The Tool That Could Fix Anything

Hi, my name is Lucas and I’m here to say that the product we have discovered is nothing more than a sick excuse for people to enact their darkest desires. There are too many wrong hands in the world that this thing could land in. It is very dangerous and extremely impractical to even have around. Our story begins in the year 1969, the year of the ever famous moon landing. It was around this time that technology began to change vastly.

I was working as an engineer in aerospace division. I can still recall the very second I first laid eyes on the infernal thing. One of my former colleagues brought it to me. They said they’d been studying it for months. It looked like a metallic black disc in resemblance to a U.F.O, which, by the way, totally doesn’t exist.

I immediately felt unease as they explained to me what it could do. They said, and I quote, “It can turn into anything you desire as long as you can visualise what you want it to be.” This would no doubt help a spacewalker as it meant that they now had any tool they needed at their disposal. I just didn’t think it was right, though. How could something that doesn’t follow any known laws of physics like this exist?

I’m the type of person where, if I don’t understand something, I feel as though I’ve lost control. So, when they brought it to me, I began to prod a bit, asking them how they made it. You could imagine my shock when they told me that they didn’t, but rather, they found it. They told me how, following a meteor shower, they looked to see if they could find one that landed close by their house, but instead found it. They then proceeded to tell me how they spent the next few months studying it, non-stop.

They even had schematics drawn up of this thing. Everyone seemed to give them praise, but me, I was a bit more cautious. While everyone around me celebrated a new technological breakthrough of sorts, I asked the all to real question. What would become of this tool if it fell into the wrong hands? It could make a complete psychopath’s wildest fever dreams come true.

This is, effectively, the one thing that made me weary of this new gadget. I wish they’d never found it in the first place, because, like the money hungry capitalists they all are, they’re now selling this so-called “Miracle Tool” to everyone. This, in and of itself, is a terrifying issue to me. They are now mass-marketing what is essentially a wide range of murder weapons just waiting to be dreamed up by any killer. People just aren’t ready to wield such power, people, at their core, are just far too violent. Yet, the media continues to only want one thing, a quick buck.

It’s no coincidence that right around the time the first commercial for this thing aired, murder rates across the world peaked. The worst part of it all is that it’s cheap as hell, so almost anyone can get one. No one seems to be able to withstand its draw. From what I’ve observed, whenever someone gets one, it seems to consume them and take over their mind, causing them to lash out in ways they normally wouldn’t. It’s as if it heightens their anger and apathy by latching itself to them like a parasite.

This, coupled with the fact that it can become anything the wearer wants, is a deadly combination with dire consequences. This thing, upon latching itself on, seems to strip its wearer of all urges except to kill. People who have worn one for any extended period of time will gladly show no remorse for their fellow man. The media has heard of these side effects, I’ve been fairly vocal myself, but they still show no interest in stopping sales. Most everyone in my town has bought one and they all seem to be acting strange.

People that were once dear friends, are now disgusted by the mere sight of their buddies. Nothing will ever top what I witnessed the other day, though. Things were more violent than usual. People were running through the streets like mindless zombies. They all shouted nonsensical phrases.

At least, I thought they were nonsense at first, till I realised, they were begging for the machines to be removed. They said things like, “I’m not doing this,” and “Please make it stop, it hurts so much.” When I looked to see what was going on, I happened upon a horrific sight. The streets were lined with blood as people ran amuck. It seemed as though these machines had bored their way through the skulls of everyone in my town and were now controlling them.

People, still pleading for these machines to stop, were being forced to commit horrendous acts. There was flesh being torn, eyeballs being forcibly removed from sockets, spines being broken and ripped out and heads being completely detached. All the while, these people were fully conscious of what they were doing, yet unable to control their actions. All I can say is, “I knew the slogan, the tool that can fix anything, was too good to be true.”