This happened to me a while ago. I lost my phone on night out and to replace it I bought the new I-Phone X. Although I couldn’t afford to buy it legitimately so I had to get one second hand. I seen it on the Facebook marketplace for about £275 and it was only a few miles from where I lived. Seeing the brand new phone for this much was ecstatic. I instantly messaged the person selling he told me he bought it at a marketplace in the city.

It was raining and the A/C in my car was broke so I had to wear a navy parka. The man lived in a regular estate and he was pleasant enough. He offered me a coffee and I gladly accepted. He brought me the phone and the packaging had already been opened. He apologised for this and took £50 of the original price. We done the exchange and I left. When I got home I couldn’t wait to use my new phone. Just the feeling of it in my hands was enough for me. But it was out of battery so when it was charging I played some video games and spoke to my mom about the new phone. She wasn’t to engrossed she was still depressed about the disappearance of my Dad.

When I awoke, the phone was fully charged. I turned it on and it was like any new phone. I instantly started adding numbers and downloading games and apps. Although it had a handful of messages most of which where spam but one stood out it was coordinates. I thought it seemed pretty cool it would be an adventure for me and a few others. So I gathered 2 of my friends and we gathered in my car the next day. We all gathered at a gas station and bought ssi booze and snacks. The coordinates where on the other side of the country but the thing that confused me was that they were already typed in the google maps search bar. The hours went by and my friends began to get bored although I was intrigued but frightened I didn’t know what to expect. It was dark now and my friends where asleep. On the radio was a list of missing people a few stood out. I got a phone call from an unknown caller. I answered my cold fingers smooth in the screen on the other side was a raspy voice.

“It finally will have a new toy you can afford to lose all you have worked for, anyway goodbye Samuel.”

He hangs up and I am shaking in fear. How did he know my name, what was he referring to when he said it. I am uneasy for a few hours but once my friends wake up I feel almost safe. We stopped at a gas station and the awkward silence we shared was almost comforting. The gas station didn’t have a toilet so I went round back the sweet smell of lavender and the tall spruce trees towering over me gave me the mixed feeling of hope and fear. Although what really stood out was a pathway to the unknown. None of us knew what was down that path it was a mystery. We were in a small suburb by now and my friends where losing interest in my adventure. We came up to another long trail and my 2 friends didn’t want to continue so I did.

The crunching of sticks and leaves beneath my feet where creepy and the setting sun gave me a deadline. I didn’t want to be lost in the dark. As the trial began to end I seen a lot of mountain gear but also drips of blood. A fox probably cut itself on some of the gear. I spotted a warehouse near the end of the trail and made my way towards it. The tall rusty door reminded me of when I was near a shipping container. Never knowing what’s on the over side. My phone began to ring,another unknown caller.

“If you enter that building the chances of you coming out again are very small I am not the previous caller I am the one trying to help you please don’t enter.” I hear a scream and then a crunch heavy breathing soon follows.

I want to walk back but I have come so far. I put my hand on the handle it creeks open the smell was enough. It was the smell of feces and decomposing bodies. I slipped when my feet went into the room they squelched something. I used the light on my phone to make my way through the warehouse the dark night shined through a window on the wall onto a cage. In the cage was three fully grown Doberman feasting on something as I get closer my phone beeps. The motionless voice of an Ai fills the warehouse, “You have arrived at your destination,” the Doberman look up as if they have just seen a squirrel and I see what they are feasting on. It was him the man that sold me the phone I could barely make out his face it was mangled so badly. The Doberman growl at me but I am calm about it the cage is locked. I hear a raspy voice in a room on the other side I see a shadow casted on the side of the wall.

“Hello Samuel, I’m sorry you have to see me like this but I can’t face you. The thing is the man who sold you that phone was your father.”

I felt a pain in my stomach and I fell to the ground as I looked at my fathers mutilated corpse.

“Those aren’t dogs Samuel they are the souls of people that have been killed in the hands of your father, one of which is your brother.”

I begin stand up and start making my way towards the shadow on the other side of the room the sound of the dogs tearing into my father’s flesh made me boak and the smell didn’t help things.

“Samuel they are waiting join your father I didn’t lure you here just to let you leave.”

As I turn the corner I see a woman in the corner of the room with she moves away from the Mic and stands up.

“I’m sorry but I never wanted you not now not ever you were a mistake I am your mother Samuel”

She leaves through the door on the other side and I stand looking at the room in shock on her table is a key I took it and left the building. The early morning sky was calming and beside me was a rusty trapdoor with a keyhole I unlocked it the wooden ladders gave me a splinter. When I got into the small space I seen three skeletons with files lying beside each of them. One of the skeletons is a skeleton that looks a lot a tall teenagers. The other 2 look like the skeletons of fully grown adults. I look at there case files one was called Tommy… Willis my second name the other Mira Willis and the third teenager like skeleton had Samuel Willis. My name. I seen a Polaroid attached to the picture it was a low resolution pregnancy scan of conjoined twins. My whole life I have been living a lie the monsters in the cage are in possession of my dead family’s soul.

I move back up to the warehouse and as I walk inside the cage is unlocked it’s about time I end this cruel family of lost souls As I enter the cage I see another 2 Doberman waiting on me while the other three sleep maybe my family might be together again.

  • JustAnotherSoul

    I’m confused, to say the least. There wasn’t any sort of any explanation at the end, and there were grammatical errors all throughout the story. Errors like those make it hard to understand the story. Pay more attention pls, kk?:D

  • Tristan Evans

    This might have been decent but I didn’t even make it halfway through due to the grammer.