I’m sorry I’m not a great writer or a proofreader, so please bear with me.

So let me introduce myself. My name is Jordan but people call me Jordo, I’m 19. I live in an urban area so loud sounds and traffic are normal to me, I live by myself in a relatively medium-sized house, so there is really nobody that is here to help me when I am in distress. Except for the occasional unexpected friend visit.

Let me set the scene for you, Noontime. It was a nightfall and I have invited my friends over for blockbuster and chill, (It was 2011, so we didn’t give a s**t for Netflix at the time.) we tossed around jokes at the movie we were currently watching, and drank pretty much until we couldn’t take it anymore. We heard knock on our door so I went to check it, it was my friend, let us call him, Mike. He told us that we should play a board game that he brought, me thinking that he brought something haunted, (since he was a massive horror fan) decided to let him in. My two other friends, let’s call them Allan and Paul, were skeptical.

He sat down on the floor and began unzipping his bag. My jaw dropped down to the floor at what laid between me and a small cardboard box. It was an old-fashioned monopoly game, (I got you there didn’t I?) I was a fan of Monopoly since I was a little kid, but I never played the first version of the classic game. We set the pieces down and started playing.

We played for about a half hour and the sky started to get darker and darker by the minute and we called it off. Paul was defiantly drunk and started waving in a disturbing but amusing way, he stepped on Mikes’ bag and it made a big sound like ripping cardboard. “Hey, hey watch it!”, mike yelled. My ears started ringing at this point and calmly asked him to quiet down. He apologized and continued to tell us about his bag.

“It’s um… it’s an Ouija”, Mike said. At this point, i got a mild migraine and the stomach grew tight. He also asked us if we were up to play the game. Allan & Paul quickly agreed and I just played along.

So we set the game on the floor and I read the rules out loud. “Never play alone, Never mention God, Never use the board and act like it’s just a game, Never leave the planchette on the board if you are not using it, Never played in a cemetery, always say goodbye.” We all agreed and placed the planchette on the board, and slowly put both of our hands on the planchette. “Spirit? can.. can you hear us? Allan quivered. The planchette didn’t move.

“Spirit? can you hear us? Allan repeated?

“Spirit? can you hear us? please give us a sign.”

The planchette didn’t move.

“Well, this was a waste of our time.”, Paul snapped.

“Hey, give it some time”, I responded.

“Spirit, Spirit. Can you hear me?”, Allan repeated one last time.

Paul’s’ temptation quickly drove over him and he flipped the board over with fury.

“Where are you now? You f*****g scam!”, Paul Yelled.

“Well S**t, we’re dead.”, Mike whispered.

“That only works in clichés Mike, bro. Let’s just put it away and say goodbye to this.. thing”. My heart dropped thinking that something would unexpectedly happen right about now, but nothing happened. Just like that, the planchette smashed itself against the wall and slowly, slid down to the floor. “Paul?, I said. “Did. Did, you throw the planchette?”

“No.. I didn’t.”, He responded.

I crept slowly towards the possibly haunted piece of wood that has now broken a hole into my new, painted walls that I installed later that week. I dropped it into a container, quickly sealed it, put that container into another container and sealed it. I ran upstairs to turn on all the lights and got god candles to make us feel safe. I placed the candles in a circle and ran towards the double sealed container, slowly and patiently placed the wood on the board, lit the matches and quickly went back to our game of Ouija.

“Spirit?”, Allan whimpered. “Are you here?”. We forgot to place our hands on the planchette and the thing move by itself. Mike was pushed down by.. something. Which caused him to become unconscious. “Oh s**t, oh s**t.”, Paul cried. I grabbed the Ouija and the planchette grabbed one of the candles. Safely light both of them on fire and threw them in my backyard.

All of us, except for Mike ran to my Family van, turned on the radio, heat and just sat there. Up until 12:40 am, we decided to go inside and sleep it off. That is until we saw Mike playing with the board.

Holy. S**t. I wasn’t so scared in my life at this moment. I thought I burnt that s**t along with that planchette, I ripped that s**t off his hands like a sticker and threw that s**t into the street. I quickly grabbed my keys and started back and forth run over the board and planchette, over and over and over. We all went inside Allan’s’ sports car and darted all the way to the nearest hotel.

At this time Mike was beating Paul in a disturbing way, repeatedly yelling, “006 EMIT, 33 X 2 ETAD NAJ!”, “STARVING! STARVING!, I SPOKE WITH THE DEVIL!”. At this point, I was crying my a*s off, and Paul was just taking the blame, His face was almost on the brink of ripping off. 5 Minutes later Mike fell over almost like he died.

We darted straight towards our local hospital. All I remember that time on is the doctor saying, “Sir, he has been dead for 30 seconds, but he is now still alive. But in critical condition.

We advise you to leave and go home until further notice. also your other friend, he is also fine, his frontal lobe is okay.” instead of going home we went to the closest motel and stayed there for 3 days.

4 days after that we all split up and I went to my house, the Ouija and Planchette are long gone now but I’m still puzzled to this day what Mike said in that car. Mike is okay now, but we rather forget that night.

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  • MissMe123

    He told you a date and time. Read it backwards. Is there anything significant to it?

    Are your friends okay?

    • KillingTime69


  • Blakey

    Why didn’t you help Paul?

    • KillingTime69

      I was scared shitless

  • Thepurplefren

    Jan date 2×33, time 600. Man that’s heavy. I would love to help you figure out what it meanz

    • KillingTime69

      Thx bro

  • Griyas

    I can tell you’re new to writing, and it’s actually not bad, aside from one thing. You need to work on your punctuation urgently. Imagine yourself telling someone a story: that’s your goal. If I read this to one of my friends, I’d run out of breath. However, aside from this, the story isn’t bad. I’ve definitely read worse things online, and hell, even way worse things in the creepy pasta forum in general. (Yes, creepy pasta, not even crappy pastas.) But as I stated, it’s not bad. Continue with writing and try to watch out for that one thing I mentioned. Good luck and hope you continue to write and improve!

    • KillingTime69

      Woah. Worse writng than mine? Is that even possible? Anyways, thanks for the feedback, Im not an english major, im better at math. I will work on my puncuation.

    • Jordo (Killingtime69)

      Thanks, I recently got Grammarly and now working on grammar.

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    I’m sorry but that was HILARIOUS! I’m crying of laughter right now!! That story jumped so randomly from event to event that it removed any aspect at all from the story except humor. It was a raging storm of “Oh sh*t bro f*ck my man we’re gonna die broski!!” They charged away in a sports car!! The planchette crashed into a wall that you “installed later that week”!! That makes no sense at all lol. Not to be a jerk. I gave the story five stars. I’m still laughing my head off. Hahahahahaha! Crying my a*s off while driving as the other guy is screaming crap in the backseat and his friend is apologizing!!!!! It’s hilarious!! I’m still laughing. Crying of laughter. Thank you.