The Last Laugh

Friday February 24 at 9:35

I am a 23-year-old female who doesn’t really know what I was doing with my life after college. So I was walking home from my job at 7/11. Most street lights had broken and the chance of someone fixing them are were slim to none. so, I managed to find my way through the dim light.

My apartment was a couple blocks away when I heard a chuckle down the alleyway next to me. At first I thought it was my imagination but, when I looked down the alley a tall figure was standing against a wall.

With this city’s crime rate I quickly walked on. When I was about a block away from safety I heard that laugh again. Whipping around I saw no one. After standing in silence for a few minutes and started running to close the gap in-between me and home.

I ran inside slammed the door, turned the lock and put up the chain. With a sigh of relief I went into the kitchen to grab something to eat. I threw in a frozen steak dinner into the microwave. Staring at the microwave, I rubbed my arms, “Why am I cold?” I asked no one. Looking around I saw the window open. Whoops I must have accidentally left it open last night. After shutting the window the microwave dinged.

I sat down on my couch with the steak dinner in hand watching the news. My eyelids started to droop and I heard that goofy laugh again. My eyes shot open and I examined my whole dim-lit room. Seeing nothing I jumped up and searched the wall for a light switch, it took me a minute but I flipped on the light.

There he was standing in the corner of my living room. He was tall with a dog’s snout and two long floppy ears. He wore an orange shirt with a skinny black vest, navy blue pants, and a tall green hat with a single black stripe; All was splattered with what looked like blood. His previously white gloves, now plastered red, held a butcher knife.

Frozen in fear we stared at each other for a few second. But then he took a step with his over-sized shoes towards me. I ran for the door to my bedroom trying to scream but nothing came out. I managed to close the door behind me and grab a chair as that thing slammed against the door.

I grabbed my phone to dial 911 while the thing kept slamming and stabbing the door laughing his ridiculous laugh. “Heyuk here I come,” he shouted in-between laughs.

Finally someone picked up. “Hello? Please help there is a murderer at my house!” I gave her my address and he… No the thing busted through the door. I was hiding under the bed in silence.

Waiting for his next move, I just knew that I was close to death. I layed completely still, trying to slow my breathing. I saw those big cartoon shoes walk to my closet and slam the doors open.

“HYUK WERE’D YOU RUN OFF TOO,” and proceeded to walk around my room laughing like a crazy. Suddenly he stopped, shoes pointed towards the bed

He crept towards the bed and lowered his head down to the ground and in a quiet voice he said, “Ah there you are.”

I screamed as loud I could muster. He then grabbed the end of the bed while still hanging onto the butcher knife and started to slowly pull up.

Blue lights shined in my window and siren’s went off. The monster looked at the window in concern then dropped the bed and was already slamming the door behind him. The police found me still screaming under my bed and I shortly blacked out alas oxygen deprivation.

I woke up in the hospital with an older man dressed in black with dark-horned times glasses holding a clipboard.

“Hello Mrs….”

Realizing I needed to finish that sentence I replied “Elise. Elise V. Taylor”

“Hello Mrs. Taylor I am a counselor to help with your situation and what happened last night.”

I sat dazed at him and after I processed what he said I told him the story. All while I was talking he gave strange looks when I described the monster.

“Mrs. Taylor… can I call you Elise?”

I nodded.

“Well Elise our officers didn’t see anyone but you at that house.”

What? “He ran off when he heard the police here.”

“But Elise, there were no signs of the house being broken into or out of.”

“He used the windows! I almost get killed and then I’m called crazy? What is going on!”

“ELISE , calm down what I think happened is that the stress from your Job is getting to you and your life is …How should I put this…. Not entertaining, so you destroy your house and called police saying you had Goofy try to murder you”


“Mrs. Taylor I going to have to ask you to calm down.”

“NO I CAN’T…” but security busted in, dragged me outside and threw me into a padded car.

And now I’m here in braywood asylum where I tell my story to anyone who cares to lend an ear. You believe me right? I’m not crazy. They’re the ones that are insane. HE REALLY TRIED TO KILL ME. I… I’m sorry, I get flustered easily. You want to know something, late at night when I’m laying in bed thinking to my self. I hear a quiet cheerful goofy laughter right outside my cell doors. Pfft and they called ME “crazy”.

  • Avi

    sounds like one of my days (._.)

  • Brandon Barrett

    What did I just read

    • Kgato Papi Mookodi


  • Kayla

    This is four minutes of my life I’m never getting back.