Cursed Project

I have moved to this town in hopes of continuing my research on Lycanthropy, it is a small lumbering town located in the forests of Alaska. The town is completely cut off from the rest of civilization and the only road out is a small dirt road. Only one bus passes through the area it also only comes once a week because so few people ever come to the area. I was the only one aboard the bus when we departed. Prior to the visit I did some research on the area, and it turns out that the area is known for their large wolf sightings and mysterious disappearances of though who see the wolves.

I arrived around 9:00 PM sharp and immediately went to my hotel. I would be staying the night at the only hotel in town, it was a very old and run down hotel called the Badgers den. Once I had unloaded all of my equipment and luggage I began to settle down for the evening. I had slept well the first night all was quiet, however everything smelled like dogs and lumber. I woke up in the morning and went downstairs for breakfast. When I got downstairs to the small buffet I noticed that all of the foods that we’re available were meat products. I also noticed how few guests there were, there were only three of us, me and a middle-aged couple who said they were going to be going camping.

I once I finished eating my breakfast I gathered up my gear and headed into the woods to look at possible ‘large wolf’ dens. As I walked through the woods with my. Clipboard in hand I heard a chainsaw and heard a man yell “TIMBER”. I frantically looked around for who yelled timber only to see about 70 yards away a man was inspecting a large cut he had made in the tree that he had presumably sawed down himself. I walked up to him trying to signal his attention. He saw me and took his ear muffs off and set his chainsaw down.

“I didn’t know that I had company out here,” he said.

“I’m sorry,” I apologized, “I was looking for wolf dens” I continued.

“Would you like to follow me?” he asked.

“Sounds good,” I replied. We walked off into the forest.

“You can call me Paul,” Paul said as he walked.

“OK Paul,” I said.

As we walked by I heard twigs snap and suddenly a large wolf bounded right by us. I was completely taken by surprise, however Paul didn’t seem phased. I decided that I wanted to capture one of the wolves to run a DNA test to see if it told why the animal was so large.

As we were walking back Paul said, “You know I run the Badgers den, and I could lend you some tools if you’re gonna construct a cage to catch it.”

“Yeah, I guess it couldn’t hurt,” I said.

Over the next 3 weeks I bought scrap metal and built the cage it would fit the wolf, I knew it would. I asked Paul to show up with some pork as bait I planned to sit out all night waiting for the wolf to come. Around 9:00 PM I heard twigs cracking and my trap spring and the cage door closed! I looked to see Paul in the cage holding the pork. It was a full moon and Paul seemed to start panicking as the moon rise above the tall trees. Suddenly Paul started begging me to let him out of the cage. I was beginning to panic as Paul collapsed to his hands and knees he started yelling in pain. Jet black fur began to cover him and the ends of his fingers bled to reveal sharp 2 inch claws. Then I heard a terrible cracking sound and his face began to extend into a muzzle filled with razor-sharp fangs. Then the rest of his skeletal system began to change, in the end resembling a humanoid wolf. A werewolf. I was amazed as he clawed and chewed at the piece of pork that he brought. I slowly walked up to the cage with a syringe. He snarled at me and released and Earth shattering howl.

As I got closer his anger seemed to grow until I was right next to the cage, I slowly leaned forward as he tried to bite and claw at me. I stuck the syringe in his arm and as I did he bent back two of the cage bars and bit me. Pain ran up my arm but I finished the blood work. After I removed the syringe I quickly put gauze on the bite wound. I took the blood sample and put it in a container in my brief case. I am sitting here now one day later in my hotel room watching the full moon rise above the tall trees. Looking at my hands. The claws that extend out of them. I feel a great pain as my muzzle extends and I turn half wolf. I only have one motive now. Kill.

  • zakaryspinx

    Dude werewolves are friggin sweet. But this didnt pop with me. Can you rewrite it and make it longer with more detail. Maybe make it more scary and a little less… Crummy? It didnt really make sense. U gotta capture the visceral naturr of the beast!

  • Leigh

    Predictable and poorly written. You definitely need to proofread before submitting your story because it was difficult to read. Also inconsistent. At the beginning you say the character moved there but shortly after you say it’s a visit. Plus, is the main character male or female? And why would someone who was a werewolf in the first place be so willing to help someone build a trap to catch a wolf? None of it makes sense

  • Justme410

    I think it was a good starter… i think you should write more and get into it. Write it like its “your” story. You seem to have potential, don’t give it up… plz continue