure I’m the last thing you see before your maker. So without further ado, let’s get the show started! You ever seen a rabbit out of the hat trick?” The man behind the mask yells. He speaks with confidence and certainty, a professional showman.

He places one gloved hand on the woman’s perspiring forehead and pulls it back while his unbound hand reaches into her mouth. Pushing down demanding to make vacancy up to almost his elbow, the arm slides in but not without ease. Her lower jaw splinters with a thrust of his forearm. Choking and gagging at the same time, the woman quivers with her blackened tears curving her cheeks. Slowly and purposely he pulls a handle out gripped into his now red glove, about eleven inches ease out as the woman begins to lose conscience.

“Oh what’s that? I seem to have snagged on something, let me fix that dear. Be a sport it’s all part of the act now.” He winks towards her and presses down on a trigger button underneath the base of the handle. The woman dashes her head back with repel as jagged edges swir out of her chest cavity in red clouds. He pulls it up inch by inch as the blades continue to grind through making their way up her chest and through her mouth leaving her upper half shredded. In his hands he holds a weed whacker with dull razors where trimmer lines would be.

“Ah the beauty of magic,” he says while sniffing the blades inhaling the luscious aroma of death and refreshing blood, “It’s amazing what you can accomplish with years of practice. I must say this was my favorite death so far, although I feel yours will be better. Shall we see?”

He squeezes the trigger and runs offstage leaping with the blades spiraling, in mid air he spins with his cape sheltering his body. Within a blink he dissapears. She braces for an impact but lowers her guard as he is nowhere in sight.

“Surprise!” A voice yells from behind.

The sharp edges burrow into her right cheek mowing away at layers of skin and tissue in one swift swing. The hit is hard enough to knock her backwards but also enough to remove part of her face including portions of her lip and slitting a divide into her eye. Karla falls backwards roaring in pain as the magician drops his tool and turns opening his cape at an angle. Reaching in her pulls out a assortment of piano strings and tosses it over her body, it cuddles like a cocoon in separated volumes. With a hard tug he draws blood from her belly, legs and arms. Her naval begins to fold over with the second tug as she struggles to fight the pain skull f*****g her brain.

Hurt abuses her body from many directions simultaneously, hope truly begins to vanish without hesitation. Twisting the wire around his fingers he pulls her body towards him, with her one eye left she sees a chance and while it would slam her like a brick full of regret, she throws her legs down causing the wires to tighten even more sawing into her calves and thighs. At the same time the wire confines around suddenly lopping off the magicians fingers.

Jets of red spiral out from his knubs, he screams while Karla rolls around trying to loosen the wire. As it comes free enough for her fingers to abide the strands she pushes down onto them pulling them off. The magician notices her and flips his cape in a circle disappearing into a blow of smoke. Karla raises to her swollen feet and staggers over picking up the weed whacker. Looking around the room she claims her weapon and waits.

The man appears from behind once more but this time she expects it. She drops down to her knees and swings backwards, blades whirring they slam into his stomach. Stuttering in a seizure like state he lets go of reality while his lower intestines spill out in front of Karla. The blades halt as they catch into his rib cage causing the motor to stop without permission. She holds onto the button for a bit longer before wedging it loose. He falls backwards with it stuck into his body. Karla feels blood and tears travel down her shuddering mouth, she had been broken and beaten but her daughter was worth it all. She would of traveled Dantes Inferno through and through to see her daughter once more, this would not stop her.


A latch clicks revealing a trap door on stage near the dead woman. Karla climbs the stage and heads down a dark hole into a murky basement. Turning around after reaching the last step she sees an isolated man strapped to a chair.

“Karla I’m so sorry, please forgive me for getting you in this!”

Karla stops and looks at the man and mutters, “Daddy?”

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    Yay It Is Out I Am So Glad This Came Out I Dont Even Have To Read It To Know It Will Be Good But Sadly After This Chapter The Story Will Be Over 🙁

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