A college student wanted to film a movie in the woods for a college project. So he and his friends bought a camera to go film in the closest forest to find. When they entered, they started filming at night. Then things took a dark turn when on of the crew members started feeling paranoid that something was following them.

The college student wanted to document what was going on. The man started looking at something and felt curious about it. So the college student and his crew members followed the paranoid actor. Until he stumbled upon a ruin. They found an artefact in the tomb of an ancient warrior named Amyl. The crew members decide to call it a night and head home.

The next day, however, the group started having nightmares about the artefact and it was tied to a demon named Selior. Then the paranoid student starts hearing voices the next night and he gets a knife. He then proceeds to cut his eyelids to have better sight and proceeds to kill the group until the main student was left. The college student was the last to be attacked by the paranoid student and as the main character was about to give the final punch. The paranoid student says this:

“I am Selior, I know all about your sins, I kill those who have sinned. No matter what you do, I will hunt you.” And then the main character kills the paranoid student.

The main character is sent to a ward due to his actions and then he killed himself. No one know what happened to the rest, but Selior is set free and is willing to hunt down sinners over and over again.