User.BenDrowned (File Name Cybernetic Entity)

This story is told in the form of an email to a member of the Moon Children Society from a unknown user known only as User.BenDrowned. About 1,000 emails have been received from User.BenDrowned all to members of the Moon Children Society, The Police pulled a suspect now believed to be dead, Bejamin J Frank. This suspect was last seen at the HR Hylia Lake and the recipients have never been seen again after receiving these emails…


Dear, Moon Child

Hello my name is Ben and this is how I died. It was About 30 years ago, my friends and I were at the local lake Micheal, Goergy, and Jake those guys were great, like I care now, but back then well you get the point. This lake was one of my favorite places, coincidentally had the same name as one of my favorite Zelda locations. My friends had an N64 and a copy of Legend Of Zelda Majora’s Mask and for my 16th Birthday they gave it to me. I was so excited they knew how much I loved that game, but this was part of their plan.

They invited me to the lake. My dumbass said yes, I knew something was wrong. But I was too excited They said that there was something in the lake and pushed me in gasping for air I can’t swim I yelled but it was too late I had sunk into the blue but all I could see was red. I’ve always I had an odd eye condition that when water hits my eye I go blind with red and it hurts, it hurts bad, but it’s never hurt this bad I guess because I’m sunk in the water that was why I was in terrible pain. As my soul rose from the water I went to posses the Majora’s Mask game and kill these jerks just like they did to me! I guess you could say they met with a terrible fate, hehehe.

I waited til’ they played the game and I glitched the game so horrifically so terribly I even through in one my own touches a statue of elegy with blood-red eyes like my own, and it was so bad their souls were stolen by the now cursed Majora’s Mask game. I did it just for them too, I never did that to any of my other victims because in a sense they were still my friends. I learned at my paranormal club at school glitched games are tied to the process of stealing souls, but I never believed it until now. I liked the feeling of stealing souls. But I realized I was stuck I couldn’t get out of the damn game!

About 29 years I spent trapped In this stupid game cartridge. I had given up then somebody turned on the game. I was free I thought, but I still had to steal the soul of whatever sucker turned on the game, he would have to hook me up to the internet and then I could be free. Which in this day and age I knew he would people can never leave things alone. It’s the only way I thought so I did to him what I did to my so-called friends the look on his face was priceless. I guess I should be grateful to this person but I wasn’t I hated everything now and there’s no going back so whatever (Haha).

So After scaring the hell out of this person that I didn’t even Know or care about I was finally free. He was just a puppet they all were, YES I said, soon I was now a part of the internet many people thought of me as a rogue A.I., one of my favorite sites was cleverbot with that it was easy to mess with people’s heads. When I was (literally) surfing the web I found out my quote on quote friends were a part of the Moon Children Society and I was a part of an initiation of this group and now I am a part of it and I always will be. I miss having friends…  So now I must annihilate all of the moon children. I’m going to purify this world so I can finally be the hero and your next on my list. Now that I’ve told you my story well… your soul is mine, I need my fix and my fix are souls they are very addicting…

– Ben


(Computer cuts to black with the message, “You’ve met with a terrible fate haven’t you and now you can’t escape after this my friend I won’t see red ever again”)

  • 🐱 Tori Smith 🐶

    I Love It

    • tgh445


    • tgh445

      i put a lot of effort into it =)

  • Puddin Tane

    You really need to work on your punctuation. Without it this story really hurts to read. Too many run on sentences. Your friends names seem like the name of the lake at the start of the story. Please, clean it up some. Otherwise, I’m sure it’s good, I just can’t finish it the way it is.

    • tgh445

      very sorry! I can do that! I asure you I had someone proofread it beforehand ill have him look over it

    • tgh445

      ive never been the greatest with prunctuation

    • tgh445

      also the name of the lakes name was a play on words off of a lake in the legend of zelda and has nothing to do with the freinds names

  • I love creepy pasta’s

    It is awesome, I loved it!@tgh445:disqus

    • tgh445