Have you ever heard the lore of Bigfoot? Well of course you have, who hasn’t? Well, this isn’t a story about him. This is a story about an even creepier cryptid by the name of Bigface. Once a figure of imagination of a vloger, now a reality. This is the origin story of the most terrifying creature known to man…

Hi, my name is Jaiden and a month ago, me and my friends, Sam and Aubrey, went out on a nice little hike in the woods thinking we would find evidence of Bigfoot. But what we found was much scarier…

Sam and I were walking in front of Aubrey who was holding the camera filming everything. The time was 6:32 PM so we stopped and set up camp for the night.

“Hey Jaiden.” I look over at Aubrey seeing what she wants. ”Come help put up cameras around our campsite with me!”

I shrug my shoulders, “Fine, let’s just not take too long doing so. I want to start dinner by 7:00.”

We start walking in a wide perimeter around our cap facing cameras all around. Meanwhile Sam is putting up the tent for all of us to sleep in for the night. Sam then unpacked his little electric noiseless generator and set up his laptop for the cameras that we were placing out. As soon as we finished with the cameras, we ran back to camp to start dinner.

“Well Jaiden, what ya making tonight?” Sam asked with a smile.

“I’m making our favorite hobo pizza!” I answer mouth watering, “just need to start a fire.”

Aubrey grabs her lighter and some brush while I prepare the bread and pizza sauce on it and add a munch of cheese and pepperoni.

”There we go. It’s already to start being cooked for ya Jaiden,” Sam says as he lights the fire.

“Ya know what, Imma go smoke!” Aubrey walks over to her bag and grabs a pipe and a little baggie of pot and gabs out a pinch and lights it up.

“Jeez! Why do you always have to bring your pot wherever you go?” me and Sam say at the same time.

“Because it makes me feel good!” Aubrey giggles.

Later that night, we all go in the tent to sleep taking turns for lookout. Sam took the first shift watching all the cameras. Then he saw something big move across on of the camera screens but it wasn’t Bigfoot or any other type of creature he has ever seen.

“Holy s**t! What the f**k was that!” Sam shouts loud waking us up.

“What was what?” Sam rewinds the video footage and we see what the thing was. “That isn’t a Bigfoot. What the hell is that thing?”

Sam walks outside with his thermal camera and looks around in the tree lines until he gets to the far side of camp and sees a huge figure that is not humanly possible. It looked like a giant head with arms and legs just big enough to hold itself upright. The next thing we know we hear a blood curdling screech that chilled us to the bone. It sounded like a mix between a wolf howling and a cougar growling. Sam ran back into the tent as fast as he could almost knocking me and Aubrey over.

“What the hell, Sam!” Aubrey shouted, “what the f**k did you see out there?”

“Take a look yourself. I filmed it all!” he replied.

We look at the footage from the thermal camera to see the big monstrosity that is lurking in the woods around our tent.

“Oh f**k, I want to go home now!” Aubrey screams.

“For f**k sake Aubrey, calm down!” I whisper back.

As soon as she calmed down, Sam came up with a plan to trap the thing so we can provide proof of the new cryptid we have discovered. Although we won’t be able to put the plan into action until morning, if we even live that long. Sam finally finished up making the designs for the fall pits we will make to trap the creature. We then hear another screech from the creature that is stalking our camp. Aubrey jumps at the sound and tries to cover her ears. Sam grabs out some noise canceling headphones and hands them to me and Aubrey get some sleep. As soon as we put them on we went to lay down to sleep when a tree branch was thrown at the tent by cryptid scaring the literal s**t out of Aubrey.

The next morning Sam walked outside and seen the mess the creature made of our camp. He told me and Aubrey to collect the cameras while he set up the trap for the creature we were about to come face to face with. Aubrey went to the left while I went to the right. I walked almost halfway around my section of cameras when I suddenly heard a twig break behind me. I turned around to see the beast looming over with a large sinister grin reaching out to grab me from where I stand. I screamed and ran to the tent as fast as my legs would go. When I got there, Sam told me to look out for the trap I was about to run over. I jump over the trap and fall into his arms. Next thing we know the creature bounds out of the wood and walks right into the drop pit trap that was set up to catch it. Aubrey comes running out of the other side of the wood to see the cryptid fall.

“Holy s**t! Is that it?” she screeched.

Sam nods, “Yep and I know what I’m going to call it…” the cryptid screeches and tries to escape the trap Sam ran to grab his pistol and shot it in between its unnaturally big eyes,” as I was saying I’ll call it Bigface.”

As we drag the creature back to the vehicle, we hear screeched come from the woods behind us, and we realized there were more out there than we thought…

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