Dreamcode 49302, Lines

I was sitting at a friend’s house with some drinks and snacks. We were just together for some talks and overall just hanging out.

I looked on my phone and could see it was still early in the evening. It was 13 minutes past 9. It was weekend however, so it didn’t matter that much. I scrolled on my phone some more, just out of slight boredom, when my phone suddenly shut down.

“Hey, hey,” I said to my phone. I tapped it a few times on the screen with my fingers but nothing happened. I pushed the button on the right side on my phone, which normally would turn it on and off. But everytime I pressed the button, my screen lit up just ever so slightly and then shut off again with some random lines appearing in the screen.

I pressed the power button again. In the meantime my 3 other friends gathered around me to see if it might work. And again it shut down with some random lines. I took the back of my phone and took out the battery pack. Then I put it back in and shut the back.

I looked at my screen and something caught my eye. The lines that I saw before were just slightly visible on the black screen as I turned it slightly. Then i pressed the on button again. A quick slight static appeared and it quickly disappeared again. The lines also reappeared. But this time a face appeared as big as my screen. It opened its mouth in an unnatural way and started screaming so highly pitched, my ear drums started to hurt.

My friends around me were looking at me with massive eyes. I was glued to the screen of my phone in terror. I was unable to move and it felt as if I was paralyzed. All I could do was look at my screen while this face was hurting my eardrums with that scream. I felt my hands grip the phone tighter then before and I was very tense. My finger kept on pressing the power button in the hope that the phone would turn off.

My friends saw that I was in some kind of shock and slapped the phone out of my hands. He ripped the back off and took out the batteries. The lines were still visible inside my head and I fell sideways on the ground. My eyes started to spin and move quickly from left to right. My mind was hearing the scream and seeing that god awful face.

My friend looked at my phone and turned it around. There was nothing wrong with it anymore.

The next couple of days I could feel my head throbbing with every movement that I made. I figured there was something wrong. So I asked a friend who was staying over to call my doctor. He made an appointment for the next morning. I had to endure this headache for only one more night.

After another restless night, dawn finally arrived and soon we were on our way to the doctor. When we arrive we waited for the doctor to call my name and walked to the designated room. After a couple of small tests with no results the doctor said he would like to take some pictures of my skull. I agreed and let him do his thing.

The doctor said they were testing some new kind of technology. An invention that was able to make photo’s of the brain and mind in one. He placed some kind of hairnet on my head and put some white sheets around me. In front of me he placed, what I presumed was the camera. I heard some beeps and the doctor said he was done. He told me to hold on while he was getting the photos.

When he returned, the expression on his face changed. He handed over the photo and I looked at it. I saw a small ball shaped thing on the left side of my skull. I looked back up to ask the doctor what it was. I looked at his face, but it changed into the face from my phone. My head was throbbing again. And my heart was pounding in terror.

The face that used to be the doctors face started opening its mouth and started screaming at me. An extremely high-pitched scream that made my eardrums bleed. The face was jerking around while I was just sitting in the chair, petrified and scared for my life.

My skin started to itch and got worse and worse. I had to scratch it because it was not going away. I kept scratching while the thing was screaming at me. I felt little and so extremely scared.

3 years later, so now, I have been sent to an asylum for people with brain damage. I am aware of everything that happens around me. But the constant screaming is making my face itches so much and so often that I even scratch open my oldest scars. But the worst of it all are the lines. I see random lines everywhere. And where I see lines, I see the screaming face, screaming at me, constantly, all the time. I wish I would just wake up.

Storybuss (Michael Kraus)

  • Puddin Tane

    Needs major work. You were in too much of a hurry. If you read this to yourself, aloud and slowly, you might pick up on the errors.

  • Jed

    1/5 Weak premise with a weak ending.