Bobs Burgers, Kid Burgers

I was on the internet looking for episodes of Bob’s Burgers. With no luck, I called my friend Dawn. Without even asking anything he just told me a streaming website then hung up. I kind of was weirded out but headed to the website anyways.

It looked like a very cheap version of Hulu+. I went to the search bar and looked up Bobs Burgers. When I hit enter it said, “Did you mean Kid Burgers?” I clicked OK thinking that was what the code calls Bobs Burgers. It gave me a download link to download a file called “kid_burgers.mp4”

I extracted it to my video viewer and watched it. It was odd because the intro didn’t play, it just went to a shot of the restaurant. Gene was cleaning the tables and Tina was filling the condiment containers.

“Kids,” Bob said. “I’m going to go grind the meat, OK?”

All the kids nodded their heads as Bob went into the basement. Gene had a confused face and asked Tina.

“Where is Loise?”

Tina replied saying, “She went into the basement to grind the meat.”

Gene then asked, “Yeah but I thought dad was grinding the meat-”

The two kids hear a very girly scream coming from the basement. They rush down the basement and see Loise in the meat grinder. Bob then grinds her and shouts, “You’re next!”

I tried to pause the video but an error message kept popping up saying, “Error. Can not do the following action!”

I look back at the video and Gene is shown hiding under the grill. He’s trying to be as quiet as he can but his keyboard mad a demonic sound saying, “He’s coming.”

Bob’s hands come from the basement door, and swipe Gene from under the grill. The screen fades to Tina hiding in the bathroom.

She then tells herself, “If I believe enough, I’ll live.”

The screen goes instantly black as I hear Tina screaming really loud. It fades to the restaurant with the caption, “Linda’s anniversary.”

She then asked Bob, “What are we doing for our anniversary Bobby?”

Bob then looks at her with a scary smile saying, “Kid burgers.”

As he holds out three burgers on a plate. The video ends. I get very scared so I head to bed. My mail slot opens with papers coming out. I look at the advertisements that have promotions for kid meals.

I then run to my room hoping this stuff will end. I get my to do list and write:

“Don’t ever eat meat again…”

I turn off my light and go to bed. For the rest of my life I never touched a burger or steak ever again.

  • Stephen White

    If I could feel emotion, I am sure I would be angry right now.