Cold. I felt it. The kind of cold that can give you hypothermia. The kind of cold that sends chills throughout your spine. The kind of cold that makes you tear up, and freezes the salty tears on the side of your cheek. I felt it.

On this foggy night, I felt the cold. And yet it was 70° out. Something was here on this night. Watching me. I knew it was here. And it knew I was here. Whatever “it” was. It was excreting the cold. I felt it. I looked down at the cracked asphalt. It was slightly blood stained due to me kneeling over for some time now. For I knew if I moved, my life would surely be over.

I knew I would be consumed by this cold I was feeling. The cold that drew me out onto the asphalt street at 2:37 A.M. The cold that was ever so horrifying and yet so gracefully surrounding my inanimate, yet living corpse which was kneeling over the asphalt. I felt it.

I then heard the sound. A kind of crackling sound like ice cracking, however, it had “movement” or “life” to it. Like one created by a living being, not just some object. This would be the first of three times I heard this sound tonight.

The cold started to give me chills throughout my entire body. To the point where I could no longer feel my scraped knees, or my questionably dry eyes, since I felt myself wanting to tear up. I felt it. Then, the sound. Again. This time, closer. Louder. More horrifying. And yet, more graceful. I felt a sudden urge to get up, and walk toward the sound that was coming from the woods across the street. To investigate.

My curiosity was starting to consume my mind with thoughts of the producer of this sound. I felt it. Ever so slowly, I stood up. One half of my body told me to run. The other, however, to investigate. I honestly wasn’t​ sure why I was lured outside by this cold. Or even how I ended up on the street. I knew it was something to do with whatever was creating this sound and the cold. I felt it.

Slowly I walked to the edge of the woods. This walk took me 2 minutes; but it felt like 2 hours. Suddenly I stopped. I found myself at the edge of the woods. The cold was consuming my body even more. I felt myself getting lightheaded and felt my insides slowing down in time. My heart was beating. It was beating extremely slowly. I guess not more than 30 beats per minute. And yet I was alive. Although I felt dead. Whatever was drawing me closer, wanted me alive, for I knew that it could have easily killed me. I felt it.

The sound came again even louder and closer then the last time. I began to make out that there was a single word trying to be expressed. “Come”. The sound must not have been 50 feet away from me. I walked. Closer to whatever this was. My body froze when I saw it. It was suspended in air. It’s faceless horror stared me down until I could no longer move. It’s pale blue handless, arms reached out to me. Suddenly one touched my cheek. It was bone chilling. I could no longer move. My body stuck in position, staring at this thing. Slowly I was going numb, and I knew it was over. The cold consumed my body completely. I knew that the cold would take over. It was the end. The cold had come. I felt it.

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    That was nice

  • Kayla

    You need a thesaurus