This story is based on real life incidents taking place in the family of Murrays. Credits go to Reddit and Wikipedia for providing the information.

Maura Murray disappeared the evening of February 9, 2004, after crashing her car on Route 112 in Haverhill, New Hampshire.Her car was found smashed into the tree but no body was found by the investigators near the crash site.

Maura Murray,was a nursing student at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.On the day of her disappearance, she had left her campus early that afternoon after packing her car and emailing her professors and work supervisors that she was taking a week off due to a family emergency. Later,on asking her family about this,they said that no family emergency actually existed. Due to her preparations and the lack of evidence of foul play, police investigators initially suggested that she may have wanted to disappear and treated her case as a missing persons investigation, but her family and friends have maintained that she was abducted.
Many people have various theories about this case. Some say that she may got into the crash and wandered off for help into some sicko’s house or some suggest that she may be involved in a hit and run case.
Murray’s father maintains that Maura Murray was abducted, and he has not given up his search for his daughter, whether dead or alive.
Exactly 1 month later, another girl name Brainna Maitland was reportedly found missing. Brianna,too was envolved in a car accident and was gone missing. Moreover, her car crashed approximately 100 miles away from Murray’s car.


On february 8th, 2012, a video was uploaded on youtube named “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY”, just before the anniversary of Maura Murray’s disappearance by user ‘Mr112dirtbag’.
The video consisted of a man continuously laughing throughout the video.
What got it so much attention was the fact that 112 was the route where Maura was found missing.Furthermore, Maura’s father said that she might have been kidnapped by “some dirtbags”. What purpose this video serves to the case is unknown. Decide for yourself.
Very soon this video went viral and became the topic of discussion for several news channels. The video was online for just a few hours before it was deleted by the user itself. Luckily, someone was able to save a copy of it which is still present in YouTube till date.
The username led investigators to believe that this man might be Murray’s killer. However, after interviewing him, they could not connect him to Murray’s case. It’s still not known what the man was thinking while filming this video.

To this day, Maura’s disappearance is unresolved, and her body has never been found.
But one question still haunts everyone.
Is Maura Murray dead or alive?

Writers note : Though the ‘Happy Anniversary’ video is taken down by Mr112dirtbag, its still present in YouTube by some other users. You can check it out by simply searching “112dirtbag video” and the video will pop up but i don’t know if you really are interested in watching it because it’s really disturbing.

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    Good try but not very exciting. Spelling and grammar needs work as well.

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  • Chelsey St Pierre

    I live in the area and that dirtbag guy was just looking for attention (definitely a sick dude) but he was never even really considered a suspect and quickly ruled out. It was winter and she hit a SNOWBANK! Not a tree.. She was also found drunk outside her car by a man who offered to call 911 when he got home (cells dont work in the mountains) and she nervously said she used her CELL and called AAA. The manner she left school was as if she was running from someone but that’s just MY opinion. Do research before speaking about a case.