Little Finger

It’s not a sleepover Mom, sleepovers are for girls”. Adam said rolling his eyes at his mother before sitting and crossing his legs in between his two best friends. He was an average ten year old, with brown hair and brown eyes, always boasting because he’s a little taller than his friends and always sarcastic, a trait his Mother;Barbara, claimed he got from his Father.

“So what is it called then?” she said folding her arms, a little smile spread across her face as she watches her son think for a minute, then he simply said. “It’s a spookover”. He looked content with his answer. “And what exactly is a spookover?” Barbara asked as she handed the three boys some snacks and drinks. “It’s where guys get together and talk about spooky stuff all night and watch horror movies” Lane answered, spitting a bit of his chocolate bar out as he spoke. Lane was the shorted of the boys with black hair and dark skin but he was also the most intelligent.

“Oh I see, as long as the Movies aren’t too violent I’ll allow it, just for tonight but don’t tell your Father. Oh and Lane honey, that’s why you don’t talk with your mouth full”. Adam and Riley both let out a small chuckle at Lane as he sheepishly picked up the peices of chocolate he spat out.

Riley was the shy one of the group, with fair hair and blue eyes. He loved a good scare, in fact, all of the boys were rather brave for their age, always reading scary stories and watching horror movies secretly whilst their parents were sleeping.

They decided to watch Battle Royale even though Riley claimed he hated Movies with subtitles. After they were all glued to the TV screen. The boys watched it start to finish without making a sound and when it was over, Lane spoke first.

“That was a lot better than I thought it would be, pretty cool actually”. “It was okay I guess, ah man, my butts gone numb”. Adam said as he rose from his current position making them all laugh. “Shhhh guys you’ll wake my parents” Adam put a finger to his lips and shook his head, before turning around and fumbling around in his wardrobe.

Riley got onto his knees and started to crawl over to Adam curiously. “What are you lookin’ for?”. “This” Adam replied quickly as he held up a thin book with the title, Little Finger, written on it. He then sat down and gestured the boys to sit next to him. “I found this in the Attic last week, I was saving it for tonight, I only read the first page but it says it’s a creepy game to play with friends, wanna’ try?” Riley and Lane nodded simultaneously, exited by the idea.

“Okay, here we go”.

*The Little Finger*

This is a story of a dream, in the dream you are standing next to a riverbank, a thick fog hangs over everything.

You see an old woman crouching near a gate, desperately looking for something in the tall grass.

“What are you looking for?” You will ask.

“My little finger” she will reply, holding up her left hand to reveal her little finger has been severed from it.

“Can you help me look for it” she will ask but you must reply yes.

-“What if we say no?”. Interrupted Riley but the Lane and Adam simply replied with “shhh” sound.

Adam continued.

You must find her little finger.

If you don’t, you will be forced to sleep forever.

-The boys sat there silently for a few minutes, pondering what they had just read before Adam threw his head back and in a disbelieving tone said “Yeah right, I’m going to bed, it’s already midnight but remember, if you have the dream you have to say yes”. He said in a mocking tone making Lane and Riley roll their eyes. “Yeah, I guess we should go to bed, I want to wake up early to steal your pancakes”. Riley looked at Lane with a playful grin on his face before getting into his sleeping bag. “You better be kidding Riley or i’ll never let you play on my PlayStation 4 again” Lane sat there with an uncertain look on his face, trying to figure out if Riley was being serious about stealing his pancakes.They fell asleep a few minutes later. Lane snoring with he head hanging off his pillow, Adam sleeping on his arm and Riley with is mouth wide open, drooling everywhere.
*Riley’s dream*

A thick fog surrounded the area. He held out his hand and slowly moved forward to find something to grab onto so he can guide himself down what felt like a graveled path beneath his feet. He sighed in relief as his hand gripped onto a cold metal fence. As he continued to walk, he suddenly tripped and fell to his knees and as he looked up he came face to face with that of an elderly woman. She looked at Riley for a second before turning  and started clawing desperately at the tall grass in front of the gate, a look of pure frustration on her wrinkled face.

