I can barely type this. Today is November 1st. Halloween was terrifying. Let me begin.

I’m Johnathan and I was going as Squirtle from Pokemon. I was at the last house. “Trick or Treat,” I said, receiving a King Size bag of skittles.

I was walking home and a shadow jumps out. The street light flickers. Assuming it was one of the rogue cats, I continued going home.

Then a homeless appears on the street. He was whispering something weird, like “get home now” or something like that. I left a five and the skittles for him.

And then I saw him. A young boy dressed as Jason. He spoke of being lost, so being a nice guy I offered to take him home. He accepted with a small chuckle and said, “I live in the woods.” We walked into the woods for an hour. I looked at my watch to see it was eleven.

“Here,” he said softly. I shrugged and turned back to see home there too. A dark liquid was coming out of his mask’s eye sockets. My heart started to race when I saw four long tentacles come out of his Slender T-shirt.

I realized, that he was what the old man was warning me about. I took off sprinting towards the exit. The turns were to mix me up. Being desperately lost, I jumped on a large rock then climbing a tree. I checked my watch. It was past three. He used his tentacles to climb the tree to chase me. “What do you want?” I asked desperately.

“I’m the spirit of All Hallows Eve. You will be killed unless you bow down to me.” I was terrified. I need from the tree landing my foot on a sharp rock. No time to stop, I thought. He stopped using his legs and ran like Doctor Octopus from Spider-Man.

The sun was rising in the east, towards my small home. The rustles being me slowed to a stop. Good thing my parents thought I was at my friends Halloween party. I found my bike and my candy eight were I left it, and pedaled home. I just got home from the hospital, because of my leg. They said it was broken. That I would need to wear a cast.

It’s in August right now. I started going outside to look in the woods. A shadow in the shape of a boy would run past and my leg would start to hurt. Many reports were filed over children going in the woods and never coming out. On Halloween, I’m staying inside.

Happy Halloween.

  • Johnathan Basham

    I wrote this. Thanks for the ratings
    I appreciate it. More in the future. I promise

    • Josh

      Happy Halloween 😀

  • PurplexiaSphinx

    Who- who follows the creepy kid into the woods? Horror 101, stay dafuq out of the woods. Nothing good comes from going into the forest.