Everyone has at least seen one or more disturbing things on the internet right? Well if not then OK you the reader are pure and clean but never mind that. This event happened a while back when you can consider being 15 still being young. At school with my friends was this on weird kid who gave out website codes and names which was strange considering that he was expelled. He usually came back for no reason. And ever since he gave me the website URL he has never heard of again as if he magically disappeared.

Here is the story.

When I was going to school one day and then I saw that weird kid I was taking about. I walked past him trying to ignore him because the URLs he gave out were “haunted” and/or “cursed” but to be completely honest I didn’t belive in ghosts or supernatural stuff like that until he have me a card that said “” and then he walked off and people looked as if he weren’t there. Later in the day we were in the computer lab and then thought “This is the perfect chance to search up the website.” That time I searched it up and it crashed my computer I was sitting at which didn’t land me in trouble because they thought it was due to a virus or error in the computer. Back at my house in the evening I had my phone then searched up but it’d usually close out of google which was weird then a website popped up finally after 15 minutes. I started to roam the website which was a very weird one too. As if the name didn’t give me a tip of what was going to happen on the website

I searched up something on the website and I got something completely different and disturbing. It was a file titled v.mp3 I opened it up and it sounded like a little girl whispering something I couldn’t tell but it was strange and creepy.

Yet another file was called open me which had a photos that were heavily distorted and changed. This entire website was just weird and disturbing. I then found a link which was weird to say the least it was screaming. Just screaming and shouting. It lasted several hours and was weird. That’s when I decided to turn my phone off but that’s when a private phone number called me and asked “Do you know of the muffin who lived dreary lane?” and then hung up. This freaked me out. Then Like the Dumbo I was back then I had continued looking through the website as I wanted to know more about the website.

I clicked on a video and that’s when my memory blanked because I passed out due to the video that was on. About 5 days later I wake up in a hospital and that’s all I remember about what happened when I searched up the website

  • Francesco Villacres

    I just searched it and nothing happened… Great story anyways man!

  • Edz

    Good story. But grammar

  • AngryGuy2

    I recommend fixing the grammar in this story and in your future stories. Also, try using more punctuation. While you’re writing, imagine someone is reading the words back to you. Commas, periods, semicolons, and other punctuation marks are used to facilitate breaks/pauses in speech. If someone were to read a story with poor punctuation out loud, they would run out of air rather quickly. Just a few suggestions. 🙂 It has an adequate premise, but the final product needs some improvement. 🙂