Window Taps



I woke up from a fevered dream. Drenched in sweat and disoriented as hell. All I could hear was my calming breath and the creak of my bed springs as I shifted to a more comfortable position.


It was that damn tree again. It always annoyed me on windy nights as I tried to fall asleep.


There it is again. Another tip tap on my window to keep me from achieving my much needed sleep. I looked over at my clock, which read 3:34 A.M. Great, another restless night. After another hour of unachieving sleep, I went to make coffee to wake up my mind and get ready for my day of bustling. As I descended down the stairs into the kitchen, there was a nagging sensation in my head, like my subconscious was trying to tell me something. I brushed it off as paranoia and lack of sleep.

After making my coffee and eating some food, I immediately felt better. I went outside to discover something truly terrifying.

There was no wind.

I stood there trying to comprehend the nights events and try to calm my reeling mind. I admit it, I was freaking out and ran back into my house with a plan to hide in my room. Once I got there however, it suddenly dawned on me what my subconscious was trying to tell me.



There was no tree outside my window.

  • Leigh

    Short but nice twist.

  • AZDTales

    I have to say, i liked this, expertly written, but my mind automatically goes to “how would you not know if there was a tree or not, dumb*ss!” but thats just me. 5*s

  • David L Jones

    Fantastic, I read it 3 times, and then I started reading it, ,,, real quick and thought provoking! ! Loved it!

  • Jonathan

    It’s not even scary

    • Tap62

      Neither are 90% of the stories on here

  • Justin Gamble

    Do you plan on making a part 2?

    • Tap62

      I haven’t actually and I’m not quite sure how I could make a part 2. I guess you’ll have to see!