We were Best Friends

We were best friends you know, you and I. At least I like to think so… You always did see the best in people. Not only that, you liked to help them reach their full potential. They didn’t always want your help, but with time they understood.

They understood that their sheer incompetence caused you pain. Your heart, one with theirs. You would don for hours when they denied your help entirely. The rejection on their faces would stay with you, haunt you… we always felt so bad.

We never pretended to understand the situation. Most of us just avoided you. They were scared, scared of moving forward. Scared of your help. I never was tho.

I watched you endlessly, as you cured people of their faults. All they wanted was to be pure, but they never did thank you. Then again you never needed thanks. It was all in a day’ work. A days work, then a night full of tears.

It hurt, and you tried to stop, but you couldn’t. It was simply who you are. I wouldn’t change you for the world. It’s my turn now. You promised you would make me perfect.

I can tell that you had helped someone before me, because their blood was still splattered all over your clothes. I can see your tools lying neatly on the glass table beside me. You always were neat… as you pit the mask over my face, plunging me into eternal sleep, I took one last glance at you.

I could see the tears running down your cheeks. I didn’t understand, but I could feel you pain. You really were my best fiend.

  • Stephanie Reynolds

    I thought that would’ve been a really cool concept if it had been just a little more developed. I like the initial mystery, but eventually you have to let the reader know what’s going on. I was still very confused by the end of it. Very intriguing story though, keep writing!

  • Aly Greg

    is it DID??