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I hate her, I ate her
By: 4k7iFt

One Saturday morning I met a man named Eric, he’s 68 years-old a retired veteran from the US Navy. He’s a nice guy and has a sense of humor. No wonder why in his age, he’s still very active and quite a funny man.

As I passed in his house, I also met Nancy. A 45 year-old widow who teaches English Literature. According to their neighbors, the two of them starts liking each other since Eric is still single and Nancy is currently widowed.

They began dating until Eric decided to confess his love towards her, but sadly Nancy refused and said:

“I know you’re such a nice guy Eric, you’re quite charming and cares about other people… but I love my husband even though he already passed away. I do like you too but… only as a friend.”

It made Eric very upset and faintly smiled as he walks home that night. He loves Nancy more than anyone else and he will do anything to be with her but sadly he’s been dumped.

Eric was very in love with her that his feeling of depression becomes obsession.

He followed Nancy wherever she goes; from school, to the supermarket, and even managed to sneak through her back door to see his sleeping Nancy every night.

He even starts sneaking inside her house to collect Nancy’s scent and even began stealing Nancy’s belongings including her underwear.

He would then smell it and lay it on his bed and imagining as if they were making love.

Desperate he is, he built an underground bunker complete with bed and food supplies. He even posted pictures of Nancy taken from everywhere and began his plan on how will he able to convince Nancy to fall in love with him.

Two weeks later, Eric invited her on a dinner at his house together with Nancy’s friend, Audrey.
That night, they arrived at Eric’s house and bring some foods too. Minutes have passed, they chatted while eating.

“So how’s your day Eric?” asked Audrey.

“Been doing a project, it’s quite hard to build it but I managed to complete it,” he replied.

“Oohh, that’s great!” said Nancy.

A few conversations have passed when Audrey suddenly opened an odd convo.

“Hey Eric, I heard that you’ve been dumped by Mrs. Crey right?” she said.
Nancy kicked her feet under the table.

“I-I mean you’ve been rejected… I hope you don’t get it in a wrong way okay? I’m so sorry it just slipped out… hahaha!” she rephrased.

“Naaaah… don’t bother it, I respect her decisions too… so it’s no big deal. Excuse me ladies, I’ll take a leak for a bit okay?” he follows.

A minute after, Eric call Audrey from the kitchen.

“Audrey! Ahmm… could you take this salad to the table for a bit? I just need to go to the backyard, I’ll catch up later please?”

“Be there!” Audrey replied as she walks to the kitchen.

As Audrey approaches, he stabbed her while covering her mouth. He stabbed her a few more times causing Audrey an instant death.

Eric go back to the dining area with the salad.

“Where’s Audrey? I thought she’ll be bringing that one?” asked Nancy pointing the salad.

“Oh! She’s taking a pee… that’s what she says,” he replied.

Nancy feels something’s not right, so she excused herself to use the bathroom too.

As she enters the kitchen, she noticed something behind the closet. So she opened the door, a body of a woman suddenly dropped on the floor and was covered in blood.

Terrified as hell, she turned around but Eric covered her mouth and tazed her. Nancy was fainted and Eric dragged her.

“Ugh! Where am I?” Nancy said as she rubbed her eyes.

“Welcome to our palace my love, go ahead and take a look around!” he said.

“Where’s Audrey? Where am I? Why are we here? Why did you bring me here? Why!?”

“I built this for you! I built this for us! So that we can be together my love! Can’t you see? I love you so much!” Eric said as he tries to hug her.

“No!” Nancy refused and she kicked him on the balls.

She quickly run towards the stairs. She need to escape to call for help, she climbed up the stairs but was caught by Eric in her legs.

“Let me go! Let me go!” she kicked him on the face and managed to get out. She rushed inside the house to call 911.

Shaking in fear as she grabbed her phone to dial the numbers, but her phone was out of batteries. She rushed into the kitchen to get Audrey’s phone…

“Gotcha!” He grab her in the head and starts dragging her.

“Noooo!.. No, please … I’m begging you Eric pleeaaasseeee… Let me go!” she pleaded.

As Nancy was dragged, she picked up a wood and starts batting his hands. Eric Let go of her and kicked her on the abdomen.

He grabbed the wood and starts batting her like a rascal dog. Soon after a several blows on the head, Nancy’s skull cracked open and that’s when he stopped.

Realizing of what he just did, Eric put Audrey inside the bunker and sealed it. And as for Nancy, he wanted to be with her anytime so he decided to waxed her and put her inside. Dressed her up and laid her for several weeks.

Two months later, he surrendered himself to the police and admitted his crimes for killing two women, Nancy Crey and Audrey Smith. Nancy’s body was recovered, but Audrey’s body had never been found.

When they asked Eric where she hid the body, he sarcastically laughed and said:

“You’ll never gonna find her, I hate that b***h! I hate her! So I ate her! Bwhahahaha!”

Eric was found not guilty due to INSANITY.


  • Puddin Tane

    This is a hard read. The grammar is messed up. You should proof read your work and also read it aloud to yourself so you can hear how it sounds. If you paid attention in school then you’ll be able to puck up on your mistakes.

  • Leelee

    Choose a tense! You can’t be past and present at the same time. This is terrible.