Cracky Casy and Ticci Toby Pt.7

We walked into our house and watched Slenderman flow into the shadows, not to be seen until the next problem or meeting. I sat down on the couch and stared at the wall. I felt a presence sit next to me as the coushun lifted slightly. It wasn’t Toby, it was Masky.

“Hey, are you alright? You seem upset,” he asked, sounding worried. More worried than he should be, especially after the fact that I tried to eat him alive.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just tiered. I guess it’s because of what just happened. I’m sorry about that, by the way.” I said, still looking at the wall.

“It’s fine. I don’t know about Hoodie though. He seemed traumatized to be next to you. You think he’d het over it, seeing as he’s super brave. When ever we go out on a mission, he would always be brave in the face of danger.” Masky said cheerfully.

“Has the boss told you why we kill these people?” I asked, expecting a dumb response.

“Yeah, he has,” Masky paused, “He wants us to kill them because they hurt all of us in some way.” he said, looking down. I edged back with surprise. I didn’t expect such a reason. Finally I realised. The person who shot Toby, got in a fight with my dad. The people who came swarming in were people who hated us. Every other person had something they did, said or thought that hurt us. Toby spoke up.

“He wants us to learn the importance of strength and revenge. I grew up learning that revenge is not the way to go, but now I see it as a way of getting even. I think maybe they don’t have to die, but it’s better. We can’t have people knowing that we exist.” he said. I looked down at the floor. I felt a sudden shock in my hands. Then a warmth. Toby grabbed my hand and nelt down in front of me.

“Hey, it’s okay. We can finally know that our identity is a secret.” Toby said calmly. He had been doing this for years. I haven’t. I stood up and walked to bed. Toby and Masky did the same.

I woke up to hear yelling coming from outside. I instantly knew who it was. Jane and Jeff were fighting. I ran outside to push them out of the way, when Jack and Clockwork stepped outside. I watched Toby come out behind them and run over to break up the fight.

“Hey, hey! Kids! Put the knifes down!” He yelled. Jeff glared at Toby and clutched his knife harder. I knew instantly, he was going to lash out at Toby. I saw Jeff lift his knife, and ready it below his waist.

TOBY LOOK OUT!” I called out, and Jeff began to aim, trying to stab Toby. I ran and grabbed Jeff’s arm right before it Hit Toby. I pushed his arm up and swung his wrist behind his back, shoving him to the ground, right in front of Toby. I pressed down on his back, forcing him to attempt to push me off. I grabbed his other arm and put it behind is back, holding him down.

“Ow!! Hey! Let go!” I yelled at me. I pressed down even harder.

“AH!! OKAY! MERCY! MERCY!” he screamed again.

“No! Do not give him any mercy! That scumbag doesn’t deserve it. Kill him if you want, I don’t care.” Jane said stepping beside Toby, watching Jeff suffer.

“I like this girl, shes cool. She has a good killing attitude,” Toby said smiling. Jane nudged him over and knelt down facing Jeff.

“I thought you said you would never be beaten by a girl. What happened to that?” Jane asked, mocking Jeff. I laughed, then also mocking Jeff. I finally let him up off the ground, but slapped him.

“Next time you try to kill Toby, I’ll kill you.” I said sternly, pushing him away. Toby’s mouth drooped open.

“HE DID WHAT?!” Toby yelled, knowing what he tried to do, but was too confused. Jane watched him run away, laughing at him. She looked up at me and nodded her head, though I could tell she wanted me to kill him anyways. Slenderman appeared behind me and placed one of his hands on my shoulder.

“Very good.” he said, startling me slightly. I didn’t show it, as it was an act of fear, and I can’t have that. I nodded in thanks and smiled. Jack and Clockwork approached us, with happy and surprised look on their faces.

“Sir, may I make a proposal?” Jack asked, sounding as sincere as he could, deepening his voice and standing tall. Slenderman looked down at him, and nodded.

“May we move Jane into the other house in order to avoid someone getting killed? May it be your judgement , not mine,” Jack said.

“Let them fight. I only except the exceptional. If one dies, I know that the one who lived is best. Unless they set differences aside, that is the only way they will be.” He said, turning his back to Jack and walking into the house. I stood there, waiting for Slenderman to return. Suddenly a loud crash came from the house, and out came Slenderman, holding equipment. I knew, It was their time to train. Slenderman led Toby, Masky, Hoodie and I to a side and called the new trainees to stand next to us.

“Jane, stand with Casy. Jack, stand with Toby. Jeff with Hoodie and Clockwork with Masky. These people you trainees are standing with, are your supervisors. They will teach you how to accomplish the way of a Proxy. Listen to them, work as they say. They are your commanders. Now, supervisors, it is your responsibility to keep them alive. If it is necessary to step in and help them, then do so. It is only to be done if they are in great danger and need assistance at once. Understood?” Slenderman said. everyone responded with a nod and met their partners. We once again stood in a line, trainees up in front with supervisors in the back.

“Now, first task, mark the woods,” He said.

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