Diamond Blade

Oh, Hi!

My name is Kayla. I am currently hiding from place to place because I don’t wish for “her” to find me. We were both in high school but she barely had any friends. In my opinion she had the worst bullies that anyone could have. You know those people who try to be you friends but really making your life a living hell? Yeah those friends.

One night my parents went out on “business trip” this week, but in reality going on vacation without me. But it was cool though. I lived alone since I turned 16. I invited some of my friends over and have a party. I mean who wouldn’t.

When my friends get here I saw them bringing along the girl from my class. I never really got her name.

“Hey… Umm… Mike. Can you come help me put up the drinks?” I asked.

“Huh… Yeah sure,” Mike said. I walked with him to the kitchen.

“Ok man, what the hell?” I asked with anger dripping from my voice. “Why is that girl here?” I continued to question.

“Haha chill out. We brought her here to have some fun with her that’s all,” he said to me.

“Whatever,” I sighed.

Later on, we were having fun, but I couldn’t shake off the creepy feeling I got with her in the room or even in my house at that. I noticed that we were running low on drinks, so I decided to go out and get some more.

“Alright guys, I’m going to the store. Don’t trash the place while I’m gone.” I called out to my friends. My friends replied with, “Cool” or “Okay.”

When I got home, I saw my friends beating up that girl from our class.

“What the hell guys?!” I yelled. The girl was coughing up blood and she was on the floor, but she didn’t try to fight back. I wondered why.

But the thing that was odd was that she was laughing, she was laughing at them while they were beating her up. The way she laughed, the way she looked at us. It sent shivers down my spine.

“Hey, Kayla. we were just having fun,” Janna said.

“Hey… umm…?”

“Diamond,” she said in a low and kind of raspy from the beating and laughing.


“Diamond, just call me Diamond,” she told me.

“Well Diamond, get yourself cleaned up. Oh, and you can sleep on the couch.”

Later that night, I heard a few of my friends screaming. I wanted to run out the room as fast as can, but I was frozen by fear and I didn’t want it to be a ” cliche” horror movie scene. I was startled when I heard a low but audible knock.

“Who is it?” I whispered.

“It’s Jonathan and Isabel,” they said in a panic voice. I gathered the courage to let them in.

“Where’s Mike and Jana?” I asked.

“She killed them,” Isabel said between sobs.

“Who?” I asked.

“The girl, Diamond.” Then, I heard laughter. It was Diamond’s laugh.

” Kayla~…. Isabel~… Jonathan,” she sang our names. “Come out of hiding. I was just playing a little game, but Mike and Jana ‘needed some sleep’,” her voice grew closer to the door.

It was eerily silent for a moment before she bust down the door. I managed to hide underneath the bed. I watched as she dragged a katana, which is a long Japanese sword, on the floor that was covered in blood. With one clean move, she cut off their heads. I prevented myself from screaming by covering my mouth with my hands. I watched Jonathan’s and Isabel’s heads fall to the floor. I was trying so hard not to shiver in fear as I saw my friends lifeless eyes looked at me. Their blood flowing from their heads and lifeless bodies flowing to my arm.

“Oh, Kayla~, I know you’re in here but I’ll let you live… for now,” she said sinisterly. Thankfully in the distance I heard sirens from police cars.

Now, I live a lot closer to a police station and in a busy city. But I still keep a low profile, never knowing when she will come after me. She was now being broadcast all over the news and she now goes by the name Diamond Blade.

  • Tristan Seaburg-Sweat

    Please proof read, this story can be taken to so many different levels.