Arbatian Mental Institution 2 Ch.7 Plans

Dinner time had once again arrived, Cole and Kelly had been released from E Wing and were allowed to join the rest of the bunch. Mark, upon seeing Kelly, crouched and hugged her tightly by instinct. Looking up he sees a large man standing behind her.

Before he can ask, the man says “Name’s Cole, and I understand you got plans, I want in.”

Across the dining area, Christian sits isolated to a bare table, his heavy hands resting on the surface clamped together. Trixie walks up to him throwing her tangled hair back as if purposely exposing her empty eye socket was to attract the opposite s*x. She pulls a chair without asking and says “My my, now you are a s**y as all get out. What’s your name baby?”

Christian grins widely “Well now, what’s a beauty like you doing in a facility such as this? To answer your question my fare lady, I am Christian. And whom do I have the pleasure of being graced with?”

Trixie smiles, her blistered lip curls crookedly “You think I’m beautiful?”

Christian leans in “Why, only a fool couldn’t see such lovely features.” He eyes her creamy skin up and down while licking his lips. He imagines what her insides taste like, and feels his heart pound.

She blushes and responds “My name is Trixie, hey, you wanna get out of here? Maybe some ‘dessert’ before dinner?”

Christian extends his calloused palm, it joins with hers as they walk by Marks table.

Mark pulls himself closer on the table while he whispers to Cole “So you want in huh? Well good cause we could use you, need some muscle. If things get bad, maybe you could do that trick of yours?”

Cole c***s his head “Isn’t a trick, it’s a curse. Happens on full moons if I don’t get my medicine.”

“Well that doesn’t help, but you’re big that comes in handy. So here’s the plan, dinner time is the usual about seven or eight, well I’ve been scoping this place out for a while. When dinner starts, Lenny spends his time with that staff Diane right? Leaving only one to two guards in here, the overweight one Paul has trouble moving at a fast pace. So we need a distraction, maybe Trixie can be persuaded. S****h the keys off a guard when they’re handling whatever it is, open the doors and run like hell. If any guards come, that’s where you come in. If we can make it to Cranston’s office we just gotta get through her and I’ll get my outfit. From there I got it and we’ll be smooth sailing.”

“So I risk my a*s for what? A chance? And what outfit are you talking about?”

Marks eyes glisten with delight “I’m a dark magician, in the office holds my cape and hat. I’m powerless without them, but in my hands, I can do nearly anything you can dream of. I was a traveling magician when I met a sorcerer after a show one night at some podunk carnival, he showed me true magic that couldn’t be done with smoke and mirrors. He asked me to do one task, for it I could have the hat and cape in return, limitless power my friend.”

Kelly speaks up at this point, staying silent the majority of the time, this story grabbed her attention “What was the task?”

Mark smiles and rubs his hand across her hair “It’s adult stuff, no need to worry your pretty little head.”

“If it’s limitless power like you say, how are you here?” Cole asks.

Mark sighs and stares onto the dirty table “F****d up to be honest. I had created my own one man show with my power, nothing was out of reach for me. That was my problem, I had become attracted to a particular lady that came to my shows, even if the towns were distant, she was there. I had grown attraction to her and thought she felt the same, so I invited her to a hotel one night. She showed up, and wasn’t alone, turns out she had a clue to my tricks and figured it had to be my attire, lucky guess. Figured she and her husband could use it for personal gain, her husband hit me with a crowbar after she walked in, I was caught off guard. He put on the hat and cape to see if it was real, but he couldn’t figure out how exactly to do so, he summoned a demonic rabbit by accident. It ripped his wife in two before swallowing her blood in deep gulps, simply by trying the rabbit out of the hat trick. He of course panicked and dropped the clothing before running off.”

“You’ve never told me this.” Kelly responds wide eyed.

“Didn’t want to scare you love, so anyways I grabbed onto the hat and managed to capture it, but of course police showed up after someone complained to the cops of a woman screaming. Cops came in guns blazing, I was thrown in here to rot, my suit kept in Mrs.Cranston’s office. Only reason I know that is cause Lenny slipped and told me one day. If it’s there, which I know it is, then I can get us out of here. All three of us.”

Cole rests his chin on his hands thinking deeply for a few minutes, finally he responds “Okay I’m in.”

“Alright good, hey since we’re telling stories you wanna share why you’re half dog half human?”

“I’m not half dog smart a*s, I’m a werewolf. And no I don’t wanna talk about it, only reason I’m talking to you is because of Kelly, she reminds me of someone I once knew. You, I don’t particularly favor.”

“Suit yourself, then it’s planned. We’ll figure a date, but has to be soon.”

“What the f**k! All guards to Wing E now!” A guards echo makes its way barely into the dining room.

Guards run from different directions to Wing E, at the end of the hall Trixie gargles her last words “” before choking on her last mutter. Christian giggles while holding her lifeless body, one hand fondling in her pants, his lips kissing an open wound on her throat as blood trickles onto his chapped lips.

Looking up at the guards standing with night sticks he chuckles “What? I wasn’t too fond of what you were serving, but she supplied a better meal.” He then tears into her left breast ripping off her n****e in one swift move. He rotates the tip of it in-between his teeth like a piece of candy after dropping her body, standing back he motions his hands as to mock the guards to come forward.

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