It’s late. A Tuesday night and it’s dark. I’m in my bed alone and slightly dozing off. Then an idea pops in my head. I remember a video I watched earlier talking about an app that wakes you up with a call from another user. The app is called Wakie. I open my app store and download the app. I set up an account and set an alarm. Then I have a few more random night-time thoughts. Then fall asleep.

I waken to a phone call. Being a little confused, I look at my phone and remember the app I installed the night before. Excited to see who it might be, I answer the phone and… nothing. Nothing but a still, steady breathing. A Little freaked out, I hang up. That little scare woke me up enough to get ready for work. I go throughout my day not thinking about it too much and just having a normal day.

I come home exhausted from work. I make myself a sandwich and go off to bed. I get in bed and remember the app. I think about how creepy and eerie the wake-up call was. Too tired to delete the app, I fall asleep. I’m wake up again by the sound of my ringtone going off. I look at my phone and see the time. “1:00! I didn’t set it for one in the morning!” I answer, just to see who it might be… breathing. The same exact heavy breathing that I got the previous night. “Who ever this is, you better stop it or else!” I hang up and go back to bed.

Then my phone rings again. I wake up and look at it. 2:00. I answer… breathing. “What did I say!? Stop calling me!” I hang up and delete the app. I wake up, not wanting to get out of bed. I go through the whole ‘why should I get out of bed? What’s the point?’ Then I finally get up and get ready. I go throughout my day being tired and dozing off every other minute. I finally get home and don’t even eat. I go straight to bed.

I wake up to my ringtone again. I look at my phone. 1:00 am. I answer it not thinking about who it might be… the breathing. The same breathing that was part of the app I deleted. That I… deleted. How could this person be calling me if I don’t have the app? My racing thoughts are interrupted by the breathing. There’s something different about it. The breathing is intensified. It has more volume. It’s… angry. I hang up giving no response. I try and pull myself together and lay my head on my pillow. Then, out of the quietness of my dark room… breathing.

  • Justin Gamble

    Make another part please!!! Also what an excellent cliff hanger

  • Ineffable

    I was not expecting that! I got a bit of a chill, just a bit, but still a chill