Tabitha – Part 9

Three Months Later


Darkness permeated the air as far as the eye could see with an oppressive weight. It dominated everything except for a small area of illumination. A bright sphere of light floated above two intruders to the darkness. Deep within the cavern, Tabitha walked with her hand held tightly in Buddy’s grasp. Occasionally, she would look down at the red lines that glowed from her forearm and point at the direction they must go. It was the third day within the caves, and it was slow going. Buddy was still weak and hadn’t fully recovered from his wounds. The demon’s injuries were severe, but his kind was resilient and healed quickly.

For any other traveler, the journey into the caverns would have been hard and nearly impossible, but for Tabitha, it was equivalent to a hike through the woods. Her ball of light shined brightly giving them light and warmth. She slept six inches high and over the cold, stone floor, as she levitated comfortably from above. Incantations of fertility produced an abundance of sweet and delicious berries and fruits for her and Buddy to share. And of course, she had Buddy, to keep her company and drive away the loneliness.

On the third day, they entered into a chasm with a great ravine where the ceiling of the cave could no longer be seen. The further they walked, the darkness was slowly replaced with a soft purple glow of light. Soon they stood before the three great Obelisks. Past the three towers, a crowd of women, young and old gathered to greet the duo. The group parted, allowing an elderly woman dressed in white garments to pass. She had a welcoming smile, and her arms were open wide, beaconing them to come forward.

With her hand still tightly held in Buddy’s grip, Tabitha looked up into the blackness and whispered,

“I did it, just like you asked. I love you, mommy.”

In the faraway places between the threads that weave the fabric of time, space, and reality the reverberation of change surged into existence. In those old celestial places where gods are born, and worlds are created, ancient gears fell into place, and keys turned, opening forgotten locks to lost places. Across infinite universes and within countless throne rooms, cries from every god could be heard. Within all pits of damnation and punishment, screams of terror escaped the lips of every king and queen of Hell. A new day had arrived. A day in which the daughters of the Mother would rise and retake their lost birthright. The rulers of Heaven and conquerors of Hell trembled in fear for their sight had been limited to only the here and now. In her wisdom and with a final act of revenge, the Mother only permitted them to see one single thing. One event predestined to come. One word of warning to reveal what approaches from the distance. A word, that was all they were permitted to see. A simple word to preoccupy their thoughts while the child of prophecy prepares.

The word on their lips was “War.”

  • Elizabeth Tomnitz

    So sad ithis is the end. Very well written. Loved it

  • Puddin Tane

    Well done! Maybe there are future endeavors for our little Tabitha? Maybe dust it off somewhere down the road? You did leave us with a big question mark after all.
    Anyway, good luck to You! May this be the first of many exciting stories to come.

  • Kirah Peyton

    Ok so I’m so excited. TABITHA HAS BUDDY BACK. I thought he was long gone but he wasn’t. When I read that I was so happy. I love him so much. That is a relief. I wanted to die when I heard that he was hurt. I love buddy so much. He is my favorite character. There has to be another Tabitha. She has to go on. 😍

  • Kate Marie Flynn

    This can’t be the end! we need to know more!

    • Jessica Dwyer

      Yes I agree

  • Willock Flame

    I was filled with thrill and excitement throughout the journey. I would classify this story with any Stephen king story and that’s saying a lot.

  • Desereé Lizbeth Smith

    Such an awesome and well versed way into another series?? Perhaps? I am so a fan of yours!!
    #1 Fan right here! LoL