Arbatian Mental Institution 2 Ch.1 Lenny

Nestled cozily in the woods, abandoned by society and civilization, lies a building full of evil. Within these walls hold despair and hurt, pain and lust, regret and misery. Residents suffer from what compares to a r****g of your conscience, their faith slowly leaks like a broken faucet. To some readers this is a new story, to others this is simply a welcome back to Arbatian.

December 12th, 1986

I’m f*****g depraved in this place, all I ask for is my medicine and that alone is gripping at mercy just out of reach. It’s been two weeks, I feel my skin crawling, my nerves ache, my primal instincts are starting to rise. The need to feed is urging at me, a lust dwelling in me. Nurse Penny is an evil person, she knows what happens if certain individuals go without medicine yet she gets a kick out of it. Wing C is often neglected more than the other wings for some reason. I suppose it puts a smile on her face, I wish I could just rip it off.

“Nurse Penny please, have a heart!” he presses his mouth into the small window while yelling out.

Nurse Penny down the hall ashes her cigarette while her feet rest on a messy desk. She inhales her cancer stick and glances back with a smirk “Have a heart? Do I look like Mrs.Cranston? Settle back dear it’s all in your head, you’ll see.”

Pulling back from the door he places his back against it and slides down onto the cold floor. His belly rumbled with torn butterflies. Leaning forward he began to dig at his temples with his brittle nails, it was near.

Two loud bangs hit the door startling the man. He climbs to his feet and backs up before the door swings open, a young man who couldn’t be older than eighteen walked in through the door.

Clearing his throat the guard says “Hey I got your medicine, is this it?”

Holding up a small vial in his hands, Cole sees the thick serum settling with small ashes of petals intertwined in the mix.

Jumping up he tugs his shirt down revealing his neck, small puncture wounds indicate this is the usual spot. The staff taps the bottle with his middle finger before gliding the needle at the top into Cole’s dark skin.

“And there we go, all done. Sorry about her I don’t know why she acts that way, it doesn’t take but a few minutes to do this.”

Cole sits back on his bed letting the medicine course through his veins, he pops his neck and sighs from relief.

“I don’t know either, but I’m okay now. You’re one of the few good ones we got here, you know that? Thank you Lenny.”

Lenny smiles and nods his head before closing the door, he heads down the hall whistling a proud tune. Nurse Penny scoffs as Lenny places the bottle down on a stack of papers. The label on the side spells out “Aconitum”.

“You keep kissing their asses and they’ll walk all over you honey.” her lip holding a cigarette with each word accompanied by light puffs of smoke.

Lenny smiles and runs a hand through his shaggy hair “Nah I love this job, they’re more than just patients Penny, they’re human like us.”

Nurse penny drops her cigarette in a stale cup of coffee “Well since they’re your ‘friends”, how about you feed Adam today?”

Lenny’s eyes drooped as he turned to head towards the kitchen, cutting off the conversation he knew better than to talk back to her.

Over in Wing D was where Adam resided, this particular wing was for children and pre teens. It has housed just as many odd balls and psychos as the other wings though, but don’t let the age fool you, you’re never too young for murder.

Kelly for instance was found soaked in blood, her parents were butchered into broken beings. No signs of forced entry, no signs of struggle, and she was found with a large knife. Claimed a “clown doll” killed her parents, no doll was ever recovered.

But maybe the most unusual case Arbatian has ever admit is Adam. A six year old child who seemed perfectly normal for the most part, that is until you learned of his eating habits, he was a natural born cannibal. Found out at an early age that human flesh was his weakness. It started off with biting his parents and relatives as a young child, they passed it off as “kids being kids” like most parents would.

It escalated to biting other children at school, even drawing blood at times, but despite the spankings he received it couldn’t suppress the craving. He got his chance when he was awarded with a new baby sister, someone small enough that couldn’t fight back. Like a delicate prey cornered in a lions den, she never stood a chance.

Adam stays locked away in the last door down the hall, fed only through a small window he prefers raw meat or bleeding burgers, a task no staff enjoy doing.

Last but not least, Wing E holds individuals that get out of control or violent. Most of the rooms in this hall stay empty, but every now and then patients take a vacation here until they can calm down. One particular patient, Jillian, isn’t as crazy as everyone thinks. As she sits in a room she awaits her company, this was the only way she could see the person she loved, by acting out and being thrown into isolation.

Sometime near the middle of the night, a dim light illuminates a soft glow. Jillian sits up to rub her eyes and stretch. Coming into her focus, an apparition floats in the center of her room as she spreads a smile across her face.

“You’re back!”