Does Sleep Actually Exist?

Sleep. It’s a questionable subject. Do we really sleep? Or is it all in our heads that we sleep? Maybe we don’t want to see the truth… that we’re actually traveling to other dimensions. What if our minds are a gateway to other dimensions?

Every time you think of something beyond your imagination, it exists in another dimension. Have you ever thought of it that way? I have. Plenty of times. The more I thought about it, the more it became a reality.

Do you ever wonder where those monstrous thoughts in your head came from? You would assume that it was from a wild imagination. You’re right to an extent. Your imagination helps spark the other dimensions. Sleep is just something people created in their heads to mask the unknown. I realized the truth one day. Now they won’t leave me alone. They follow me everywhere I go. I’ve learned to live with them. They’re only in my head. Just as I created them… I can destroy them… right? No… energy cannot be created nor destroyed. I’m stuck with them. They formed from my head and now they will never leave. They’ll be there with me until the day I die.

Don’t look forward to your death. Your so-called “life after death” is only what you make it. It’s formed from what you believe will happen to you. If you believe that you’ll go to hell, then you’ll go. Whatever you believe “Hell” to be. Heaven is what you make it, but even Heaven can be torture. That is why we sleep. To create worlds beyond our own. To create monsters beyond our imagination. Time…doesn’t exist. We created that as well. I type this at 2pm 3-27-xxxx. But it tells me that I last edited it at 12am on 3-28.

I have revealed too much. They are coming for you now. They will not leave your side until you die. They will haunt your every dream. Sweet dreams kiddies~

  • Saad Hassan

    Dude, decide the direction you want the story to be in, if you’re introducing actual scientific facts into the story, make sure that they correlate.

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    The narrator seemed pretentious, like he was talking down to the reader. As for the story, it was somewhat unique, until it took the very overplayed “they will haunt you” approach. It isn’t scary when someone forbodes me of “they.” Who are “they?” I don’t know, and I don’t really have a reason to care either. That turned me off to the rest of the work.