They Imprint Among Us


25-year-old Holly Weston is tired of her stagnant life of school, and failed relationships. One night after to many drinks at a bar Holly finds herself in the path of a young Vampire who has developed an infatuation with her. Holly now has a choice to either return to her empty life, or follow him into the dark unknown of the Underworld forged from sin and blood, and where only the damned walk.



OK. Ugh. I don’t even know how to start these things. I’m no means a girly girl you know? I don’t do diaries! I just don’t. This is more of a confession though. This isn’t so much a diary. It’s just I have so much to say, and very little time to say it so…

I don’t even know where to start. Should I go with… To whom it may concern? No. No. That’s to formal. How about just….

If you are reading this then it’s probably to late!

I’ve done something incredibly stupid, and it’s over for me. Hold on! Let me stop you right there. Not something stupid as In… slit my wrist after downing a bottle of aspirin, and holding it under running water to prevent my blood from clotting stupid. Not that kind of stupid!

My god no! I’m to scared to kill myself. Jesus! More like I took things way to far. I got caught up in the high, and a lot of people got hurt kind of stupid. Well not hurt. Dead! I mean dead. A lot of people died, and now I’m screwed. They are coming for me.

Yup! You read that right. Coming for me. The police I mean. I can’t exactly tell them the truth either. Well… I could but they wouldn’t believe me. You wont believe me either. But I’m going to try. Just hear me out okay? I’m not a killer! I swear! But it was my fault. I let it happen because he made me feel… I don’t know… Like a goddess. Special. He just had that way about him.

If you were in my shoes you might have done the same thing. I want you to sit back. Cut all the lights off. Clear you’re mind, and read this. I mean really read this, not skim through it like an old magazine on the back of the toilet because you forgot your phone while taking a crap kind of read.

No I want you to try to understand what it was like to be me. To have what I had, and ask yourself at the end of this mess….

What would I do with my own pet vampire?

Yup! You read that right. Vampire

Need a minute to let that sink in? Go ahead I’ll wait. Reread it if you have to. Yes vampire. You know, blood sucking undead beings from beyond the grave. I know what you’re thinking. Your thinking…

Well wait a minute Holly vampires don’t exist!!! Yeah I thought the same thing. Until last April I was just an average girl being taken advantage of by every guy I ever dated, and every boss, friend, family member, you name it.

I practically didn’t exist. I was just another small town 25-year-old female trying to make it in a nasty cut throat world where looks get you farther than brains. My dad’s dead. My mom may as well be. She’s doped up on pain pills to even remember my birthday, and my brother is in jail. Don’t as why… It gives me a headache to think about it.

I was nobody. Nobody cared. Until that night last spring. It was late, I had just bombed my first Trigonometry exam. I was out at a bar having a few martini’s to wash away the taste of failure with some boy from class who only wanted to get in my pants. Total bore fest he was. I was on my fourth when I decided to leave before I did something stupid like take him back to my dorm. Ugh… Gross..

So I politely left and called an Uber. I was standing in front of an ally when I saw him for the first time. I was just tender swiping away all the fugly guys when I heard a noise in the ally. I turned around and there he was just looking at me. He looked so vulnerable. He was looking at me like someone looking at mt Everest for the first time.

Now…. Me being 5 foot 5, brown hair, blue eyes, tight, and athletic I’m used to be looked at. But most guys see through me with hungry eyes. They don’t care about me. They care about what color my underwear are.

Not him though. He was looking at me… Like really looking at me. He looked amazed. His eyes were both soft, and mysterious at the same time. Something was off about him. He didn’t look like anyone I’d ever seen. He was shorter than me, average build, and attractive. He was young

He had short black hair. His eyes were dark. I couldn’t even see his pupils at all. Just black pools of darkness. His skin was pale, and his clothes were tailored and the make was by no fashion designer I’d ever seen.

I have no idea why I walked down that ally to meet him. He didn’t speak a word. I just felt lured almost. Call it curiosity if you will. A thousand looks I’ve ignored over the years but when I met his gaze something told me to talk to him.

So I did. My Uber pulled up as I turned around and honked his horn and I just brushed him off. He pulled away squeeling his tires. Clearly mad, and I didn’t care.

So there I was…. Standing there alone. No way to get home in the dark looking at a complete stranger.

Yup. This was the night I met Aidan. A blood sucking vampire.

Ch 1- His Name Was Aidan. (coming soon)

  • Fiver

    The story sounds more like a twisted love story or love gone wrong than a creepypasta. The tone is also very unfitting, it feels, for the situation she is in. I have no clue how it will turn out, but with what you have so far the piece seems too revealing and calm/sound minded to really be scary. The writing is decent for a journal based story though, better than quite a few but still a bit boring as journals often take away a lot of detail and allow for senseless rambling that mostly waste space. Had you shortened the prologue or wrote it in away that left the reader curious the piece may turn out better, but so much is given within this one section that it takes away some of the enjoyment from reading.

    • Konner

      She should get Wattpad

  • ShYgUy

    It’s third person. That was only the introduction which will play into the story later.

    This is no love story. It’s play on power. Not love. This is no Twilight. XD

    • Fiver

      I’m only commenting on what I have been able to read so far.

  • Konner

    I don’t know. I liked how you used voice but… You took it too far. Your bad spelling and grammar is just unacceptable. It is just so simple! When you should of put “too” you put “to”. And “ally” means friend or somebody on your side. I think you were looking for “alley”. I don’t know about the story. It was very much a cliche and I didn’t care for it. That’s my opinion though. On your writing I give you 3 stars. On the story it self I give 2 stars.

  • Rose Morrison

    I liked the premise, but agee with Konner, spelling and grammar lets it down so badly. Please, edit!