Riley timidly asked what she was looking for to which she bitterly told him she was looking for her little finger and held up her left hand to his face. He grimaced at the woman’s hand when he noticed the stump where her little finger should be, bloody and pussing.

She asked him to help her look for it but he quickly shook his head and backed away replying no and that it was disgusting. the woman gave Riley an evil glare before a grin appeared on her face and within a few seconds the woman seemed to disappear into thin air.

Before he could react cold hands grabbed at his ankles, pulling him into the freezing lake behind him. He didn’t even have time to scream before his head was under the water. He struggled, violently kicking his legs before the hands released their grip on him. He tried to swim to the surface but to his terror, the lake had frozen over, a thick layer of ice blocked his way. He couldn’t hold his breath any longer and water began to fill his lungs. With his last bit of life he noticed a little finger floating past him and up unto the surface.
*Lane’s Dream*

He found himself walking down a muddy path, with a large lake to his left and a wrought iron fence to his right. He wasn’t walking for long before spotting an old woman, her hands ferociously pulling at the tall grass and searching beneath it.

He approached the woman cautiously and asked what she was looking for to which she simply held up her left and hand and stated she’d lost her little finger. He inspected the stump where her little finger had once been, it looked like it had been stitched over. She pulled away her hand and pointed to the ground before asking him for help finding it.

Lane stood next to the woman and started to look at his surroundings, wondering why the fog was getting thicker before asking where she lost it. the woman simply shrugged and kept looking. Lane noticed the wrought iron fence was a little shorter than most. After stepping forward a little he realised the ground underneath had sunken down. He assumed it was because of the dampness and the bog type area that surrounded it.

The woman stood up from her crouched position, let out a big sigh and walked through the gate, leaving him standing there in his thoughts. He turned to watch as the woman slowly walked away and then she disappeared. Lane tried to rationalize it and decided she must have walked deep into the fog.

When the fog started to get even thicker he stood on a log behind him to see if he could find the woman or anything else by looking above it when he suddenly felt two hands harshly push him forward. Everything seemed to go in slow motion until finally, he came crashing down on the fence, impaling him instantly. The blood flowed from his wounds into the boggy soil below and next to him as he lay dying he saw the little finger, in a pool of his blood.

*Adams Dream*

Adam stood next to the lake as he saw strange bubbles appear in it’s surface. He then continued to walk down a narrow paved path, with a white picked fence on his right. He saw what seemed to resemble blood, dripping off one of the fence panels and quickened his pace slightly.

A thin layer of fog covered the ground but he could still see where he was going. He came across an old woman, sitting next to the gate. she tiredly moved her hands through the tall grass, sighing deeply with a confused expression on her face.

Adam knelt down next to the woman and asked what she was looking for. She turned to face him, a light smile on her face as she told him she was looking for her little finger. holding her left hand in front of him to see. He saw that her little finger was missing, and the stump was bandaged.

She quietly asked if he would help her looked for it as she turned back to face the gate to which Adam nodded and replied, instantly feeling the grass around the gate. He was there for a few minutes before he caught a glimpse of something in the woman’s apron and realised it was her finger.

He gently put his hand on her shoulder and told her where it was. She smiled and said it must have fallen in there when it was cut off. She giggled at her own mistake and thanked Adam for his help. She then told him to keep walking down the path and to follow the light. Adam did as he was told and walked into the light, it was warm and welcoming.

As Adam slowly awoke, he stared at the ceiling for a few moments, trying to remember where he was and let out a big breath when he realized it was just a dream. He shuffled slightly in his sleeping bag and felt something wet beside him but as he turned to see what it was, his mouth dropped open in fear before screaming at the top of his lungs.

Barbara woke up to the startling screams of her son. She quickly raced through the corridor and into his room to find a horrifying sight. There, on the floor, were the pale bodies of Lane and Riley. Water seeping from Riley’s mouth and sleeping bag; His body bloated. Blood seeping from Lane’s mouth and stomach as he lay half out of his sleeping bag. There was what looked like, a severed little finger in the middle of the two bodies and It wasn’t too long before Barbara joined her son and began to scream.