Honey, What’s in the Basement

“This is it!” I thought to myself as I pulled in to the Driveway. It had been three years since I met my boyfriend, Ryle, over the internet. I know, that’s cliché and dangerous, but I didn’t care about that crap. Besides, I loved him.
Well today is the first time I’ll actually get to meet him, and I’m moving in.

I turned off my old truck and got out of the car, shutting my door with a slam. I suppose he heard the door, because I heard frantic running footsteps. Then he opened the door and came out.

I could feel my eyes widen and my jaw slightly drop when I saw him. I always knew he was adorable as hell over video chat and his photos, but it was a whole new experience seeing the real thing. His dark brown, almost black hair shined in the late October evening, his curls were much more cuter in person. His dark busy eyebrows for him better than I expected, and his eyes. His eyes were a bright amber-brown color that seemed to glow themselves. The design and color seemed to perfectly fit the Autumn season. I couldn’t get my gaze off his eyes as he walked up to me.
He walked up and wrapped his arms around my waist and planted a kiss on my with his soft, dark pink, thick, mushy lips. I closes my eyes and I could literally feel the butterflies in my stomach flapping wildly. I almost didn’t want him to pull away.

“Hello love,” he greeted me with his soft, silk voice. He smiled slightly as he wrapped his arms around me. I was so happy I couldn’t help but to giggle.

“Hi baby,” I smiled and hugged him tightly. I was so happy to see him.

We talked for a little while, then he helped me carry in my stuff and we unpacked everything and put it in its place. Then he gave me a tour of the house. He showed me the living room first, then the kitchen, then he lead me to the bedroom. I hadn’t really paid attention when unpacking, so seeing the bedroom was liberating. He had a nice memory foam California king sized bed, an 18th century dresser with a 70 inch TV and Xbox 30 and about 50 games and now: two controllers.

There were two redwood night stands on each side of the bed, an old dresser by the bay window, and a Typewriter! I fell in love with it. Then he showed me the bathroom. Our house was wonderful.

It was getting dark out, but neither me not Ryle were tired. We stayed up until almost 3 A.M watching scary movies and eating popcorn and cuddling on the couch, with the occasional random make-out session.

I noticed a door at the end of the hallway.

“What’s that babe?” I asked quietly.

“Oh that?” he said with a shaky, hesitant voice, “that’s just the basement. No need to ever go down there.”

After that, I heard something weird, and I noticed Ryle was acting really weird.

“Honey, what’s in the basement?” he gave me no response for a while. Then he spoke, “just something gone wrong hun.”

Next thing I knew, I heard groaning and growling. Fear pecked at my throat. I was so curious. Ignoring Ryle’s warning, I went and opened the door. I felt a gust of cold hair hit my face as I stared down in the darkness. I felt I lost all control as I started walking down the stairs. I kept hearing the growling as I reached the bottom of the stairs. I flipped on the light.

What I saw, I almost couldn’t comprehend. It was this f****d up humanoid figure. It’s bitty was twisted and bent out of shape. It was completely imaciated besides the large hump on its throat. It had sharp knives for hands, its eyes were completely hollow, lifeless, voids of nothingness. It was hideous. The very sight of it caused me to throw up. Before I could react after that, I heard it speak.

“Throw her to me, Ry,” it grinned its hideous, deformed grin. I couldn’t even tell what the teeth were. Next thing I knew, I felt Ryle pick me up in his arms, in a position ready to throw.

The last moment of my life before I was thrown to my death, Ryle whispered in my ear:

“I told you, there was no reason to ever come down here, love.”

  • Konner

    Lovely dovy stuff. End my life.

  • Ashley Baucom

    It’s like the humanoid thing controls ryle. He probably would have never fed her to it, if the thing wouldn’t have seen her in the first place.

    • Sarah Remington

      Exactly! Ryle was just fine until she went down and saw the thing. Way to pick up on that

      • Ashley Baucom

        Thank you. It was a good story. I hope to see more from babydoll.

  • Rose Morrison

    The beginning really stretches the reader’s credulity, an internet boyfriend for 3 years, never met, moving in together today! Hmm! Moving on, the story is a good premise, but needs expanding with a little more detail to pull the reader in more, e.g.) what experiment? Why an experiment? Why does he do as the experiment instructs? Also, an edit would get rid of the mis-spellings. This could be so much better with tweaking. I look forward to more.