I’m Gonna Cry

My daughter came to me the other day asking for some knockoff Facebook ad baby doll that has an ugly crying face and all it says is “I wanna cry” when you pull the string. I wasn’t going to buy this thing for her but my husband can never say no to her so he ordered this stupid doll…

While we waited the 14 days shipping for this doll you’d think my daughter had actually adopted a baby overseas: buying a new crib, clothes, diapers, bottles, etc. When it arrived the box was in pretty rough shape, like they played soccer in the snow with it. We brought the box inside and found that the doll was completely unscathed. The only anomaly was that the doll didn’t come in any original box, but inside the box had this doll that was wrapped in a plastic bag with a card that said “thanks” and some Chinese writing. My daughter was over the moon with this toy even naming her Spinel from her favorite cartoon. This baby was treated better than anyone in the house! Even her other toys got shoved aside for Spinel the creepy cry baby doll…

A few weeks have passed and my daughter is still only fascinated by Spinel. My husband left with his band for a week to go play a couple shows out of state so we are all by ourselves now. I was on the computer playing a game while my daughter plays beside me. She pulls the dolls string and it sputters out, “I’m gonna die…”

WAIT A MINUTE!! WHAT WAS THAT??? I asked my daughter what the doll says and of course she hears, “I’m gonna cry…” but I sworn that my children’s doll said it wants to die in a very low almost different voice… I convinced myself that is just the voice box going out since she has played with it so much or I hearing things. I decide it’s time for bathtime and bedtime. My daughter proceeds to her nightly routine of changing Spinel and putting her to bed while I gather her things and draw her bath.

Once in the tub I ask my daughter why she won’t play with any of her other toys out of plain curiosity. She said Spinel will get jealous. I just smiled and asked her if she tried bringing another toy to play with them (trying to use some kid logic here) and she said she has tried but Spinel just cries and cries. My daughter even started that Spinel doesn’t like mommy or daddy either and just wants my daughter all to herself…

Now, I know what you are thinking that this is crazy but she just watched the new Steven Universe Movie and this is how the character Spinel acts if you’ve never seen it. I figured since she named the doll Spinel that its fitting she gets her personality.

As my daughter is coming out of the tub I ask her why don’t we get some ice cream the next day just us and she agrees.

“I’m gonna die…”

It came from outside the bathroom door…

I freeze and turned to my daughter who looks horrified and whispered, “She heard us.”

  • Richard Morgan

    This is enjoyable, but it ended too soon.

    ~ Wentz Hesselman