Her Love

Ever had the feeling of your heart being heavy? Being so sad you feel you are drowning, like something heavy is on your chest and you can’t make it go.

Well here it was her. She was with me since the day I came into this world. I loved her and I still love her even if she is not around. She just left me one day without saying a goodbye. It made me angry and I cried but that was not enough. Still, I accepted it and decided to move on. The one thing that bothered me was the heavy feeling I had after she was gone. It felt like I could just sink and dissolve in the sea of that feeling. It made me worse and just didn’t go. I just couldn’t let her go and I knew she was around everywhere.

It was one night I knew something was making me think, bugging me like a mosquito and running a slide show in my head about her. I lay down on the floor with that heavy feeling and held my chest in the dark only to realize it was her clutching onto me. I knew I was supposed to have gone with her, died that day, but now she was hanging on to me, sitting on my fallen body, ready to take my breaths. I was not scared now, how ugly she looked, as I love her and will always do…

My mother…

  • Misterlemon

    More sad than creepy but i liked it