The Darkness Thing

The sun disappeared,  letting The darkness lay itself on top of my small town, only letting a few undisturbed TV lights break it.

Mine was one of them, staying up excessively late to play games, keep my parents up unbelievably late and ruining their workdays was what I was best at, they did not really appreciate it though, and sometimes they had themselves turn off the electricity to my bedroom.

Something that I did not especially like. It might have made me have some anger outbursts, and again my parents thought the best thing was to give me calming pills.

that’s probably why they did not believe when I said that the darkness was after me that it was trying to crawl into my window at night and absorb me… slowly… or at least I thought it was.

Maybe it was just a hallucination, the nails scratching over my window making a shiver down my spine. I would most likely fall asleep from the pills; wake up soaked from sweat. This night was different though. This night it did not show up, and it kind of made me even more scared.

The clock hit around 11 pm when I heard it outside my door, slowly scratching against the wood. I could not move I was stuck in my position under the blanket, all stiff like a board.

I held my breath until it went away, until it stopped scratching. My mom began screaming, then my dad yelling. it was like I was there with them, like I was in the same room.

I got up shaking with fear, slowly I dragged my feet to the door and looked at it for minutes that felt like hours. I opened the door and went down the hall dripping sounds caught my attention.

“mom? Dad?” I looked into their room and I felt my stomach turn, I could almost taste what my mom had cooked the day before. My mom and dad laying around the room shredded to pieces, and over my dads open chest the thing was sitting.

The thing with the darkest black fur, and moon like eyes. Its teeth dark gray, and nails long and sharp. I even remember how its tongue looked, all blood red licking its teeth. In its hands, it held two hearts shewed together my moms and dads it mumbled “forever…. Together”


“Clay you know the thing does not exist” Mr. Jackson say, he begun to play with his pencil. I smile to him, “it exist sir,” I mumble. I lick my lip.

Jackson was writing something down. His eyes went back to me “We both know you did it under an anger outburst. How the police had gotten a call about screams, and had found you sitting over the bodies with the hearts, just staring at them smiling” I look down.

Maybe he is right; maybe it was me that killed them and maybe I will not stop killing “Forever…. Together” I laugh loudly while Jackson only watches questionable.

  • slender_demon

    I love the story but the last few paragraphs are kind of confusing

    • Jenny lyn

      the guy was talking to a psychologist about him actually being insane and instead of taking the blame he gave it to this thing 🙂