You Don’t Need a Mask to Show Me You (Masky x Reader)

Readers POV

I was in my room on my phone on, with an app where you can buy different things that are cheap. I found a cute little dress that had red and purple rose’s on it. I thought to myself, “Will my little cousin like this dress for her birthday?” I sigh thinking of things I can buy for my cousin she’s turning 4 this year on May, 20th.

I froze when I heard a knock on my door. My mom and dad, aunt and uncle, left for work. “Are they back already?” I thought. “Heh I might just be hearing things,” I said to myself. I quickly went back to what I was doing. Then I got a text from my mom saying that her and dad and my aunt and uncle won’t be back for a week or two. I sighed frustrated. I’m home alone. I hate being home alone but I have to, until my mom and the rest of the family gets back. I sighed again…

I found a couple of cute dresses that I think my cousin will like. I can’t believe she turns 4 this year.

Well I get paid this Friday. Even though I still have to go to high school. Working and going to high school, it’s hard but it’s worth it. I mostly help around on the house. My aunt and uncle, my mom and my dad went to go somewhere for their job they all work at the same job.

When I got up from my bed, I heard a knock on my door. This time the knock was louder. Right now I was freaking out. If my mom, dad, aunt, and uncle aren’t at home, who the f**k is at the door? I started shaking really badly. I have been hearing random noises like tapping, footsteps from the attic, doors slamming shut, whispering, someone calling my name and I have been seeing a lot of shadows. I have these random nose bleeds, painful headaches.

I quickly brought myself together. I yelled trying not to sound afraid, “Who’s here?” I asked. The knocking on the door stopped. I didn’t hear no footsteps no tapping no knocking. All I heard was silence. Nothing but quietness.

“I guess I’m just hearing things,” I say to myself. I went to my bed and laid down. I turned on my phone and I put my password in. I went back to looking things for my cousin Bella for her birthday. I started feeling tired but I kept looking for things on wish. I quickly fell asleep not noticing, I fell asleep.

  • Abomination

    Ohh boy….. Needs work but stick with it keep trying.

  • IronMosquito

    While this may be somewhat well written, it doesn’t belong here. It’s fanfiction. You should probably put it somewhere like Wattpad. Not saying that your writing is terrible, it’s not great, but a character x reader isn’t creepy at all and should be on a different website.