Late Night Melodies


Listen to the sound of the wind brush past the trees. Listen to the stars twinkle sweetly. Hear the sound of owls in the trees. Hear the sound of a voice.

A voice? But how? Who could be up at this time?

I sat up in my bed, my room lit by twilight. What was the voice I was hearing? What was the melody they were playing?  I turned my head towards the door. A bright light creeped through the darkness of my room.


No more sound. No more owls. No more wind. No more.

“This is awfully strange.” I said to myself in a quiet thought. Slipping out of bed, I stood at my window, gazing into the night sky. Drip, drip, drop. It’s raining. Finally, a sound to pierce the silence. The creek of the floorboards below my feet make me feel as if I’m on a rocking ship, floating out to sea. Back to bed. Time to sleep.

3am. Why can’t I sleep?

The voice. I hear it again.

Squeeeak. “Ouch, my ears! What the hell was that?!” The noise carried on, like a fork on a plate. It’s coming from the kitchen.

I grabbed my phone and entered the numbers 999. I won’t dial yet. Only if I need to.

I tip-toed down stairs hastily. Wanting not to make too much noise. A murder is not what I plan to happen. I quickly flipped the kitchen light on, my finger hovering over the ‘call’ button on my phone.


And then a hiss. “Meow~”… My heartbeat slowed. “Damn it Yoko! Get out of here!” I shooed her away. Hellish cat.

Knock, knock. A bang at the door.

The sound of an agitated man rang through the house. “Yes? May I help you?” I opened the door. it was raining still. “I’m here to deliver your parcel, Miss.” He smiled kindly as if to be polite after the cursing he projected through the building. “But, I haven’t ordered anything?”

Then I can only assume it’s a gift. Sign please?”

I signed his clipboard and took the parcel from his hands. “Thank you, sir, have a good day.” I smiled to him and closed the door. The parcel was heavy with rain water. Oh, I hope it isn’t damaged.

I placed it down on the dining table. Clink. Oh, no! Did it break? What’s inside? I opened the package and stepped back. Nothing? No jumpscare? I moved closer again. A box? I opened it steadily  Jewellery. A necklace and earing.  How peculiar. I checked for a note, but there was nothing. No name on the box either. I put on the necklace. How beautiful it was! My, my, to think someone bought this for me? but then… who would have bought it?


Listen to the dogs howl. Listen to the cars pass by. Hear the sound of creaking in the walls. Hear the sound of a voice.

Again? How many times will this happen?

A cold breeze flew down my spine. Someone’s here with me.

I slowly made my way down stairs and turned the light on, my phone on 999 once again. “Meow?” Yoko again… I guess it was nothing, I think to myself.

Click. Darkness. The lights turned off.

I stood still, frozen in place. I heard Yoko scurry out of the living room and through the cat flap. A warm sensation hit the back of my neck. someone’s breathing on me.

Listen…” A voice whispers into my ear, almost singing it’s words to me.

Listen to tears dropping to the floor. Listen to screams in the night. Hear the sound of vengeance. Hear the sound of a body falling to the floor.


I hope you like the necklace I bought you. You’ll be wearing it forever.

  • Lonewolf111

    Gud story

  • Syaza Hamakaze


    This one is really poetic.

  • SkullNboNes

    Very interesting.

  • Dv_Fox

    I think it has to do something with the other story “The Necklace”. Idk, but it was cool anyway! Good job!😊

    • Kia Lou

      Sorry for the late reply 😊 yes it does! You’re the first to recognise that without me telling you!! Nice going! This is actually part of a series I’m working on. However I’ve been quite busy lately and haven’t been able to post. But I promise it’s not gonna be all sappy love 😊😂 thanks for your feedback!