Demon Fairies

Have you ever wondered if, underneath all the costumes, the wearer is actually human… Or something trying to fit in?

On October 31st, Halloween, me and my sister Molly were getting ready to go trick or treating when we were interrupted by other kids going trick or treating. Our mum got the door and told us to continue getting ready. Me and my sister were going as well-known creepypastas – I was going as Jeff the Killer and Molly was going as Nina the Killer. When we were done, we grabbed our buckets, said goodbye to our parents then exited the decorated house.

The night was very chilly and the wind howled loudly, lucky me and Molly had our bloodstained hoodies on. Full of excitement, we skipped to our neighbour’s house and ringed the doorbell. Miss Salamander, opened the door and gave us a choice of different sweets. Then we continued on throughout numerous neighbourhoods.

At eleven o’clock me and Molly became tired and went to one more house before returning home. This house had all the lights off, the house was made of wood and there was a woman in a costume sitting on the stairs in front of this creepy house.

We backed off from the house, until the woman looked up at us, and grinned. We smiled back along with our already huge smiles and walked away. On the way home we pretend to kill each other with our knives, until we both got tapped on the shoulder. It was the same woman who was sitting on the steps. This was creepy.

The ice-cold winds stabbed our faces as we stood there is shock. We calmly asked what she wanted and all she did was mumble inaudibly. We asked her to speak up and she let out a deafening screech. No one came from their house, it was like no one heard it. She looked at us. My god, her face… It was not human. Nobody could look like that. Her face was disoriented, her eyes were stitched up and she had tendrils wiggling from her mouth, she had no nose just little smiles all over her face. Scared stiff, me and Molly stood there, our bodies shaking violently against the freezing winds. Her tendrils then headed towards us.

Tears now falling down my face, cleaning off my makeup, the tentacles grabbed Molly and began to make my sisters face look exactly like hers. I could not help myself. I pulls the plastic covering of my “fake knife” and ran towards the creature with full force. I could not believe what I did. I stabbed something. I was covered in real blood. My sister’s limp body fell to the floor and the creature disintegrated.

The moonlight highlighted Molly’s face, it was seriously messed up but it still looked like the sister I had grown up with and had so many good times with. I grabbed her by the arm and helped her home. She was semi conscious so I think she would live.

As I banged on the door my mum opened it and screamed. She called 999 and in two minutes they came and took my sibling away.

She died. The hospital said she would live but overnight she died from heart failure. But when I saw her she did not die from heart failure… why was there tendrils seeping out of her gut?

  • Bonnie Manz

    Your needs a lot of work.