A Winter Love

Walking through the cold with a lover is like a beautiful storm, terrifying yet beautiful in every way. All the days I held her, kissed her, loved her, laughed with her could never save her. I still close my eyes and hold the air tight imagining her in my arms holding me right back. This was my first but could never be my last, a forbidden love to end in darkness.

She moved out here right after I turned twenty and we clicked as friends instantly. The next few months we would get to know each other and laugh at jokes we would only get. One day it started to get cold and on that day we became one. She had an abusive ex boyfriend back where she came from and was looking for her but by my blood and heart, no one was going to lay a finger on her… never again.

We became a real couple and for the first time I really feel in love and saw my heart not tied to hers but as one. We walked down a cold and snowy street one late night after a movie until I saw him… her ex boyfriend. I went to run after him but she grabbed my arm and told me “Don’t… he’s in the past let’s keep it that way”. We kept walking until he came in front of me and pointed a gun straight at my head and said “You don’t deserve her”.

I looked straight at him and said “You are a coward, a liar, a sheep and I am the lion” then hit his hand up and broke his arm. We called the cops and had him arrested and put away for a long time and things were looking bright, but only for so long. Down in the woods we walked and talked until a giant furry creature took her away from me and ran into the dark woods. I tried to run as fast and as hard as I could but the creature was much faster.

I got a team of hunting buddy’s to hunt down the beast with me. We looked through every part of the woods and followed the screams until we finally saw the creature, three days later. We caught him by following the bloody snow and tracked the creature to a cave hidden beneath a tree. We fought the creature hard and pulled apart every body part it had and torched it outside in the snow.

I ran through the cave yelling her name with every second giving my heart more beats then I could handle. I got to the back of the cave where I saw a pool of blood with many people in it. I saw her siting against the wall in the back were a small opening was on the roof, so we could hear her scream. I ran to her but It was too late as her brain was eaten out of the back of her skull but hidden in her tight hand was a picture… a picture of us.

So that’s why nephew I come out here every winter into these woods to kill any more creatures like the one I saw that day. I won’t let anyone go through what I went through, maybe just maybe I can help a young couple live in peace. Live without fear.